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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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Today in History

Emperor Constantine refuses to carry out traditional pagan sacrifices.
Charles VI of France issues a decree for the general expulsion of Jews from France.
Maximilian II becomes emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
Hideyoshi bans Christianity in Japan and orders all Christians to leave.
British forces defeat a French army at Fort Niagara in Canada.
On his way back from Syria, Napoleon Bonaparte defeats the Ottomans at Aboukir, Egypt.
British and American forces fight each other to a standoff at Lundy’s Lane, Canada.
China grants Belgium equal trading rights with Britain, France and the United States.
President Andrew Johnson signs an act creating the territory of Wyoming.
Gold is discovered in the Rogue River in Oregon, extending the quest for gold up the Pacific coast.
The Crittenden Resolution, calling for the American Civil War to be fought to preserve the Union and not for slavery, is passed by Congress.
Japanese forces sink the British steamer Kowshing which was bringing Chinese reinforcements to Korea.
French aviator Louis Bleriot becomes the first man to fly across the English Channel in an airplane.
Russia declares that it will act to protect Serbian sovereignty.
Greece announces the deportation of 50,000 Armenians.
Austrian chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss is shot and killed by Nazis.
The U.S. government freezes Japanese and Chinese assets.
Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini is overthrown in a coup.
Allied forces begin the breakthrough of German lines in Normandy.
The first test-tube baby, Louise Brown, is born in Oldham, England.
Svetlana Savitskaya becomes first woman to perform a space walk.

Dali's Mustache is Still Intact

Surrealist painter Salvador Dali died in 1989 and was buried under the Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain. For the past ten years, Maria Pilar Abel has been fighting to be recognized as Dali's daughter. She claims she is the product of a liaison between Dali and her mother in 1955, which would make her Dali's only child. To research the claim, Dali's crypt was opened Thursday after the museum closed in order to extract tissue for a DNA test.   
Narcís Bardalet, the embalmer who tended Dalí’s body after his death in 1989 and helped with the exhumation on Thursday night, said he had been delighted to see the surrealist’s best-known feature once again.
“His moustache is still intact, [like clock hands at] 10 past 10, just as he liked it. It’s a miracle,” he told the Catalan radio station RAC1.
Otherwise, Dali's body had hardened so much that an electric saw was needed to take samples. After the DNA test, the samples will be returned to the crypt. The results of the DNA test will take about a month. Read more on the story at The Guardian.

Swedish Train to be Named Trainy McTrainface

They knew what they were getting into when they posted an online poll to name a train. And the Swedish rail line MTR Express is ready to go with it. And it's proper to give props to online poll contributors after the British government backed out of naming a research ship Boaty McBoatface.
"(This is) news that will be received with joy by many, not just in Sweden," MTR wrote in a statement.
The train will run between the Swedish capital Stockholm and Gothenburg, the country's second-biggest city.
Trainy McTrainface won 49 percent of the vote, coming in ahead of Hakan, Miriam and Poseidon.

Remembering Hair-Raising Landings at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport

Kai Tak International Airport operated in Hong Kong from 1925 to 1998. It was an unusual airport even for the small planes of 1925, built inside a bowl surrounded by mountains. The city grew up around the airport until it was ringed by skyscrapers as well as mountains. Then as commercial airline traffic increased, a runway was constructed outward into Victoria Harbor in 1958. Runway 13/31 eventually became the single busiest runway in the world, with 36 takeoffs and landings per hour. And those landings were so terrifying, a name was coined for them: the Kai Tak Heart Attack.
An aircraft with clearance to land on Runway 13/31 began its approach across Victoria Harbor, home to one of the world’s busiest ports, and densely populated Kowloon. Upon sighting “Checkerboard Hill”—an orange-and-white painted marker above a park—the pilot veered right. This low-altitude, 47-degree turn took place at nearly 200 miles per hour, just two nautical miles from the runway. From there, the aircraft shot over apartment buildings and bustling streets—in addition to plane-spotters on the roof of Kai Tak’s parking garage, before the wheels touched finally touched down, probably with an audible sigh of relief.
Typhoon season only complicated those maneuvers. Read about the erstwhile Kai Tak airport and see pictures taken through its history at Atlas Obscura.

Eight found dead in Texas truck in suspected human trafficking

Eight people believed to be illegal immigrants being smuggled into the United States were found dead inside a sweltering 18-wheeler trailer parked behind a Walmart store in San Antonio, Texas, early on Sunday, authorities said.
Another 30 people, many suffering from heat stoke and exhaustion, were with the bodies in the trailer, which lacked air conditioning or a water supply, San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said.
The truck’s driver was arrested and will be charged, said Richard Durbin, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas, and prosecutors will work to identify others responsible.

Saudi Arabia Releases Woman Detained For Wearing Miniskirt In Viral Video

by Aya Batrawy ·
Saudi Arabia announced Wednesday that a woman who was detained after wearing a miniskirt in a video that went viral has been released without charge.
The decision not to press charges was a rare win for supporters of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, who criticized the public outcry against her. It also comes as Saudi Arabia overhauls its prosecution system under a new, young heir to the throne who has taken steps to try and modernize the country and its public image.
The viral video and the reaction to it in Saudi Arabia prompted police to bring the woman in for questioning for wearing “immodest clothes” in violation of the kingdom’s conservative Islamic dress code.

Michelle Obama Went To A Birthday Party

Michelle Obama really did it this time. The former First Lady managed to infuriate wingnuts by doing some so terrible that they were forced to use...

‘Simpsons’ creator: I was told to lay off Fox 'News' after we called it ‘No. 1 with racists’

Simpsons creator Matt Groening says that he got pressure from 21st Century Fox to lay off Fox 'News' after his show lampooned the cable news network for being popular with racists.

Meet America's Most Powerful Drug Reformer

Cannabis Can Help Even with Difficult Diseases Like Parkinson's

Dumbass Trump ‘blew smoke up our asses’ with a ‘shit-eating grin’ on his face

A woman who worked at the Carrier Corporation for the past 25 years unloaded on Dumbass Trump

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... White Supremacist Blogger Given Job As Federal Judge
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Community policing In America and where it went wrong

How should we understand the violence, counterviolence and civil unrest that mark the current era in American policing?
And, based on this understanding, what can we do to stop it?

Police Apologize for Fining 5-Year-Old $195 for Selling Lemonade at Stand

Why a Total Solar Eclipse is Such a Big Deal

The total solar eclipse that will cross the U.S. on August 21st is a big deal. "Eclipse" is not so rare, but "solar" is, and "total" even more so. It doesn't happen often, and the view is expected to be spectacular. Get a preview in this video from Vox.

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