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Friday, March 4, 2016

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Today in History

Frederick Barbarossa is chosen as emperor and unites the two factions, which emerged in Germany after the death of Henry V.
Henry VI is deposed and the Duke of York is proclaimed King Edward IV.
Samuel Cole opens the first tavern in Boston, Massachusetts.
The British Parliament repeals the Stamp Act, the cause of bitter and violent opposition in the colonies
The first Congress of the United States meets in New York and declares that the Constitution is in effect.
Vermont is admitted as the 14th state. It is the first addition to the original 13 colonies.
George Washington is inaugurated as President for the second time.
Vice-President John Adams, elected President on December 7, to replace George Washington, is sworn in.
Thomas Jefferson becomes the first President to be inaugurated in Washington, D.C.
The Russians fighting against Napoleon reach Berlin. The French garrison evacuates the city without a fight.
The Confederate States of America adopt the “Stars and Bars” flag.
The Russian Imperial Ballet stages the first performance of “Swan Lake” in Moscow.
William McKinley is inaugurated president for the second time. Theodore Roosevelt is inaugurated as vice president.
Russian troops begin to retreat toward the Manchurian border as 100,000 Japanese advance in Korea.
The New York board of education bans the act of whipping students in school.
The French council of war unanimously votes a mandatory three-year military service.
Doctor Fillatre of Paris, France successfully separates Siamese twins.
Warren G. Harding is sworn in as America’s 29th President.
Franklin D. Roosevelt is inaugurated to his first term as president in Washington, D.C.
Berlin is bombed by the American forces for the first time.
North Korea accuses the United nations of using germ warfare.
Six people get the death sentence in Paris plotting to kill President Charles de Gaulle.
Fifty-seven people are killed as the French submarine Eurydice sinks in the Mediterranean Sea.
Queen Elizabeth II knights Charlie Chaplin.
Reagan takes full responsibility for the Iran-Contra affair in a national address.

40 Words Turning 40 In 2016

English is a fluid language, and therefore new words are being added to the dictionary all the time in an effort to keep the English language sounding fresh for new generations.
And now that the Bicentennial Babies born in 1976 are about to turn 40 it's a great time to look at an assortment of words that are turning 40 right along with Generation X.
These are the words that shaped our generation, like the Black Helicopters watching us from above that the Ditzy people didn't seem to notice.
We grew up with Chicken Nuggets, Jazzercise, Europop and Trekkies who write Fan Fic in our lives, and the term Meme was born in 1976 too, although it had yet to blossom into the obsession it is today.

Guests at this Scottish Airbnb Listing Are in Charge of Running the Bookstore Downstairs

Are you a book lover who has ever considered opening your own bookstore? If so, this $39 per night Airbnb rental might be just your opportunity to "try on" that lifestyle without risk. In Wigtown, Scotland, a tiny, picturesque village, there is an independent bookstore called The Open Book. The space over the store is for rent on Airbnb with a six-night minimum stay, but there's a catch: renters are expected to work a forty-hour week in the bookstore, which comes staffed with a combination of volunteers and paid book retailers ready to assist. The listing reads in part:
"The first ever bookshop holiday/residency experience, Scotland's National Book Town welcomes you to play-bookshop for a week or two. We'll give you your very own bookshop, and apartment above, supported by a team of friendly volunteers and bookshop sellers to make your trip as lovely as possible. Set up by The Wigtown Festival Company, the bookshop residency's aim is to celebrate bookshops, encourage education in running independent bookshops and welcome people around the world to Scotland's National Book Town."
Learn the details of this unusual offering and see additional pictures at The Open Book's Airbnb page, and check them out on Facebook as well.

Places Where You Can No Longer "Spend a Penny"

In a previous era in Britain, if you said that you needed to "spend a penny," that meant that you needed to use a toilet. That's because public toilets used to cost a penny per visit.
Many of the old public toilets of London are closed now. But the physical infrastructure may still be there, such as the ladies' toilet pictured above. Agnese Sanvito, a photographer, visited many of these disused establishments around London. Spitalfields Life talked to her about the project:
“They’re part of the fabric of the city, but because they’re not in use no-one pays attention to them, they are forgotten spaces,” confirmed Agnese affectionately, delighting in these structures that are the catalyst for her elegant photographic mediations upon the culture of the metropolis. “At the moment, I have just photographed those in the area that are near to me. It’s a work-in-progress, I don’t know where it’s going.” said Agnese, thinking out loud, “Now my friends call sometimes and say, ‘I’ve found another one.’”
You can see more photos from the project at Spitalfields Life.

Rare Charles Darwin Letter Will Be Sold at Auction

The famed naturalist's letter to a British marine biologist details plans to release a corrected version of the book 'The Origin of Species.'

Amelia Earhart's Plane Discovered in Odd Movie Cameo

As a search is set to resume for Amelia Earhart's remains and her plane, researchers make an odd discovery.

People Parked Cars in Front of This Man's Garage. He Used a Forklift to Put Them on the Roof.

The People's Daily Online reports that a garage owner in Qingdao, Shandong, China got tired of people illegally parking their cars in front of their garage. So he got a forklift, picked up two cars, then placed them on the roof of the garage. The Daily Mail reports:
According to reports, the owners of the two cars in question were unable to get their vehicles off the roof. This is because both the police and the garage's owner said they were not able to get involved as it was a 'private matter'.
In order to get their vehicles back, the cars' owners reportedly had to hire a forklift themselves to bring their vehicles down.

10 New Ways Other Countries Are Actually Solving Problems

Top US Areas for Well-Being

U.S. communities are ranked based on their well-being in 2014 and 2015. Communities in Florida, California, Colorado and Texas ranked among the highest

Homeless people suffer geriatric conditions decades early

Homeless people suffer geriatric conditions decades earlyHomeless people suffer geriatric conditions decades early
Homeless people in their fifties have more geriatric conditions than those living in homes who are decades older, according to researchers at UC San Francisco who are following 350 people who are homeless and aged 50 and over, in Oakland. Although the people in the...

Having to Work Before 10 AM Is 'Torture'

Does The Constitution Protect Your Right To Vote?

Here’s What Actually Happens When Trans Women Are Allowed To Use The Ladies’ Room

Dow Chemical Would Rather Pay $835 Million Than Take Its Chances With a Scalia-less Supreme Court

12-year-old girls face criminal charges for putting crushed red pepper in teacher's drink

Three 12-year-old girls facing felony charges in Florida for allegedly spiking a soda with spicy hot pepper that sickened their teacher faced a judge on Saturday. The Volusia County Sheriff's Office began its investigation after being notified of the incident on Thursday. Deputies said the girls, who attend Deltona Middle School, were arrested early on Friday evening. Investigators said the incident was sparked by a student who was angry about being disciplined.

Florida School Overreacts To Prank By Pressing Felony Charges

Woman checking for caloriesFlorida School Overreacts To Prank By Pressing Felony Charges
Three 12-year-old girls have been charged with first-degree felonies in the latest example of America’s insane rush to criminalize children.

Prosecutors Admit Woman Spent 10 Years in Prison for Crime She Likely Didn't Commit

Brothers arrested after getting stuck 60ft in the air in stolen scissor lift

Two brothers have been charged after they became stuck 60 feet in the air in a stolen scissor lift. Police had to rescue the two men from the machinery during the incident early on Thursday morning. The hapless duo had allegedly taken the machine from a local supermarket and driven it away. Their journey soon came to an abrupt end when they somehow found themselves stranded 60 feet in the in air sub zero temperatures.
Unable to get themselves down, the police were called to help the men to safety - and straight into custody. A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “Two men have been arrested on suspicion of theft after police were called just after 1am.
“The men, aged 25 and 23, had to be assisted off the mobile crane after becoming stuck in the air.” The men have been charged with aggravated vehicle taking after the incident in Tile Cross, Birmingham.

Wannabe policeman who joined high-speed chase in bogus child abduction hit police car

A bizarre story of a couple from Clearwater, Florida, who police say lied about their child being in the back of a stolen car later took another unusual twist. Police say a Clearwater man joined in the chase for the stolen car on Wednesday, driving his own vehicle at speeds up to 85 miles-per-hour as he swerved in and out of lanes and pacing police vehicles involved in the chase.
An arrest affidavit said that Charles William Long, 60, interfered with the police pursuit and followed directly in front of and in between police vehicles “with wanton disregard to the safety of the public. Long’s participation in the chase ended when he followed too closely and crashed into the rear of a police cruiser. The arrest affidavit said that Long told officers the following: “I want to be a police officer. I wanted to be in the pursuit for you guys.”
Mr Long's story.

He was arrested on a charge of reckless driving with property damage or injury. Long is retired, according to the arrest affidavit. Police were chasing a vehicle that was reported stolen by Angelica Luz Marrero on Wednesday afternoon. Marrero told police that her 3-year-old son was inside the car, which prompted police to ask for the public’s help finding the missing child, and also prompted a search for the vehicle. Police say Marrero later admitted to lying about her son being in the car.
The stolen car that didn't contain a child story.

He was at a Pinellas Park daycare. Marrero said that she tricked police, so they would find her car faster. Police say Marrero’s car had also been stolen a few weeks ago and it took officers a while to respond. Angelica Luz Marrero was charged with false report of a crime, misuse of 911 and possession of marijuana. The boy’s father, Nestor Gerardo Badillo was charged with false report of a crime and misuse of 911. Stevie Gamble Jr. was charged with grand theft of a vehicle, driving without a license, fleeing or eluding at high speed and reckless driving.

Woman who called police after getting stuck in home's chimney during alleged break-in arrested

Deputies and firefighters helped rescue a woman who became stuck in the chimney of a house in Spring, Texas, during an alleged break-in.
The woman, identified as 20-year-old Lauren Fox, has since been charged with criminal trespass, the same offense she was charged with about two weeks ago on another property. Harris County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a burglary call just before 6am on Friday.
Officials say the stuck woman called 911 from inside the chimney after she couldn't move any further. Deputies said she had already been in the chimney for more than two hours. “She was vocal with us but she didn’t comment about how she got in there,” said Spring Fire Department District Chief Kevin Wiseman.

Firefighters responded with special equipment and worked for a couple of hours from both inside and on top of the home to get the woman out. She was treated for minor scrapes before being placed in the back of a sheriff's car. The woman told deputies she tried to get into the home because she was cold. Deputies say the property was vacant at the time. Chief Wiseman also said in 19 years in the fire service, he's never seen a rescue like this one.

Fugitive bit off fingerprints in bid to hide identity

Authorities in Tampa, Florida, have been looking for Kirk Kelly for about six months. He was wanted on a probation violation. Police said he's known for selling drugs and guns. Early last Sunday morning he was finally found near Akron, Ohio. He tried to lie about who he was, but it's not hard to see where's he from. He's got 813 and Port Tampa tattoos, even what looks like a Rays logo. He couldn't hide those.
But he did try and hide his finger prints in a most gruesome way. "Given where he was and the the time of day. It's safe to say they weren't selling girl scout cookies," said Tallmadge police chief Ronald Williams. Ohio police found Kelly by chance on Sunday morning. An officer pulled over the car he was in because the registered owner had a suspended license. Kelly, who's alias include Cracka Boy, lied about who he was. Police said he even trying to use his younger brother's identity.

Then he over heard police say they were going to get a portable finger print scanner. That's when police said he tried to bite the skin off his fingers. "I've heard of people sanding them and so forth but I never had a person chew their fingers off during an investigative process. No that hasn't happened to me," said Chief Williams. Biting those finger prints off got Kelly another charge for tampering with evidence. He also tried to run away, but was quickly caught.

Police in Ohio eventually figured out who he was and that he sold guns. A number of which may have been linked to possibly 15 murders in the Tampa area. "I think it's shocking. And I think it explains why a person would chew their finger prints off," said Chief Williams. Police said they don't what Kelly was doing in Ohio, but are sure he was up to no good. Marijuana was found in the car. Kelly will eventually be extradited back to Hillsborough County. His record also includes arrest for robbery and aggravated battery.

7-Year-Old Finds Ancient Figurine in Israel

The 3,400-year-old clay figurine features a portrait of a naked woman.

Scientists discover major Jurassic fossil site in Argentina

Paleontologists in Argentina have announced the discovery of a major Jurassic-era fossil site four years after it was first discovered.
The site, which spans 23,000 square miles (60,000 square kilometers) in Patagonia, southern Argentina, came to light this week with the publication of a report in the journal Ameghiniana.
"No other place in the world contains the same amount and diversity of Jurassic fossils," said geologist Juan Garcia Massini of the Regional Center for Scientific Research and Technology Transfer (CRILAR).
The fossils -- between 140 and 160 million years old -- lie on the surface because they were recently exposed by erosion, said Garcia Massini, who leads the research team investigating the site.
"You can see the landscape as it appeared in the Jurassic -- how thermal waters, lakes and streams as well as plants and other parts of the ecosystem were distributed," he said.
The fossils were preserved almost immediately, in less than a day in some cases.
"You can see how fungi, cyanobacteria and worms moved when they were alive," Garcia Massini said of the site that lies along the Deseado Massif mountain range.
Ignacio Escapa of the Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum said the researchers had found "a wide range of micro and macro-organisms."
The fossils are so well preserved, that researchers say each rock extracted from the site could possibly open the door to a new discovery.

Will Climate Change Boost Mosquito-Borne Disease?

Will climate change cause an increase in diseases like Zika? Probably, but it won't be the only factor.

Monarch Butterfly Population Surges in Mexico

The success marks a recovery for the threatened species that migrates across North America.

Loyal dog keeps running away from home and waiting where she last saw her missing owner

Every day, Kerry Morgan, 53, would walk his dog Ataahua, "beautiful in Maori", along the banks of the Waikato River in Hamilton, New Zealand. But on Friday they had their last walk together at around 2pm. Later that night Ataahua was found sitting on the banks of the river near Morgan's shoes and hat - but he was nowhere to be seen. Police launched a search, which included the dive squad, but he has not yet been found.
On Sunday Morgan's daughter, Lorraine Cook, gathered with other family members at the Hamilton East house her father shared with her mother. Cook said four-year-old Ataahua, who Morgan got as a puppy, kept escaping the house to go and sit at the river. "When we were told my dad had gone missing my brother and sister were here at the house, waiting for news from police, before we all turned up. They let Ataahua out of the house to go toilet. At about 11pm that night they had to go looking for her. One of the cops and my brother found her down by the river again in the same place, just sitting there.
"It was like she was waiting for him to come back. She keeps running there - It's sad to watch her. She looks sad." She said her father wasn't sick or taking medication and his disappearance was out of character. "It's out of character for him to hop into the water because he couldn't swim," she said. "The longest he can stay away from the house and the dog is about an hour and that's it. Ataahua and dad are tight, they were always together. It's been three days since he went missing. It's hard, you know. It's hard because you can't do anything but wait. That's the hardest part."
A police search of the river over the weekend failed to locate Morgan, Waikato District Command Center Senior Sergeant Robbie Hermann said. "Morgan takes his dog for a walk along the river path most days, and he often stops at an area about 100 meters north of the Wellington St beach and sometimes sits in the shallows of the river while his dog has a swim in the river. A hat and pair of shoes belonging to Mr Morgan, along with his dog, were found next to the river [on Friday evening] which would indicate he's potentially gone into the river."

Man whose neighbor's horse died after he shot bowling balls from homemade cannon arrested

Lisa Kroll went to feed her horses last summer and found a grease-spotted bowling ball on the floor of her barn and a hole in the ceiling. Out in her pasture she found her 5-month-old horse dead with a lump on its head. Now, a man from Spring Valley, Wisconsin, faces charges of unsafe use of a homemade cannon and endangering Kroll in the incident.
There was not enough evidence to show that the cannon killed the horse. Kroll told a sheriff’s deputy that she had seen the horse earlier that day and it was still alive. She estimated the horse was worth about $10,000. An investigation by the sheriff’s deputy revealed a large party was held July 4th to celebrate the holiday about half a mile south of Kroll’s residence; the owner of the property told police her brother, 65-year-old Ricky Thorne, brought along his cannon.
Neighbors admitted they had fired eight to 10 bowling balls out of the cannon, as well as eight bowling pins. Kroll said she found three bowling balls and three pins on her property. When questioned by authorities Thorne apologized, saying he didn’t expect anything fired from it to land on anyone else’s property or to hit anyone’s buildings. The neighbor said Thorne had assured her the objects would land on her own property and bury themselves deeply under the soil.

Kroll, who operates a business selling and breeding horses, estimated the damage to her barn would cost $3,000 to $4,000 to repair. St. Croix County District Attorney Eric Johnson called the case unusual, and use of the cannon unsafe. “I have been D.A. for 34 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said. Johnson said there is no law in Wisconsin that forbids the use of a cannon. Thorne has now been charged with recklessly endangering safety and negligent handling of a weapon.

Snake wasn't happy after getting head stuck in mousetrap

Usually it snakes that kill mice, but in a turn-up for the books, the smell of a mouse almost lured one highly venomous western brown snake to its death in Australia's Northern Territory.
Rex Neindorf from the Alice Springs Reptile Centre said his group got a call on Friday to alert them that a snake was in a home. When snake handler Nadia Rosen arrived, she learned the ravenous reptile had trapped its head in a reusable mouse trap.
"It wasn't happy, the poor thing," Ms Rosen said. "I was quite surprised that it wasn't hurt at all." She said it was a delicate operation to get the mouse trap off the 90-centimetre-long snake, which involved using tongs to free it once it had been taken back to the Reptile Center.
Mr Neindorf said the snake had probably been attracted to the smell of mice that had run across the trap in the past, even though there was not a mouse in the device when the snake became trapped. Western browns are among the world's most venomous snakes and there is enough venom in their bite to kill six adults, Mr Neindorf said. The freed snake will be kept at the Reptile Center to ensure it is healthy, before being released back into the wild.

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