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Friday, December 9, 2016

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Today in History

Having captured Naples earlier in the year, Belisarius takes Rome.
The U.S. Senate approves establishment of a committee that would become the Joint Committee on the Conduct of War.
Major General John G. Foster replaces Maj. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside as Commander of the Department of Ohio.
The capital of Colorado Territory is moved from Golden to Denver.
P.B.S. Pinchback becomes the first African-American governor of Louisiana.
The Russian czar rejects Boer Paul Kruger’s pleas for aid in South Africa against the British.
A child labor bill passes in the German Reichstag, forbidding work for children under age 13.
The new Finnish Republic demands the withdrawal of Russian troops.
The British army seizes 1,000 Italians in a sudden thrust in Egypt.
Franklin D. Roosevelt tells Americans to plan for a long war.
The United States abandons a plan to de-concentrate industry in Japan.
The United Nations takes trusteeship over Jerusalem.
President Harry Truman bans U.S. exports to Communist China.
Harry Gold gets 30 years imprisonment for passing atomic bomb secrets to the Soviet Union during World War II.
Sugar Ray Robinson knocks out Carl Olson to regain the world middleweight boxing title.
The Laos government flees to Cambodia as the capital city of Vientiane is engulfed in war.
Lech Walesa is elected president of Poland.
U.S. Marines land in Somalia to ensure food and medicine reaches the deprived areas of that country.

How power of positive thinking works

Having an optimistic outlook on life — a general expectation that good things will happen — may help people live longer, according to a new study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. … Read more

Scientists Shed New Light on How the Brain Processes & Maintains What We Don’t See

A team of scientists has mapped out how our brains process visuals we don’t even know we’ve seen, indicating that the neuronal encoding and maintenance of subliminal images is more substantial than previously thought. “Our … Read more

You're more likely to get an STD if you like to go bare down there

A new study done at the University of California, San Francisco shows there is a positive correlation between people who regularly groom their pubic hair and those who have been infected with STDs . Among those who were classified as non-groomers, about 8 percent reported ever being infected with an STD, and among groomers 14 percent reported being infected by an STD .

11 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

Penzeys Spices CEO Rips Dumbass Trump Brand Of Hate, Business Soars

Penzeys Spices CEO Rips Trump Brand Of Hate, Business Soars

Pope Francis BLASTS Wingnuts For ‘Sin’ Of Spreading Fake News, Equates It To Eating Feces

Pope Francis is once again speaking the truth, and “christian” religio-wingnuts are going to hate him even more for it. This time it concerns...

Compelling Theory for How the U.S. Empire Could Devolve Into Fascism and Then Collapse

Internet rips ‘draft-dodging coward’ Gingrich for praising Japanese ‘brilliance’ in Pearl Harbor attack

"My great-uncle died defending USA. I guess he was no match for Japan's 'professional brilliance' .@newtgingrich"

Sandy Hook ‘truther’ arrested for making death threats against father of slain boy

A Florida woman who believes that the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was an event staged by the government has been indicted for making threats.

Vandals break into NFL player’s home and scrawl ‘Go back to Africa’ and ‘KKK’ on walls

Vandals break into NFL player’s home and scrawl ‘Go back to Africa’ and ‘KKK’ on walls

Prosecutors quietly drop charges against white firefighter who threatened black couple with a gun

“He’s walking over with his gun and badge, saying, ‘I’ve got the right to kill you niggers,’” Curtis recounted.

First Somali Refugee Elected In American History Subjected To Islamophobic Attack

This is absolutely disgusting

White teen could face charges over ‘repulsive’ video targeting black student

District Attorney John Morganelli of Pennsylvania described the video’s content as “repulsive” after seeing it for the first time on Wednesday, Dec. 7. “I was outraged by it. It was repulsive. It was very insulting,” Morganelli said.

Ohio's 'Unconscionable' Heartbeat Bill Is 'Designed to Punish Women'

Venus Flytraps Need Protection From Poachers In North Carolina

Venus flytraps aren't generally thought of as plants worth stealing, and since they're seen as a novelty addition to a garden it doesn't seem like they'd be worth much money.
But the Venus Flytrap is an endangered species due to over-collection so there's real money to be made by poaching Flytraps, and therefore poaching has become a family tradition passed down for generations.
The Venus Flytrap is native to swampy areas in North and South Carolina, and the only place in the world where it grows wild is a 75 mile radius around Wilmington, where it has been protected by state legislation since 1956.
In fact, poaching has become such a big problem conservationists are afraid the Flytraps will be picked into extinction by poachers, who often sell the plants on the black market for about 25 cents each.The poachers aren't above stealing this rare plant by the thousands from greenhouses and nurseries in the area too, and it's estimated there are only about 35,000 plants remaining in the wild.

A dire omen for sea level rise

In climate science, the conventional wisdom is that the Greenland Ice Sheet — the world’s second-largest block of ice — formed some 2.5 million years ago and endured continuously until modern times. But a new … Read more

Saturn’s bulging core implies moons younger than thought

Freshly harvested data from NASA’s Cassini mission reveals that the ringed planet’s moons may be younger than previously thought. “All of these Cassini mission measurements are changing our view of the Saturnian system, as it … Read more

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