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Sunday, August 7, 2016

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Today in History

General George Washington authorizes the award of the Purple Heart for soldiers wounded in combat.
Union troops capture part of Confederate General Jubal Early‘s army at Moorefield, West Virginia.
Theophilus Van Kannel of Philadelphia receives a patent for the revolving door.
In North Carolina, a mob defies a court order and lynches three African Americans which becomes known as “The Lyerly Murders.”
Persia forms an alliance with Britain and Russia.
The Irish Republican Army cuts the cable link between the United States and Europe at Waterville landing station.
In Washington, the U.S. Court of Appeals rules that the government can neither confiscate nor ban James Joyce’s novel Ulysses.
The United States declares non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War.
The U.S. 1st Marine Division under General A. A. Vandegrift lands on the islands of Guadalcanal and Tulagi in the Solomon islands. This is the first American amphibious landing of the war.
German forces launch a major counter attack against U.S. forces near Mortain, France.
Congress overwhelmingly passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, allowing the president to use unlimited military force to prevent attacks on U.S. forces.
The United States loses seven planes over North Vietnam, the most in the war up to this point.
Apollo 15 returns to Earth. The mission to the moon had marked the first use of the Lunar Roving Vehicle.
A U.S. plane accidentally bombs a Cambodian village, killing 400 civilians.
US Viking 2 spacecraft goes into orbit around Mars.
The Washington (D.C.) Star ceases publication after 128 years.
Japan defeats the United States to win the Olympic Gold in baseball.
Presidents of five Central American nations sign a peace accord in Guatemala.
Operation Desert Shield begins as US troops deploy to Saudi Arabia to discourage Iraq’s Saddam Hussein from invading that country as he had Kuwait.
Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants breaks Hank Aaron’s record with his 756th home run. Bonds’ accomplishments were clouded by allegations of illegal steroid use and lying to a grand jury.

City urges residents not to swim in dumpsters

Philadelphia is urging residents not to swim in dumpsters after a rented skip was filled with fire hydrant water and transformed into a pool.
The party's organizers said they power-washed the dumpster, lined the bottom with plywood and tarps and cushioned the corners with pool noodles. However, filling it with hydrant water caused the biggest issue with city officials.
The Department of Licenses and Inspections issued a statement saying the city won't issue permits for block party dumpster pools. Agency spokeswoman Karen Guss said: "You would think this decision would not require an explanation." Among the reasons are that they take water that should be available in the event of a fire.
The strong water pressure could push someone into harm's way. Also, the huge amount of water released could cause a main to break. "We are not screwing around, Philly," Guss' statement reads. "The city strongly recommends that residents opt for recreational options that are safer, more sanitary and less likely to deplete the resources firefighters need in an emergency."

The asshole’s in charge

All the organs of the body were having a meeting, trying to decide who was the one in charge.
“I should be in charge,” said the brain, “Because I run all the body’s systems, so without me nothing would happen.”
“I should be in charge,” said the blood , “because I circulate oxygen all over so without me you’d all waste away.”
“I should be in charge,” said the stomach , “because I process food and give all of you energy.”
“I should be in charge,” said the legs , “because I carry the body wherever it needs to go.”
“I should be in charge,” said the eyes, “Because I allow the body to see where it goes.”
“I should be in charge,” said the rectum , “Because I’m responsible for waste removal.”
All the other body parts laughed at the rectum and insulted him, so in a huff, he shut down tight.
Within a few days, the brain had a terrible headache, the stomach was bloated, the legs got wobbly, the eyes got watery, and the blood was toxic. They all decided that the rectum should be the boss.
The Moral of the story?
The ass hole is usually in charge!

10 Amusingly Bizarre Tales From The First Modern Olympics

The first modern Olympics in 1896 was quite different from what we see today. It was new, they didn’t know what rules would be necessary, and they certainly hadn’t worked all the kinks out. It was basically a circus. For one thing, there were no organizing committees in the various nations. If you showed up and wanted to compete, that was fine (as long as you were male). And that’s how we ended up with several winners with no experience, like Robert Garrett, an American who went to the 1896 Olympics in the discus throw, even though he’d never even seen the sport. 
Prior to his arrival in Athens, Garrett had literally no idea what a discus was. For his training, he asked a local blacksmith to make him one based on ancient Greek manuscripts. In what may well have been an instance of epic 19th-century trolling, the blacksmith built him an iron lump that was 30 centimeters (12 in) across and weighed 14 kilograms (30 lb). It was impossible to throw, but Garrett trained with it anyway. He went to Athens prepared to throw a chunk of iron, and it was only when he saw the Greek team throwing real discuses that he realized just how badly he’d screwed up.
Still, Garrett entered anyway, which went about as well as you’d expect. His first two throws didn’t spin so much as flip end-over-end and nearly hit audience members in the face. Then, something unexpected happened: Garrett made his third and final throw—and won the competition. Years later, one of the other American athletes would recall about this unexpected win: “I think no one was more surprised than Robert Garrett himself.”
According to Wikipedia, a discus is 8.5 inches across and weighs two kilograms in the men's competition. Garrett’s story is only one of ten tales from the 1896 Olympics you can read about at Listverse.

The Stupidest Internet Trends of All Time

There are a lot of stupid trends that take off online these days, so it takes a lot to actually be one of the top ten stupidest ones featured here. A great example is the duck tape challenge, which involves wrapping someone with duct tape and filming them try to escape. It sounds stupid and painful, but it also ended up being surprisingly dangerous when one kid hit his head on a window ledge while trying to escape and suffered traumatic brain damage and went blind in one eye. Not all of the selections are dangerous -some are just idiotic marketing ideas that actually worked, but in one way or another, these internet trends remind us that we live in a planet of dumb-asses.

5 Habits of Couples Who Don't Get Jealous

habits of couples who dont get jealous
5 Habits of Couples Who Don't Get Jealous
Other women are hot. That's just life.

A Sexual Abuse Scandal Has Rocked the U.S.A. Gymnastics Team Just Ahead of the Rio Olympics

US Gymnastics Team

Here are 10 new ways other countries are solving real problems — and kicking America’s ass

Apparently for some, American exceptionalism means exceptional stupidity.

Planned Parenthood’s Latest Announcement Will Cause Wingnuts Blood To BOIL

You know what scares wingnuts more than black people voting in elections? An army of women exercising their rights. For quite some time, the wingnuts ...

North Carolina takes case for voter ID law to Supreme Court

North Carolina will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to allow a state law requiring voters to show identification to stand, after an appellate court struck it down a week ago, wingnut moron McCrory said on Friday.

Black firefighter’s neighbor — and training colleague — charged with burning his house down

Authorities charged 39-year-old Matthew Jurado on Friday with arson in connection with the fire, which consumed Kenneth Walker’s home in North Tonawanda earlier this week.

6 Protein Myths That Are Messing With Your Diet

protein myths
6 Protein Myths That Are Messing With Your Diet
We set the facts straight so you can make the most out of your meals

Why you’re stiff in the morning ...

... Your body suppresses inflammation when you sleep at night
New research published online in The FASEB Journal, describes a protein created by the body’s “biological clock” that actively represses inflammatory pathways within the affected limbs during the night. This protein, called CRYPTOCHROME, has proven anti-inflammatory effects in cultured cells and presents new opportunities for the development of drugs that may be used to treat inflammatory diseases and conditions, such as arthritis ...

10 Rules, Laws, and Theorems You Should Know

You may be familiar with Murphy’s Law and the Peter Principle, but the world is full of wisdom distilled into simple rules for understanding life, human nature, and the world around us. Learn ten of the basics in an article at mental_floss.

Scientists just discovered a previously unknown form of light

In a development that could greatly help the study of quantum phenomena, scientists have created a theoretical model for a new form of light that combines the properties of photons and electrons. If turned into reality, the new light form could also be used to make electrical circuits which at present use electrons.

How One GMO Nearly Took Down the Planet

Couple arrested after trying to pawn items they'd stolen from home of the pawn shop owner

A couple were arrested on Tuesday after they tried to pawn items at a pawn shop in Clarksville, Tennessee, that belonged to the pawn shop owner. According to a report from Clarksville Police, Jeremy Allen Watts, 30, and Jessica Faye Heady, 24, visited the Cash America Pawn shop with several items to pawn.
The pawn shop owner and victim, Edward Dial, recognized the items and went home. There, he noticed that someone had broken into his residence and taken several items.
Watts and Heady had tried to pawn two PlayStation video game systems, controllers, video games and DVDs. The property was valued at more than $1,000. Watts, of Nunnelly, Tennessee, and Heady, of Bellevue, were charged with aggravated burglary. Both were held on $50,000 bond.

We finally found out what will get a cop fired — and you won’t believe what it is

While police officers across the country are being let off the hook by prosecutors and grand juries for shooting unarmed citizens, two Rensselaer County cops are learning that there are limits to what they are allowed to get away with.

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