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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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Ireland, almost as good as Scotland - Almost ...!
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Big Buddha ... !
Today is  - Buddha Day

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Bogota, Colombia
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San Juan, Puerto Rico
The Bottom, Sint Eustatius-Saba
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Glavinitsa and Sofia, Bulgaria
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Prague, Stare Mesto, Czech Republic
Croydon and London, England
Vantaa, Finland
Roubaix, France
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Athens, Greece
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Costa de Caparica, Covilha, Lisbon and Porto, Portugal
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Kabul, Afghanistan
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Jakarta and Yogakarta, Indonesia
Al Kittah, Jordan
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Colombo and Panadura, Sri Lanka
Khon Kaen, Thailand
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The Pacific
Brisbane, Heidelberg, Homebush, Strahfield and Sydney, Australia
Manila, Quezon City, Pasig and Taguig, Philippines
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Today in History

1789 The U.S. House of Representatives holds its first meeting.
1832 Some 300 American troops of the 6th Infantry leave Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, to confront the Sauk Indians in what would become known as the Black Hawk War.
1864 In the Battle of Mansfield, Louisiana, Federals are routed by Confederate Gen. Richard Taylor.
1865 General Robert E. Lee's retreat is cut off near Appomattox Court House.
1898 British General Horatio Kitchner defeats the Khalifa, leader of the dervishes in Sudan, at the Battle of Atbara.
1913 The 17th Amendment is ratified, requiring direct election of senators.
1935 The Works Progress Administration (WPA) is approved by Congress.
1939 Italy invades Albania.
1942 The Soviets open a rail link to the besieged city of Leningrad.
1952 President Truman orders the seizure of U.S. steel mills to prevent a strike.
1962 Bay of Pigs invaders get thirty years imprisonment in Cuba.
1974 Hank Aaron hits his 715th home run, breaking Babe Ruth's record.
1975 Frank Robinson of the Cleveland Indians becomes first black manager of a major league baseball team.

Random Celebrity Photos

Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland

Reddit Asks Late Night Clerks About Strange Things They've Seen on the Job

With the Kevin Smith movie Clerks as a reference point, a Reddit forum asked Redditors, “Late night store clerks, what is the strangest thing that’s happened on the job?” As you can probably imagine, the wild and funny stories came pouring in. Below are a few responses. Visit the link above to see more.
kane55: "I worked at a small convenience store in the early 1990’s. They had one of those fry delis that had chicken, jojos, corndogs, burritos etc. This particular night I had run out of burritos and chicken. I also shut the thing down and cleaned it all out about an hour before closing. About 5 minutes before I was closing up a guy walked in and asked for some burritos. I told him I was out of them, and that I was just about to close and the fryer was shut down. He walked around the store for a minute (I assumed he was looking for something else to buy) and then he came up to the counter, pulled out a knife and told me if I didn’t cook him some burritos he was going to stab me. I freaked out, but told him I had none to cook. I showed him the freezer and told him I would happily cook anything he wanted from it, but he will see I was out of burritos. He looked in it for a minute, turned to me and said, “You really are out.” I replied, “Yeah.” He then put the knife away and left the store.
I worked at a 24/7 gas station in a small college town. One night, the club across the street had a fight break out and about 50 people were pepper sprayed by the police when they responded at about 1:30am. Five minutes later cue 50 angry club goers busting into the store, running to the dairy cooler, dousing themselves in milk and then running back out. I just stood there in utter confusion and then told my boss I didn’t want the late shift anymore.
I work nights at a gas station in a pretty good neighborhood in New Hampshire, so usually it's pretty boring. One night I did have a customer really creep me out. I was just getting ready to close down the store when a little old man came in. He was small and dressed in khakis and a button down shirt. I made the usual small talk of asking him how his day was going. Then as I was handing him his change he firmly grabbed my wrist, made direct eye contact with me and said "hell is a real place and the devil has already got his hand on you girl, be careful"

6 easy spring vegetables you can start now

You don't have to wait until the weather's hot to start growing some of your own food, and these 6 spring vegetables can be a great way to get some locally grown green on your plate.

Arkansas woman fired for telling a reporter she was glad of minimum wage increase

An Arkansas woman says she was fired because she was quoted in the Washington Post saying she was excited about her state's minimum wage going up by 25 cents an hour because she'd be able to afford diapers for her grandson. Tippen had worked in the Days Inn and Suites in Pine Bluff.Tippen says she was fired by her boss, hotel manager Herry Patel. Earlier that day, Patel had called the Post to express frustration that he had been quoted giving his opinion about the minimum wage hike. (He objected to it.)
It was soon after, Tippen says, that Patel found her in the lobby and fired her.
"He said I was stupid and dumb for talking to [the Post]," Tippen said. "He cussed me and asked me why you wrote the article. I said, 'Because he's a reporter; that's what he does.' He said, 'it was wrong for me to talk to you.'"
In the original article, Patel was quoted saying "Everybody wants free money in Pine Bluff." This from an employer who pays all his housekeepers and front desk staff minimum wage. "Free money." An extra 25 cents an hour for the people doing the work of keeping your business running, including the injury-prone job of hotel housekeeper.
And the kicker? Reporter Chico Harlan notes that, before Patel fired Tippen for talking to him and being quoted in the Post, Patel had introduced Harlan to Tippen as a person to talk to for his story.
Tippen is still looking for work

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words ...

Apparently not ALL pictures, though.

Teenage Minecraft Player Admits To Three Swattings

For most people prank calling means ordering a pizza for an unsuspecting neighbor or calling a bar and asking for Amanda Hugginkiss, but for one little Minecraft obsessed prankster crank calls simply aren't enough.
This kid likes doing two things above all- playing Minecraft and swatting his foes, meaning he got SWAT teams to kick in the doors of those he felt had wronged him in real life and in the Minecraft universe.
The thirteen year old, whose name has been withheld due to his age, used phone spoofing software to call in anonymous threats that resulted in SWAT teams being deployed to three different addresses.
The targets were a classmate and teacher from his school in Ventura County, California, and a player he considers his arch-enemy in Minecraft, who lives in Ocean City, New Jersey.
Two questions come to mind after reading this story- how does a Minecraft rivalry become so overblown? and can you really get the SWAT team to show up at somebody's house with a threatening phone call?

Criminal gang stole trucks so they could steal walnut trees in order to buy drugs

Police in Franklin County, Missouri, say people are stealing walnut trees for drug money. It’s part of a larger auto theft ring that investigators uncovered about a month ago. Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke says at least two dozen vehicles have been stolen, mostly big trucks, even a few tow trucks. It turns out the thieves were using the tow trucks to steal lumber.

Intoxicated lady crashed into Convention Center before crashing out again through different doors

A woman crashed her car through the glass doors of the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center early on Thursday, as security cameras captured the action. Irina Polushina, 25, was arrested after the crash and cited for driving while intoxicated and reckless operation of a vehicle.
Her bond was set at $6,500. She had minor injuries from the crash, NOPD said. Her Toyota Camry, meanwhile, was severely damaged. No one else was injured. In the security camera footage, the Camry is seen heading river bound on Calliope Street, but the driver is unable to make the left turn onto Convention Center Boulevard.
The Camry then leaves Convention Center Boulevard and gets stuck on a metal pole in front of the convention center. The driver then reverses the car, hitting other poles before eventually freeing the vehicle. The car continues in reverse, smashing through the glass doors of Hall G not far from where a man was seen walking inside moments before.

The driver misses the interior columns in the lobby, puts the car into drive and crashes through another set of glass doors to exit the building. NOPD had previously said the driver made a U-turn inside the lobby, but the security footage doesn't show that manoeuvre. After driving her car out of the building, police said Polushina then crashed into an exterior wall.

Naked woman arrested for attempting to rob convenience store

A woman from Charleston, West Virginia, was charged with attempted robbery after deputies say she tried to rob a convenience store without a stitch of clothing. “She had a towel with her, ” said Corporal Brian Humphreys of the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department. “But from what I understand it wasn’t being used to cover her. She was just holding it.” The incident happened at about 1:30am on Thursday.
A caller to Kanawha County 911 reported spotting a naked woman walking across the parking lot of the Motel 6 in Cross Lanes. A deputy on the way to answer the call received a call of a panic alarm at the One Stop convenience store next door. “When he gets there, the clerk reported a robbery and said the suspect was still inside,” Humphreys said. “He goes in and finds her hiding in an electrical closet in the back of the store.”
Drema Setliff, 30, was arrested. Investigators suspected she was drunk or under the influence of drugs and transported her to the hospital before she was taken to jail. Humphreys said it was unclear if any drugs or alcohol were detected in her system. Setliff allegedly became violent when she entered the store and demanded cash. She first asked for the clerk to open the door and told her she wanted the money.
“She pilfered around for a moment and I’m not even sure she took any money, but then told the clerk she wanted to see the safe,” Humphreys said. “The clerk told her she couldn’t open the safe and then she grabbed the clerk by the head presumably to drag her to the safe.” The clerk was able to get out of the suspect’s grip and escape the store with the help of a man who came in. Deputies say the man didn’t know Setliff personally, but knew who she was. Setliff remains in the South Central Regional Jail.
There's a censored clip of the surveillance video here.

Who Remembers ...

Ma and Pa Kettle

Physicists Figure Out Why Honey Falls In Twists

A stream of honey falls onto a freshly baked buttermilk biscuit. Before you devour this breakfast treat, you might notice that the honey you poured formed a wavy pattern on the biscuit's surface, an unintentional decoration for your morning snack.
Most people might think 'huh, that's weird' and then eat the biscuit. But some physicists who noticed the weird twists and turns of honey have taken it upon themselves to figure out why honey and other viscous liquids sometimes take such a strange and winding road towards a moving surface.

Where Lightning Strikes Most

Lightning strikes are more frequent in Venezuela and the Congo than anyplace else in the world.

Just Shoot It And See What Happens

What better way to understand how to deflect an incoming asteroid than to smash into one to see what happens?
Does anyone else hear that nagging voice saying 'What could possibly go wrong?" as well?

That's Life ...

Whatever you do, someone will crap on it ...

The Lakes Of Ubari Sand Sea

The Ubari Sand Sea is a vast area of towering sand dunes in the Fezzan region of south-western Libya. But 200,000 years ago, this was a wet and fertile region with plenty of rainfall and flowing rivers.
These rivers fed a vast lake in the Fezzan basin called Lake Megafezzan. During humid periods the lake reached a maximum size of 120,000 square kilometers. Climate change caused the region, a part of Sahara, to gradually dry up and between 3,000 to 5,000 years ago, the lake evaporated away into thin air.

12 Cool-Shaped Islands around the World

The islands are smiling at you!
The left eye is named Mamutik. The right eye is named Sulug. The big grin is named Manukan. Together, these three islands in Malaysia are sometimes called the Smiley Islands. They're part of a national park and are a popular location for scuba diving.
When on Earth rounded up photos and information about 12 islands that are shaped like recognizable objects, such as a crocodile, a seahorse, a boomerang, and a slice of pizza. I want to visit the pizza island in the Azores.

Police helped round up Big Boy the runaway buffalo

A buffalo that ran away from home on Friday has been recaptured after being chased by police in Texas through a residential area.

Animal Pictures