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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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Today is - International Day of the World's Indigenous People 

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Today in History

480 BC
The Persian army defeats Leonidas and his Spartan army at the Battle Thermopylae, Persia.
48 BC
Julius Caesar defeats Gnaius Pompey at Pharsalus.
Pope Sixtus IV celebrates the first mass in the Sistine Chapel, which is named in his honor.
England declares war on France.
Settlers in New Amsterdam gain peace with the Indians after conducting talks with the Mohawks.
Austria joins Britain, Russia, Sweden and the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia in the third coalition against France.
Andrew Jackson and the Creek Indians sign the Treaty of Fort Jackson, giving the whites 23 million acres of Creek territory.
The Webster-Ashburton treaty fixes the border between Maine and Canada’s New Brunswick.
The escalator is patented. However, the first working escalator appeared in 1900. Manufactured by the Otis Elevator Company for the Paris Exposition, it was installed in a Philadelphia office building the following year.
At Cedar Mountain, Virginia, Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson repels an attack by Union forces.
The first complete, self-contained electric washing machine is patented.
The first appearance of the animated character Betty Boop (“Dizzy Dishes”).
Jesse Owens wins four gold medals in track and field events at the Berlin Olympics.
President Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill meet at Placentia Bay, Newfoundland. The meeting produces the Atlantic Charter, an agreement between the two countries on war aims, even though the United States is still a neutral country.
The fictional character Smokey Bear (“Only you can prevent forest fires”) is created by US Forest Service and the Ad Council.
The B-29 bomber Bock’s Car drops a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.
Singapore is expelled from Malaysia following economic disagreements and racial tensions; becomes independent republic.
Charles Manson’s followers kill actress Sharon Tate and her three guests in her Beverly Hills home.
Le Roy (Satchel) Paige is inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame.
Ford is sworn in as president of the United States after the resignation of Nixon.
The first NFL game is played in the Louisiana Superdome; Houston Oilers defeat New Orleans Saints 13-7.
England’s first major nude beach established, at the seaside resort of Brighton.
The twenty-fifth Olympic Summer Games closes in Barcelona, Spain.
Russian president Boris Yeltsin fires his prime minister and, for the fourth time, fires the entire cabinet.
The Diet of Japan establishes the country’s official national flag, the Hinomaru, and national anthem, “Kimi Ga Yo.”.

It’s Official: The United States Government Is Censoring Climate Data

A disturbing new report reveals that the staff at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) have officially been instructed to begin censoring information...

The MOST Hated Thing In Your State

Next time you are in Delaware, best not to mention Casey Affleck. And don’t even think of ordering tapas in North Dakota. Californians will surely judge you if you pull a fidget spinner while you wait for the bus.
Thanks to the new dating app Hater, which was released in February 2017, the dislikes of Americans across the United States are now clearly categorized by the states in which they originate.

Women have more active brains

The brains of men and women really are different, with certain regions of the female brain being more active than male ones, according to new research.

What Happens If You Smoke Cannabis For A Year to Relieve Chronic Pain

Why Is One Of America's Top Cancer Researchers Running For Congress?

Meet Jason Westin
Why Is One Of America's Top Cancer Researchers Running For Congress? Meet Jason Westin

Doctors who attend lower-tier medical schools prescribe far more opioids

A physician's propensity to prescribe opioids could be affected by a range of factors relating to background and clinical experiences. But new research shows one variable may be especially influential: where the doctor went to medical school.

Consumer groups fight ‘shameful’ effort to stop lawsuits by abused nursing home residents

More than 75 consumer rights group have banded together to fight a Dumbass Trump junta plan to strip residents of nursing homes that receive Medicare and Medicaid funding of their right to sue for abuse, neglect, sexual abuse and assault.

"The" Diversity Memo

Several current and former Google employees are publicly criticizing an employee-written memo that suggested the lower numbers of women in the tech industry are due to biological differences.
The memo, which tech news site Recode published in full, is titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber."

Corrupt Wall Streeters Are Three Times More Likely To Go Unpunished Under Dumbass Trump

Dumbass Trump’s chief economic adviser and Director of the National Economic Council is Gary Cohn. Dumbass Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury is Steven...

Daughter of Koch-connected socialites gets busted for cash burglary

Daughter of Koch-connected socialites gets busted for cash burglary

Rich SF residents furious after couple buys their street at auction

Residents in an exclusive San Francisco neighborhood are furious after a couple from San Jose bought their entire street at an auction.

Destroyed: the wingnut myth that inequality is necessary for economic motivation

A scientist just destroyed the wingnut myth that inequality is necessary for economic motivation

Sanctions have a silver lining for Russian cheese producer

Russia’s ban on imported foodstuffs from the West may have caused a headache for European farmers, but it has played right into the hands of Russian cheese producers gladly filling the lucrative niche.

Secret Room discovered in Great Pyramid

An international team of archaeologists believes it is on the cusp of pinpointing the location of a secret room hidden within the Great Pyramid of Giza as it uses cutting-edge laser technology to map the 4,500-year-old ancient Egyptian wonder.

Dogs foil Boko Haram suicide attack

Boko Haram, an Islamist militant group, has plagued northern Nigeria for the past eight years.
The group—whose name means “Western education is forbidden” —has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions of people since launching its bloody battle to establish a hardline Islamic caliphate in the country. It regularly sends suicide bombers to attack soft targets, including marketplaces and mosques, causing destruction and killing civilians.

Mysterious sea creatures eat through skin of teen in Melbourne

An Australian teenager Saturday said mysterious sea creatures ate through his skin at the Dendy Street Beach in Brighton, Melbourne.
Sam Kanizay, 16, went to soak his legs at the bay after a football match on Saturday. Half an hour later, he walked out of the water covered in blood and saw tiny sea creatures eating his legs.

US to relax rules protecting sage grouse

The U.S. Interior Department on Monday launched an overhaul to an Obama-era plan to protect sage grouse that it says aims to both preserve the species of bird while expanding opportunities for oil development in western states where they live.

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