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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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Today in History

322 BC
The Greek philosopher Aristotle dies.
On the death of Antoninus at Lorium, Marcus Aurelius becomes emperor.
The British close the port of Boston to all commerce.
In Palestine, Napoleon captures Jaffa and his men massacre more than 2,000 Albanian prisoners.
Aeronaut Jean Pierre Blanchard — the first person to make an aerial voyage in the New World — dies at the age of 56.
Soprano Jenny Lind (“the Swedish Nightingale”) makes her debut in Weber’s opera Der Freischultz.
U.S. General Winfield Scott occupies Vera Cruz, Mexico.
The Austrian Reichstag is dissolved.
Confederate forces surprise the Union army at the Battle of Pea Ridge, in Arkansas, but the Union is victorious.
Alexander Graham Bell is granted a patent for the telephone.
The Japanese bomb the Russian town of Vladivostok.
Finland becomes the third country to give women the right to vote, decreeing universal suffrage for all citizens over 24, however, barring those persons who are supported by the state.
French aviator, Heri Seimet flies non-stop from London to Paris in three hours.
Finland signs an alliance treaty with Germany.
The Soviet Red Army occupies Outer Mongolia.
A Texas law that bans Negroes from voting is ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
The board game Monopoly is invented.
The film King Kong premieres in New York City.
Malcolm Campbell sets an auto speed record of 276.8 mph in Florida.
Hitler sends German troops into the Rhineland, violating the Locarno Pact.
Japanese troops land on New Guinea.
U.N. forces in Korea under General Matthew Ridgeway launch Operation Ripper, an offensive to straighten out the U.N. front lines against the Chinese.
The Battle of Saigon, begun on the day of the Tet Offensive, ends.
A thousand U.S. planes bomb Cambodia and Laos.
Voyager 1 reaches Jupiter.

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A Comfortable Present

A couple of days ago a somewhat-breathless wingnut Twitter account posted this photograph with a caption that was apparently intended to provoke or at least fan existing fear or anger among the socially retarded: “This is the future that liberals want.”
There was an immediate backlash of hilarity in my Twitter feed at least, with the general sentiment ranging from “Yup!” to my own sense of “Future? This is the present, and I’m fine with that.” Mediaite tracked down Gilda Wabbit, the drag queen in the photo, for a fabulous comment:
I’d like to see a future where it isn’t a big deal for a woman in full modesty garb to sit next to a drag queen in NYC. It’s become a bit of a sensation, but her and I were just existing. The freedom to simply be yourself in a sea of people who aren’t like you is a freedom we all deserve.

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EIGHTH Russian Connected To Trump Found Dead

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