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Thursday, March 3, 2016

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Today also happens to be World Wildlife Day ...! 
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Today is - World Book Day

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Today in History

Congress passes a resolution authorizing the U.S. Mint; legislation creating the mint will be passed on Apr. 2, 1792.
The first impeachment trial of a U.S. Judge, John Pickering, begins.
The first commercial steamboat route from Louisville to New Orleans is opened.
Florida becomes the 27th U.S. state.
Under pretexts, Britain and France declare war on China.
The serfs of Russia are emancipated by Alexander II as part of a program of westernization.
Lincoln signs the conscription act compelling U.S. citizens to report for duty in the Civil War or pay $300.00.
Rutherford B. Hays, the republican governor of Ohio is appointed president, his election confirmed by an electoral commission after disputed election the previous November.
Russia and the Ottomans sign the treaty of Stenafano, granting independence to Serbia.
The Russian Czar agrees to create an elected assembly.
The Soviets and Germany sign a peace treaty at Brest-Litovsk depriving the Soviets of White Russia.
Boeing flies the first U.S. international airmail from Vancouver, British Columbia to Seattle, Washington.
The first issue of Time magazine is published. It’s editor, Henry R. Luce, is just out of Yale.
Hoover signs a bill that makes Francis Scott Key’s “Star Spangled Banner,” the national anthem.
In Bombay, Gandhi begins a fast to protest the state’s autocratic rule.
A Nazi air raid kills 108 on a British liner in the English Channel.
Moscow denounces the Axis rule in Bulgaria.
The RAF raids the industrial suburbs of Paris.
Finland declares war on the Axis.
The U.S. Supreme Court upholds New York’s Feinberg Law banning Communist teachers in the United States.
Sirhan Sirhan testifies in a court in Los Angeles that he killed Robert Kennedy.
Japan discloses its first defense plan since World War II.
Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky appears on national television to explain her affair with President Bill Clinton.

The Teen Who Invented Bras

Young debutante Polly Phelps didn’t like what her corset did to the appearance of her dress in 1910 and put two handkerchiefs together to replace it. Her brassiere became popular, and she patented it in 1914. She then sold the patent for a pittance, but she didn’t need the money. That’s when Polly’s life got really interesting.
After her invention she met Harry Crosby, who confessed his adoration for her in a Tunnel of Love. She promptly divorced her first husband, married Harry in 1922, changed her name to Caresse and moved to France. Harry had also suggested the name Clytoris, but they decided to name their dog that instead. From Europe, Harry sent a telegram back to Boston to his family declaring: "PLEASE SELL 10,000 WORTH OF STOCK. WE HAVE DECIDED TO LEAD A MAD AND EXTRAVAGANT LIFE."
And it was an amazing life. Caresse Crosby ended up with a list of accomplishments that ranged from substantial to silly, which you can read about at Racked.

Human Teeth Likely Shrank Due to Tool Use

Wisdom teeth may have shrunk during human evolution says a new finding that could lead to a new way of figuring out how closely related fossil species are to modern humans.

U.S. Performs Its First Uterus Transplant

Following on a technique already proven in Sweden, the surgery could help women suffering from infertility.

Can Low-Frequency Sound Waves Make You Sick?

Hush for a second. Can you hear that low, low hum? Neither can we! But, it's there and it may cause some people all kinds of problems. We listen in on spooky, low-frequency tones called infrasound.

Big Corp. Is So Afraid Of A Liberal SCOTUS They Just Settled A MASSIVE Lawsuit

Big Corp. Is So Afraid Of A Liberal SCOTUS They Just Settled A MASSIVE LawsuitBig Corp. Is So Afraid Of A Liberal SCOTUS They Just Settled A MASSIVE Lawsuit
Scalia screwed this chemical company from the grave.

Greedy Oil CEO Fires 20 Percent Of Employees, Awards Himself $18 Million

Schlumsberger CEO Paal Kibsgaard at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology June 2014 Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNU 
Courtesy of Flickr

Greedy Oil CEO Fires 20 Percent Of Employees, Awards Himself $18 Million
Just when you though corporate greed couldn’t get any worse.

Idaho wingnut thinks ‘trauma’ prevents pregnancy in rape

“I read a lot of information. I have read it several times,” Nielson said. “Being a father of five girls, I’ve explored this a lot.”

Wingnuts flip out over Air Force Academy spending $380 so pagan cadets can worship

In a statement, the academy said its cadets have the right to observe any faith, or no faith at all.

How Hollywood appeased wingnuts and forced on-screen couples into separate beds

As it de-sexualized cinema, production code films dedicated themselves to marriage, an institution they were required to portray as sacrosanct. Adulterers were punished and sex outside of marriage was forbidden. Married couples weren’t cleared for lusty displays, either.

Man paint-bombed furniture store after his new sofa wouldn't fit through the front door

A man who gave the wrong measurements for a new sofa which would not fit into his house claimed he paint-bombed a furniture store in Northern Ireland because he was unable to get his money back. Robert Alan McDowell (47), unemployed, who lives in Ballymena's Harryville area, struck at the Harveys branch in the nearby Braidwater Retail Park on January 27 this year. At Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursdsy he admitted causing criminal damage which cost £833 to remove paint from shutters and windows.
A prosecutor said McDowell had a dispute with Harveys over an invoice. Defense solicitor Stewart Ballentine said McDowell had paid £700 for a suite of furniture. He added: "It appears he got his measurements wrong and they could not get it through the door". Mr Ballentine said the sofa was taken back and when a refund was not immediately forthcoming " the red mist came down".
However, he now accepts he did wrong and is remorseful. District Judge Des Perry told McDowell he should have contacted a solicitor regarding the dispute and by taking matters into his own hands he now has to pay more. Judge Perry said he would defer sentence until September to allow the defendant to pay for the damage he caused at the store.

Shoplifter said she was too impatient to pay

A Florida woman was arrested after police say she tried to steal $500 worth of groceries from a store because she didn't want to wait in line.
Hope Hanak, 56, from Clermont, has been charged with grand theft and possession of a controlled substance in the incident at the Publix on Citrus Tower Boulevard on Friday afternoon.
Police said Hanak loaded groceries into reusable bags and went to the customer service desk to buy cigarettes. After paying for the cigarettes, she continued to walk out of the store without paying for the other items, according to the report. The total amount of items Hanak had in her bags was $508.75, police said.
The store manager stopped Hanak, then called police. Hanak told police she had "just been been stupid and did not want to wait in line," according to the report. Police said Hanak also told them she had health needs and was taking several medications. At the jail, multiple pills were found in her purse and Hanak did not have a prescription for them, according to police. She was booked into the Lake County jail.

Ham burglar caught after leaving a trail of fat to his front door

A thief led his victims straight to his front door after stealing seven legs of Iberico ham and leaving a trail of fat as he dragged them along the ground. Domingo Infante, 34, arrived at his tapas bar in southwestern Spain on Monday to find the door forced open and the till gone along with a TV and the cured meat that had been hanging above the bar. While he dealt with police and waited for a locksmith to come and fix the damage, wife Cristina, 36, and mother-in-law Maria, 68, spotted a trail of fat on the road outside. They followed it along the pavement to a house behind their family-run business in Sanlucar de Barrameda near Cadiz. They then made a second call to police to say they had caught the suspected culprit. Officers rushed to get a search warrant after being refused entry to the rented property and found two of the legs of ham inside along with the empty cash till and TV. The cured meat has now been taken to the police station along with the other valuables while detectives search for the missing five legs, thought to be in the hands of the alleged criminal’s accomplices.
The break-in happened overnight in the early hours of Monday morning. Infante, whose bar is called Los Caracoles, English for The Snails, said: "We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s like something out of a silly film. I’ve never imagined my wife and mother-in-law would turn out to be the detectives who solved this. And even then they thought the fat trail from the ham would lead to a car park and a vehicle that had long gone, not a house in the street behind us. There were traces of fat everywhere, on the pavement outside the property, the stairs and even the front door."
The suspect lived there with his parents who wouldn’t let police in at first but they got a search warrant within 20 minutes and found the cured meat when they went inside along with the till and TV. "Each leg was worth around €120 and the till which had about €500 in it was empty. But every cloud has its silver lining and it looks like we’ll be getting some of what was taken back thanks to my wife and mother-in-law." Cristina added: "They smashed the door open and caused a lot of damage. We decided to follow the trail of the ham because they had dragged the legs along the floor. My mum had the idea. We got right to the house. Later we saw how the police brought almost everything that had been stolen out of the same house, except that is the other five legs of ham which we’d still like to get back."

Will Weakening El Nino Give Way to La Nina?

The weather-affecting phenomenon is weakening, and it may be followed by something with far different effects.

Male Nursery-Web Spider Ties Up Partners During Sex

Bondage during mating can be a matter of life and death for the long-limbed arachnid.

Biker Picks Up Abused Dog Off The Road and 'Cycles Him to Safety

Brandon Turnbow, a singer/songwriter from Burleson, Texas, was riding his motorcycle en route to his father's house one day when he witnessed a terrible sight. He noticed a blue SUV that was pulled over, and saw a man in the SUV who looked like he was hitting something, yet the target of the violence was out of Turnbow's sight just then. Turnbow continues the story,
"The opposite side passenger door flies open and the man knocks this little white dog up into the air and onto his back in the ditch. I was in shock at that point seeing this little harmless dog on his back in convulsions from the blow…So I go straight to the place where the dog was and find the dog standing about two feet from the highway where the vehicles were passing. Im scared he is going to dart out and get hit but he doesnt thank God. I jump off my bike and just kneel down beside him and start talking to him. He slowly steps closer shaking like crazy and his breathing was very heavy. I take a chance and just fold my body over him to see if he will bite or trust me. He then just lays his body into me shaking so I just stand up with him in my arms and sit him on the bike seat.”
The SUV driver sped away before Turnbow turned around and was able to reach the scene. But now the dog, whom he calls Mr. Davidson, is in good, caring hands. A look at the smile on the dog's face in the picture below says it all.
Check out Turnbow's Facebook page for more uplifting updates about his new best friend, and follow him on Twitter as well.

Helicopter used to track down runaway unicorn

A white pony dressed as a unicorn eluded the California Highway Patrol on Wednesday night, darting through a busy commute for several hours. CHP spokesperson Officer Joshua McConnell said the pony first ran from a children's birthday party in Madera at around 2:30pm and was recaptured shortly after. "Then it escaped again from another child at about 5:30 pm and ran out on to the roadways.
"It was seen in traffic before it was finally located in an orchard by the CHP H40 helicopter, using the heat seeking FLIR radar," McConnell said. A nearby resident with another horse on her property helped officers approach and finally capture the frisky pony. Some motorists were surprised and were hesitant to report the pony with a horn in the road as a unicorn, but others were quite sure they had actually seen one.
Joking aside, McConnell said, had the pony been hit by a car moving at speed the driver and any occupants could have been seriously injured or killed. Animals running in roads are a daily local roadway hazard, he said, and cause a significant number of traffic accidents when drivers hit them, slam on their brakes or swerve and lose control trying to avoid them. "Children should not be tasked with restraining any animal near roadways, especially the large ones."

The unruly 500 to 600 pound pony would have also likely been injured or killed, he said. "No injures were reported but there were several near misses (by cars). The pony was just lucky. It was to it's owner unharmed and was secured. No citations were issued in this case, but had the pony been hit by a car - it would have been a different story. The business or owner providing the pony would have been financially liable for all injuries, property damages and other costs, which could have been significant," McConnell said.

Horse led to water kept on swimming

A racehorse named Rebel Rover has survived a two-kilometer swim out to sea after being spooked during a training session at a beach in Brisbane, Australia. The five-year-old gelding with a track record of misbehavior was being trained in chest-high water at Sandgate just before 9:00am on Thursday when it was startled, tipped its rider and headed for deeper water.
Rebel Rover swam across Bramble Bay toward Redcliffe and was eventually rescued near Woody Point. Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane spokesman Glen Philip said the 90-minute rescue operation was their most unusual call out for help, and a little like herding sheep. "When we got to the horse he was in about four meters of water and he was swimming quite freely," he said.
"Luckily, we were able to maneuver our boat close to him and get a lasso around the top of his head which meant we could pull him nice and close to our boat and put a rope on its bridle." Brisbane Water Police joined the operation, bringing the horse's jockey out to sea to help settle the animal. He managed to jump on Rebel Rover's back and ride the horse out of the water. Rebel Rover's trainer Brad Smith said horses could swim, but did not normally do so very much. "Any other horse, 20 minutes would probably see them out, but this horse - he must have a pretty amazing lung capacity," he said.
"The vet looked at him yesterday and again this morning and he's pretty well amazed with how he's coped with it all. [He's] a little bit tired and sore in the muscles because he was swimming for a hell of a long time, but he's quite remarkable for what he's been through." Mr Smith described Rebel Rover as a character, saying its owners are now tipping big things. "A couple of them told me he could probably run in the Melbourne Cup after that," he said. He also said Rebel Rover had only recently returning to racing after a ban in Victoria for misbehaving in the barriers. Rebel Rover is expected to resume racing next month.

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