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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

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Today in History

Six burghers of the surrounded French city of Calais surrender to Edward III of England in hopes of relieving the siege.
Christopher Columbus leaves Spain on his voyage to the new world.
French printer Etienne Dolet, accused of heresy, blasphemy and sedition, is hanged and burned at the stake for printing reformist literature.
Mary Tudor, the new Queen of England, enters London.
Henry Hudson of England discovers a great bay on the east coast of Canada and names it for himself.
French forces under Marshal Luxembourg defeat the English at the Battle of Steenkerque in the Netherlands.
Muhammad Ali becomes the new ruler of Egypt.
The trial of Aaron Burr begins. He is accused of plotting the secession of New England.
Federal gunboats attack but do not capture Fort Gains, at the mouth of Mobile Bay, Alabama.
Congress passes the Immigration Act, banning Chinese immigration for ten years.
Allan Allensworth files the site plan for the first African-American town, Allensworth, California.
Airplanes are used for the first time in a military capacity when Italian planes reconnoiter Turkish lines near Tripoli.
Germany declares war on France.
Sir Roger Casement is hanged for treason in England.
Chinese troops under American General Joseph Stilwell take the town of Myitkyina from the Japanese.
The first nuclear submarine USS Nautilus passes under the North Pole.
President Lyndon B. Johnson announces plans to send 45,000 more troops to Vietnam.
Former Beatle Paul McCartney announces formation of his new group, Wings.
Louisiana Superdome dedicated.
Radio Shack unveils TRS-80 personal computer, which with Apple and Commodore would form the “1977 Trinity.” Its price and Radio Shack’s established retail outlets made it a bestseller for several years.
US commits naval forces to Persian Gulf region in wake of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.
Statue of Liberty’s pedestal reopens to visitors after being closed following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Across America, Children Getting Diabetes Treatment Can Also Order McDonald's Junk Food—in the Same Hospital

Flyboarder became human fire extinguisher to save burning boat

A man turned his flyboard into a fire extinguisher by hovering over a burning boat on a Minnesota lake on Saturday. At around 3pm on Cross Lake, Paul Gavic saw a boat on fire from his nearby dock and called for his son, Jesse Gavic.
Jesse strapped into his flyboard, attached to a personal watercraft driven by brother Caleb Gavic, and headed for the burning boat. After reaching the boat, it only took about two minutes for Jesse to extinguish the fire using the water propelled from his board.
The people on the boat jumped out and were picked up by a pontoon. No one was injured. A skyboard is essentially a pair of boots connected by hose to a jet ski or other personal watercraft. The propulsion from the boots can lift someone 50 to 55 feet in the air.
They had approached the boat’s owners before taking action. “We went over and said, ‘Hey, is that your boat?’ and they said yeah and we said, ‘Do you mind if we put it out?'” Paul Gavic said. The fire department arrived shortly after Jesse put the fire out.
You can watch the video here. There's an additional news video here.

Road Tripping Across America As A Muslim Man

Islamophobia is at an all time high here in America, with the fear of ISIS attacks and terrorist acts on everyone's minds.
So imagine what it must be like to be a Muslim man of Arabic descent here in America these days...scary, right?
Now imagine what it would be like for this muslim guy to take a road trip across the U.S., stopping off in some of the most hate-filled cities in America while fitting a racial profile.
Well, as always America is full of surprises, and even though the media makes us think Vice journalist Abdullah Saeed would be shot on sight in certain states his trip was actually quite pleasant.
Bizarre, but pleasant. (NSFW due to language)
In the summer of 2015 Abdullah Saeed, Wilbert L. Cooper and Martina de Alba went road tripping from L.A. to D.C. in an RV for a show on Viceland called Vice Does America.
After watching a few episodes it seems to me like it's a more realistic look at today's America than the news media portrays, with less fear and more brotherhood.

My Tiny House Reality

These Are 5 of the Biggest Problems Facing Our Corporate-Dominated Economy

Massachusetts Becomes First State Ever To Ban Employers From Asking For Salary Histories

Massachusetts Becomes First State Ever To Ban Employers From Asking For Salary Histories

Unions and Dumbass Trump Face Off in Vegas, and the Unions Are Winning

Criminal NC Wingnuts Tried to Block Black Voters with 'Almost Surgical Precision'

Ex-wingnut official goes bonkers after court cites his ‘Daily Show’ remarks to kill NC voter ID law

"Well the wingnuts again show their stupidity," Don Yelton fumed. "Frankly Nathan I would keep my mouth shut unless you DON NOT BELIEVE IN FREEDOM OF SPEACH (SIC) which it seems that you don't. "

Moron McCrory fumes after North Carolina’s attorney general refuses to defend state’s racist voter ID law

Embattled North Carolina Moron McCrory (R), who is already dealing with blow-back over his state’s anti-transgender bathroom law, lashed out at his state’s attorney general.

Neo-Nazis plan picnic to make Pennsylvania county a white supremacist hotbed again

The National Socialist Movement of Pennsylvania is planning an event next week in Potter County, which had been the home of the Aryan World Congress more than a decade ago.

Police Fatally Shoot Woman Holding 5-Year-Old Boy In Her Lap

Armed men wearing body armor at Walmart told police they were preparing for Doomsday

Police were called to the Richmond Road Walmart in Lexington, Kentucky, on Saturday night after a witness noticed a car full of men in body armor holding semi-automatic weapons. A six-month old baby was also in the car.Lt Jackie Newman said when police officers got the three men out of the car at about 11:15pm, they said they were preparing for Doomsday and needed supplies. The men were armed with pistols and semi-automatic rifles, police said. A license is not required to have semi-automatic weapons in a car, police said.
Police also found marijuana in the car. All three subjects voluntarily went down to police headquarters for questioning that night, said Lt. Richard Willoby of the Lexington Police Department. They were given a citation for the marijuana but were not charged with any other violations, and were later released.
Willoby said police took photographs of the car and the weapons in order to complete a report to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services because of the baby in the car. “There appeared to be nothing criminal,” Willoby said. “They’re in the mindset of preparing for the end of the world, accumulating weapons and things like that, but the weapons appear to be legally owned.”

Man who broke into home found naked and drinking Pina Colada mix

Investigators say a man broke into a historic home in Port Arthur, Texas, took off all of his clothes and was naked and drinking Pina Colada mix. A Jefferson County grand jury indicted James Duke Vanwright, 50, on a charge of burglary of a habitation.
According to investigators, at about 11pm on July 12, a security officer found the suspect inside White Haven, a home owned by Lamar State College-Port Arthur. They say he'd broken in and was naked. Prosecutors say Vanwright admitted taking a bottle filled with Pina Colada mix from the refrigerator and drinking it.
Investigators say Vanwright told officers his family had left him the home. Prosecutors say because of prior convictions for sexual assault of a child and attempted arson, Vanwright could face up to life in prison on enhanced punishment for the Second Degree Felony of burglary of a habitation.

Police hunt men who broke into apartment and stole a rabbit in its cage

Police are searching for two men wanted for breaking into an apartment in Crotona Park, New York, and stealing several items, including a rabbit in its cage.
The two men went into the apartment through an unlocked front door at around 6pm on Monday, July 27. The men took a rabbit in a cage, a metal bracelet and a passport.
Street surveillance video caught them walking away with the rabbit in the cage. Neighbors say they are baffled. "I am pretty sure that there were more valuable things in the apartment," Licelot Arias said.
One man is described as being 5-feet 11-inches tall with braided long hair. The second man was wearing a light blue T-shirt and shorts, white sneakers and a blue baseball hat.

Most 'Organic' Eggs You Buy Are Far From Organic

Man asked to leave McDonald's after walking in with a deceased badger under his arm

A man walked into a McDonald's restaurant in Falköping, 120 kilometers north-east of Gothenburg, Sweden, with a dead badger under his arm at 10pm on Saturday.
“The staff reacted quickly and asked him to leave,” McDonald's press spokesperson Marianne Ahlgren said. Police were called after the man then began hitting cars parked outside with the animal.
“We were waiting for the food when we saw him swinging a dead badger,” a witness named only as Henrik said. He said the man then threw the badger at his car.

“It landed on the roof of the car and there are scraps of meat and scratches there now.” Police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and made the man leave. It is not known what happened to the dead badger.

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