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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Daily Drift

To all of our faithful readers,

Last Friday evening we experienced the Mother of all Thunderstorms and Floods in our area. As a result we lost all our hardware to the great electrical gods in the sky. Not only that but we are incommunicado as well due to the loss of our phone lines to said storm and flood.

Replacing the aging hardware wasn't a problem and we have done so already. However we are at the mercy of Ma Bell in regards to getting our phone lines back and thus our internet connection. They have swore we will have it by 6pm this Wednesday. We are hopeful, but as Ma Bell is at the mercy of Ma Nature (we are still under flood warnings in the area and the conditions that spawned last Friday's storm have not changed and do not look to change until maybe this coming Friday - if we are lucky), we do not intend on holding our collective breath until that happens.

We had to wait until now to get the the county library to post this update and let our readers know (some will remember the forced hiatus of 5 months the first half of the year 2012 due to hardware difficulties - this time in lieu of repair we opted for replacement) we aren't gone - just relaxing waiting on the return of our means of communication. So, over the next few days we will try to update at the library as we can.