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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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Today in History

Pope Innocent VIII issues a bull deploring the spread of witchcraft and heresy in Germany.
Phi Beta Kappa is organized as the first American college Greek-letter fraternity, at William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Va.
Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dies in Vienna.
In the U.S. Congress, petitions and bills calling for the abolition of slavery are introduced.
Union General Ulysses S. Grant‘s cavalry receives a setback in an engagement on the Mississippi Central Railroad at Coffeeville, Mississippi.
Confederate General John Bell Hood sends Nathan Bedford Forrest‘s cavalry and a division of infantry toward Murfreesboro, TN.
The Japanese destroy a Russian fleet at Port Arthur in Korea.
George Taylor makes the first manned glider flight in Australia in a glider that he designed himself.
Italy, Austria and Germany renew the Triple Alliance for six years.
David Lloyd George replaces Herbert Asquith as the British prime minister.
The British empire reaches an accord with the Irish revolutionary group Sinn Fein; Ireland is to become a free state.
The 21st Amendment ends Prohibition in the United States, which had begun 13 years earlier.
Italian and Ethiopian troops clash at the Ual-ual on the disputed Somali-Ethiopian border.
The New Constitution in the Soviet Union promises universal suffrage, but the Communist Party remains the only legal political party.
The Lindberghs arrive in New York on a holiday visit after a two-year voluntary exile.
Four TBM Avenger bombers disappear approximately 100 miles off the coast of Florida.
Pyongyang in Korea falls to the invading Chinese army.
Italy and Yugoslavia agree to pull troops out of the disputed Trieste border.
A bus boycott begins under the leadership of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., in Montgomery, Alabama.
Comedian and political activist Dick Gregory heads for Hanoi, North Vietnam, despite federal warnings against it.
The Soviet Union signs a 20-year friendship pact with Afghanistan.
A military junta dissolves in Argentina.
Commodore Frank Bainimarama overthrows the government in Fiji.
A gunman armed with a semi-automatic rifle kills 8 people at Westroads Mall, Omaha, NE., before taking his own life.

NASA releases stunning new image of Jupiter

Images sent back from NASA’s Juno spacecraft have proved just how magnificent Jupiter, our solar system’s largest planet, is. A stunning new photo released by the space agency on Thursday is perhaps the most mesmerizing image yet.

Monster heat wave reaches Greenland

It’s been unusually warm in the United States in recent days, with records being set across the country. But it’s been scorching in Greenland, with temperatures as much as 54° above normal, which means above freezing in many places.

Governments are using Dumbass Trump’s fake news claim to hide ‘ethnic cleansing’

Dumbass Trump’s bombastic, self-serving rhetoric is costing lives
Governments are using Dumbass Trump’s fake news claim to hide ‘ethnic cleansing’

Season of the Witch

Researcher on LGBTQ family acceptance reflects on lessons from AIDS epidemic

This year, the Family Acceptance Project (FAP) celebrates its 15th anniversary, marking a decade and a half of research and culturally competent resources to help families learn to support and protect their LGBTQ youth. FAP was the vision of Caitlin Ryan, a clinical social worker, researcher, and educator who still leads the organization. It was her work on the front lines of the AIDS epidemic that inspired her to pursue this vital work

University accused of keeping rapist in classes with his victim

This is the third Title IX lawsuit against the University of South Florida.
University accused of keeping rapist in classes with his victim, silencing professors who objected

Wisconsin mom convicted for swearing at son over burnt popcorn

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday sustained a mother’s conviction, who was charged last year with disorderly conduct for swearing at her 14-year-old son over burnt popcorn, without indicating whether she was protected by the First Amendment.   

Democratic Senators propose federal breach disclosure law

NSA employee pleads guilty of taking classified info that was later stolen by hackers

Former National Security Agency employee Nghia H. Pho said in a Baltimore courtroom he'd illegally taken home classified documents from NSA that are understood to have later “been stolen from his home computer by hackers working for Russian intelligence,” the NYT reports.

Puerto Rico relief has been an utter failure

Puerto Rico relief has been an utter failure

Senate wingnuts are defunding public schools to pay for private ones

Senate wingnuts are defunding public schools to pay for private ones
Another big win for the wealthy.

Wingnuts tucked an irrelevant anti-abortion provision into the tax scam bill

The far-reaching implications of the wingnut tax scam plan may include a sneaky attempt to use the sweeping piece of legislation to attack abortion rights.

Wingnuts sneak provision into tax bill to benefit one college favored by wingnut billionaires

Late Friday night, wingnuts released a 479-page amendment to their tax scam bill.
Someone should have read it first.
Tucked away on page 289 is a provision that would exempt certain colleges from a special tax on university endowments. It would only apply to colleges that: 1. Did not accept federal funds, and 2. Had an endowment of at least $500,000 per student.
There appears to be only one educational institution in the entire country that would benefit: Hillsdale College.

Wingnut Grassley Says Working Class People Don’t Deserve Tax Cuts

Wingnut Grassley Says Working Class People Don’t Deserve Tax Cuts Because They Spend Their Money On Booze And Women
Grassley (r-IA) suggested that rich people deserve tax cuts more than working class people because working class people spend all of their money on booze, women, or movies.…

The EPA’s one and only hearing to repeal Obama’s climate rule was a sham

Testimony during the EPA's two-day hearing in Charleston favored keeping the plan in place. Scott Pruitt won't care.

Arctic drilling provision in Senate tax bill meets opposition from an unexpected source

Arctic drilling provision in Senate tax bill meets opposition from an unexpected source
A dozen House wingnuts have penned a letter raising concerns about allowing drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Can a cheetah outrace a Formula E electric car?

It’s a fast cat vs. a fast car in a sprint off.

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