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Saturday, March 12, 2016

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Today in History

The Jews are expelled from Syria.
Cesare Borgia dies while fighting alongside his brother, the king of Navarre, in Spain.
The Bermuda Islands become an English colony.
New Jersey becomes a British colony.
The United States Post Office is established.
Great Britain signs a treaty with Persia forcing the French out of the country.
President Jefferson Davis delivers his State of the Confederacy address.
The British Zulu War begins.
Mississippi establishes the first U.S. state college for women.
Coca-Cola is sold in bottles for the first time.
The Czar of Russia issues a decree providing for nominal freedom of religion throughout the land.
British Parliament increases naval appropriations for Great Britain.
Dr. Fletcher of the Rockefeller Institute discovers the cause of infantile paralysis.
Juliet Low founds the Girl Scouts in Savannah, Georgia.
Russian troops mutiny as the “February Revolution” begins.
Gandhi begins his march to the sea to symbolizes his defiance of British rule in India.
President Paul von Hindenburg drops the flag of the German Republic and orders that the swastika and empire banner be flown side by side.
President Roosevelt makes the first of his Sunday evening fireside chats.
German troops enter Austria without firing a shot, forming the anschluss (union) of Austria and Germany.
Pius XII is elected the new pope in Rome.
Great Britain bars all travel to neutral Ireland, which is suspected of collaborating with Nazi Germany.
Diarist Anne Frank dies in a German concentration camp.
The U.S. House of Representatives joins the Senate in approving the statehood of Hawaii.
Lebanese President Gemayel opens the second meeting in five years calling for the end to nine-years of war.
The United States and the Soviet Union begin arms control talks in Geneva.
The Church of England ordains women priests.

Gardener who planted tomato seeds from his own crop surprised when they turned into chilies

A gardener from Ashburton in Devon planted tomato seeds in the hope of growing himself some salad and was then amazed when the plant started producing chilies. David Bleazley sowed seeds saved from a batch of his own 'Ox Heart' beefsteak tomatoes.
He was pretty sure how they should turn out, but when the plants started growing, he realized something was very wrong. He said: "I noticed that they were slower than the other tomato seed to germinate, and to my astonishment they all produced pepper plants, which in turn produced red chilies."
He went to seed suppliers Tuckers in Ashburton who confirmed the seeds they were shown were tomato seed and that the plant was indeed a pepper plant but they could not explain what had happened. David said: "I left with a warning that I would struggle to get people, especially experts to take me seriously." David then approached Newton Abbot nursery Plants Galore for another opinion.
He was told that there was 'no way' a tomato seed could grow into a pepper or chili. They suggested that the seed had become mixed up at some point, either during the packing stage, in the garden by birds or after harvest when drying the seed. But David said he is '100% certain' that the seeds have not been mixed up. David said he will be planting a few more of the seeds to see what happens.

Your Size Could Shrink Your Wallet

Short men get short-changed, and overweight women are overlooked when it comes life's opportunities.

Green for Calm?

Colors are often considered to have a strong influence on how we feel. From calming blues and greens to amped-up reds, We explore the biology behind the hues that comprise our world.

What Do Sunglasses Say About a Man’s Personality?

round sunglassesSunglasses do more than protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. They also say a lot about your personality — maybe more than you … [Read More...]

Bad Intentions Show Up in the Brain

Understanding the origins of ill will could some day help scientists prevent violence before it happens.

The Fastest Developing Cities in the World

After the 2008 global financial crisis, some cities bounced back faster than others. We take a look at the fastest developing among them.

Shakespeare's Curse-Protected Grave Gets Radar Scan

A radar scan is made of William Shakespeare's grave as Britain celebrates the 400th anniversary of the Bard's death.

Debate over whether Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer led to man's death

The debate over whether Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer in the world has divided many football fans for years. But a Nigerian man living in India was killed after arguing about the merits of the two players with a friend.
Michael Chukwuma, 21, stabbed 34-year-old compatriot Obina Durumchukwu in a Mumbai suburb, Indian police said. The incident took place following a party on Saturday night. "They were discussing football players. One is a fan of Messi and the other was for Ronaldo," a police inspector said.
"During the conversation a quarrel has taken place. The deceased threw a glass into the face of the accused person. The glass broke and caused small injuries. After that the accused took the broken glass and assaulted the deceased person who died due to heavy bleeding."
Chukwuma has now been charged with the murder of his friend. Argentina international Messi, 28, is a five-time winner of the Ballon d'Or - the annual award given to the world's best player by the governing body Fifa. Portugal captain Ronaldo, 31, has won the accolade three times.

Five Times Google Street View Cameras Have Helped Catch Criminals

Google Earth has proven to be a valuable tool in many different ways, but there's one interesting way the program was never meant to be used that is proving quite useful today- catching people in the act of committing a crime.
The Google Street View cameras have captured key evidence used to put criminals away, like the Brooklyn corner boys above who were part of a drug ring, or these twins accused of stealing the bike seen in the photo:
The boy in the pic struggled to prove the twins stole his bike, wallet and phone until he saw this Google street view image, which was taken moments before the crime took place.
The twins had a criminal record, so they were convicted and sentenced for the crime thanks to the Google Street View car that happened to be driving by.
Read What On (Google) Earth? 5 Crimes That Were Caught On Street View here (contains NSFW subject matter)

Hunt for woman who led police on high-speed chase while driving Mystery Machine

A woman from Shasta County, California, led law enforcement officers on a high-speed pursuit in a van painted to look like the 'Mystery Machine' from the Scooby Doo cartoon. On Sunday at 12:50pm, a probation officer with Shasta County Probation contacted Redding Police Department regarding Sharon Kay Turman, 51, wanted for a probation violation.
According to police, Turman was found operating the 1994 Chrysler minivan painted teal and green. When officers tried to conduct a traffic stop, Turman took off in the van. A pursuit began as Turman sped away. The chase came to a stop, but Turman continued to speed southbound, said police.
Turman then drove through an intersection against a red light hitting four other vehicles. The California Highway Patrol helicopter later located the van just north of Anderson. Officers said Turman then continued the chase through the city of Anderson and onto Interstate 5 at speeds of over 100 mph.
Turman continued onto Highway 36 westbound, where she was spotted by the CHP helicopter abandoning her vehicle. Turman's current whereabouts are unknown. She is wanted by the Redding Police Department as well as Shasta County Probation. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Sharon Kay Turnman is encouraged to contact the Redding Police Department.

'Christian' dad posts creepy classified ad seeking a husband for his 'virgin' daughter

Tennessee district considers banning all after-school clubs to get rid of Gay-Straight Alliance group

Elimination of the groups was proposed at a raucous meeting in February, after a local businessman and parent in the area compared the teen support group to ISIL on Facebook.

The Children Of 'Christian' Fundamentalists Are Dying Because Their Parents Think Only Dog Can Cure Their Illnesses

'Christian' Fundamentalism is putting American children in danger, as ever greater numbers of parents are refusing to seek medical treatment for their children,...

Oregon man smashes Buddhist monk’s head into a car while screaming about Muslims

"There are some politicians who have people riled up as they seek to build their power base. They are not seeing everyone as a part of the human family."

Cop Awarded $230,000 After Kicking An Unarmed Black Man In The Head

Cop Awarded $230,000 After Kicking An Unarmed Black Man In The Head (VIDEO)
Video of the horrific attack went viral. Now he’s being rewarded for it.

Food Processing ...

Turning raw ingredients into something more has played an important role in our evolution.

Original Paleo Diet Included Red Meat, Starchy Veggies

Our ancestors transitioned from a mostly vegetarian diet to a raw meat and starchy veg diet around 2.6 million years ago.

Bacon vs. Lettuce

The idea that producing lettuce leads to more greenhouse gases emitted than bacon receives a harsh rebuke.

Winter Tops Charts As Warmest on Record For US

Winter was the warmest on record for the contiguous U.S., following a record-warm autumn, thanks to the influence of a strong El NiƱo and global warming.

Woman hospitalized and her three dogs killed following attack by angry bees

Firefighters said a woman and her pets, three dogs and five cats, were injured in a bee attack at a home in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Sunday afternoon. All three of the dogs died.
Crews reported a large swarm of aggressive bees from two hives in the attic of the house. One of them weighed 70 pounds. The exterminator, RJ Riedlinger, estimated that there were some 50,000 bees. "Her dog was covered, covered, in bees, more than 100," Natalie Bendsten, a family friend, said.
Riedlinger also said he believes they were aggressive honeybees, but not Africanized honeybees, often referred to as "killer bees." According to Battalion Chief Adam Hoster of the Scottsdale Fire Department, the woman was stung several times. Firefighters carried her out of the house.
She was taken to the hospital, but has since been released. Her three dogs were not so lucky. Two died of their injuries; the third had to be euthanized. In addition, firefighters rescued two cats from the house. Crews later went back into the house to find three kittens. All three were safe.

Big Brained Animals Are Sicker

Humans and other big brained animals are inherently more susceptible to disease and additional illnesses than are other species.

Nematode brains offer window into human sleep problems

Nematode brains offer window into human sleep problemsNematode brains offer window into human sleep problems
Next time you have trouble sleeping, don’t count sheep. Just ponder the idea that the neurons in your brain could be firing like those in roundworms randomly searching for food. That connection is proposed in a theoretical neuroscience paper that emerged from 14...

Global warming caused extinction of ichthyosaurs 94 million years ago

The Teeth of the Hydra are upon you ...

Eating is no small task for freshwater hydra, which have to rip open their mouth cells to take in food.

Peckers and Great Tits

Intensity of the pecking determines how the birds perceive interlopers.
The birds use complex syntax in their calls to convey two meanings at once.

Twin Seals

DNA analysis confirms the unprecedented event.

Butterfly Holds Record Number of Vision Cells in Its Eyes

The common bluebottle has no fewer than 15 classes of cells known as photoreceptors.

Animal Pictures