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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Today in History

Henry VII marries Elizabeth of York.
Frederick III, the elector of Brandenburg, becomes king of Prussia.
Captain James Cook discovers the Hawaiian Islands, naming them the ‘Sandwich Islands’ after the First Lord of the Admiralty, Lord Sandwich.
Jim Bowie arrives at the Alamo to assist its Texas defenders.
John Tyler, former president of the U.S., is buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.
The Isthmus Canal Commission in Washington shifts its support from Nicaragua to Panama as a favored canal site.
Aviator Eugene Ely performs his first successful take off and landing from a ship in San Francisco.
The Russians force the Turkish 3rd Army back to Erzurum.
General MacArthur repels the Japanese in Bataan. The United States takes the lead in the Far East war criminal trials.
The German Army launches its second attempt to relieve the besieged city of Budapest from the advancing Red Army.
Gandhi breaks a 121-hour fast after halting Muslim-Hindu riots.
The United States begins spraying foliage with herbicides in South Vietnam, in order to reveal the whereabouts of Vietcong guerrillas.
Plans are disclosed for the World Trade Center in New York.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) isolate the cause of Legionnaire’s disease.
Iraq starts firing Scud missiles at Israeli cities.

Human arrival in North America set at 24,000 years ago

Possible Consequences of Writing Poetry

by Tenzing Terwilliger 
Poets, since ancient days, have suffered (and in some cases, also celebrated) a reputation for being sufferers. Several researchers have tried to assess how, what and whether poets suffer. These four studies present compelling evidence for or against the prevailing beliefs.
Possible Pathology for Poets
“Poetry or Pathology? Jesuit Hypochondria in Early Modern Naples,” Yasmin Haskell, Early Science and Medicine, vol. 12, no. 2, 2007, pp. 187–213 (http://dx.doi. org/10.1163/157338207X194686). The author, at the University of Western Australia, Crawley, explains:
In their didactic poems on fishing and chocolate, both published in 1689, two Neapolitan Jesuits digressed to record and lament a devastating ‘plague’ of ‘hypochondria’. The poetic plagues of Niccolò Giannettasio and Tommaso Strozzi have literary precedents in Lucretius, Vergil, and Fracastoro, but it will be argued that they also have a real, contemporary significance. Hypochondria was considered to be a serious (and epidemic) illness in the seventeenth century, with symptoms ranging from depression to delusions. Not only did our Jesuit poets claim to have suffered from it, but so did prominent members of the ‘Accademia degl’Investiganti’, a scientific society in Naples that was at odds with both the religious and medical establishments.
Possible Immunity for Poets
“Poetry Writing and Secretory Immunoglobulin A,” G. Lowe, J. Beckett, and G. Lowe, Psychological Reports, vol. 92, no. 3, part 1, June 2003, pp. 847–8 (http://dx.doi. org/10.2466/PR0.92.3.847-848). The authors, who are at the University of Hull, U.K., explain that:
17 healthy students provided saliva samples for Immunoglobulin A (s-IgA) assay before and after sessions of either writing poetry or reading magazines (control). Levels of s-IgA increased after the poetry-writing sessions but not after reading.
Possible Death for Poets
“The Cost of the Muse: Poets Die Young,” J.C. Kaufman, Death Studies, vol. 27, no. 9, November 2003, pp. 813–21 (http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/713842357). The author, at California State University at San Bernardino, explains:
This study examines 1,987 deceased writers from four different cultures: American, Chinese, Turkish, and Eastern European. Both male and female poets had the shortest life spans of all four types of writers (fiction writers, poets, playwrights, and non-fiction writers), and poets had the shortest life spans in three of the four cultures (and the second shortest life span among Eastern European writers). Possible reasons for the poet’s shorter life span are then discussed.

More Americans identifying as LGBTQ

North Koreans Try American BBQ

Digitalsoju TV took some people who escaped from North Korea years ago to one of the best barbecue restaurants in South Korea. They also recruited a master barbecue chef and flew in a variety of American barbecue sauces. The people who were trying all these cuts of meat and sauces for the first time were quite impressed (as I'm sure anyone would be).
But the food is mainly a starting point for a discussion about the difference between North Korea and the rest of the world. They tell us about the food, the farms, and the customs they grew up with, and especially the North Korean government that takes everything from the people to feed the administration and military. It's all in Korean with subtitles, but well worth the watch where two of the video producers answer questions.

Warning: if you watch this, you will end up hungry.

7 Weird But Real Jobs

Most of us end up doing something for a living that we didn't plan for as kids. But there are jobs out there that are rare, odd, and probably difficult to get into unless you just happen to fall into them. Can you imagine majoring in French literature and then getting a job as a professional bridesmaid?
Most people believe that in order to be a bridesmaid, you must be close friends with a bride. This is not the case. There is a company called Bridesmaids For Hire, where the bride-to-be can hire a woman to be her bridesmaid. Some women don’t have many women friends, which can make the wedding party uneven. Some women don’t have responsible friends. The bride needs a bridesmaid who is willing to do the work on the big day. She needs someone there to handle problems when they arise and to make her day easier. If a bride doesn’t have any friends who can handle the job, she can hire a bridesmaid. Bridesmaids For Hire offers a variety of packages, and the cost ranges from $300 to $2,000, depending on the package that you choose.
Yes, it's a real job, but it might not be a full-time position. Read about more Amazing Jobs You Had No Idea Were Real at Uncoached.

What Really Happens When You Don't Turn Off Your Cell Phone On A Plane

Passengers get really annoyed every time a flight attendant tells them to turn off their phones and devices while the plane is taking off or landing, but they begrudgingly comply.Some angry phone addicts will even argue they read an article online that said they don't really need to turn their phones off anymore, because there is a picocell on the plane.
Well, they're right as long as they're on a plane equipped with picocell technology, but chances are they're being told to turn their devices off because the plane does not have a picocell.
And maybe if passengers understood that cell phone signals bounce off multiple towers, which makes it hard for pilots to clearly communicate with control towers, they would comply without all that grumbling!

What's Better for the Environment, Paper Bags or Reusable Plastic Bags?

Wyoming is basically trying to outlaw clean energy

A Revolution Erupts As Tens Of Thousands Storm Across America To Save Obamacare

A Revolution Erupts As Tens Of Thousands Storm Across America To Save Obamacare
Tens of thousands of Americans filled up rallies in 70 locations across the country as a new political movement was born in the effort to save Obamacare.…

Dumbass Trump Shames America As Human Rights Group Labels US a Global Threat

Due to the rise of Dumbass Trump et al, Human Rights Watch declared that the United States is now a global threat to human rights.…

Frustrated scalpers losing big money trying to sell ig-nauseation tickets

“I got offers before I got them, but then I get them and everybody balked. It looks like I’m stuck with them, I might even have to go.”

Neo-Nazi Media Outlet Collapses After Fellow Racists Discover the Founder's Wife Is Jewish

Michigan Mayor Refers To Blacks As 'Chimps', Older Women As 'Dried Up Cunts'

Michigan Mayor Refers To Blacks As 'Chimps', Older Women As 'Dried Up C*nts'

Well ...
Racist-As-Fuck Wingnut Mayor BUSTED On Tape Calling Black People ‘Chimps’ And ‘Niggers’
Don’t worry, he claims the numerous audio recordings are all fake. Yes, that’s what he’s going with.

8 Wealthiest Men Own the Same Amount as the Poorest Half of the World

New Jersey Man Arrested After Owing Over One Million Dollars in Tolls

New Jersey is well known for its toll roads, but while the small fees are normally a minor annoyance to most drivers, one man is actually facing jail time for owing over one million dollars in tolls. Of course, he didn't drive all those miles on his own -Lester Morales owns a trucking company in the state that sends more than 100 trucks through the tolls more than 100 times a day. When he was arrested for theft of services, Morales was about to board a flight to Aruba, although his lawyer says he was only going to go on a short vacation and wasn't fleeing the country to escape his bills.

Bunny Plays Jenga Like A Boss

All those cute videos people post online make rabbits look like really fun pets, because they're playful, silly and affectionate, not to mention super cute and fairly easy to care for.However, I've owned three rabbits at different points in my life and this has not been my experience, because all three bunnies were bitey, skittish and wanted nothing to do with humans.
I'd given up on being a bunny daddy before I saw this video posted by Foinz showing their bunny Simba playing Jenga like a little champ, and now I need all the bunnies!

This Poor Sparrow Needed Help, But a Friendly Farmer Was There to Save Him

Idaho resident Nelson Wilson has a heated water tank for his horses that birds like to drink from during the winter. Unfortunately, this little sparrow got his feet wet and then decided to take a break on the metal fence, leaving him stuck with nowhere to go.
While the bird was scared of Nelson as he approached, he seems to have accepted that the man was trying to help him by the end. A little warm breath and some patience were ultimately all it took to save the little guy.

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