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Friday, January 27, 2017

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Today in History

Mustafa II becomes the Ottoman sultan in Istanbul on the death of Amhed II.
Congress approves Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma), clearing the way for forced relocation of the Eastern Indians on the “Trail of Tears.”
Lincoln issues General War Order No. 1, setting in motion the Union armies.
Foreign diplomats in Peking fear revolt and demand that the Imperial Government discipline the Boxer Rebels.
Russian General Kuropatkin takes the offensive in Manchuria. The Japanese under General Oyama suffer heavy casualties.
President Woodrow Wilson opens preparedness program.
Communists attempt to seize power in Finland.
Lenin’s body is laid in a marble tomb on Red Square near the Kremlin.
A League of Nations majority favors depriving Japan of mandates.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt approves the sale of U.S. war planes to France.
The United States and Great Britain begin high-level military talks in Washington.
The first U.S. raids on the Reich blast Wilhelmshaven base and Emden.
NASA selects 110 candidates for the first U.S. space flight.
Military leaders oust the civilian government of Tran Van Huong in Saigon.
Three astronauts are killed in a flash fire that engulfed their Apollo 1 spacecraft.
A cease fire in Vietnam is called as the Paris peace accords are signed by the United States and North Vietnam.
The State Supreme Court rules that Nazis can display the Swastika in a march in Skokie, Illinois.
Pope John Paul II says mass to one million in Venezuela.

Want to Be Happier? Take Your Clothes Off

Science says nudity could make you feel better about your body and your life

by Alisa Hrustic
Ever let it all hang out on a nude beach? There’s a reason those people are all smiles: Being naked around other people might make you happier, according to a new study from Goldsmiths, University of London.
Researchers surveyed 849 people, and found that those who had spent time in the nude outdoors or with other people—sorry, your girlfriend or family doesn’t count—reported they were happier, felt better about their bodies, and had higher self-esteem than those who didn’t shed their clothes.
Then they did two more experiments, but this time they talked to people before and after they participated in an actual nudist event. The results were similar: Study participants reported improvements on those same wellbeing measures afterwards.
“What we found was a very good correlation, that generally, if you did these activities, the longer you did them and the more frequently you did them, the happier you were about all of these things,” explains study author Keon West, Ph.D., in a video produced by the university.
What’s more, seeing other people naked predicted a more positive body image than being seen naked by others, the study authors wrote. And no, it’s not because you get to stare at a bunch of butts.
According to one participant, seeing other people with “normal, not perfect” bodies helped ease the insecurities they felt toward their own.
So while more research needs to be done to confirm exactly why nudity could make us happier, the findings have the potential to help those with body image problems in the future, West explains.

You Could Get Married at Kensington Palace

While it's a gross exaggeration to say that every woman wants to be a princess, the reality is that there are plenty of women who want to have that fairy tale royal wedding. Now those wannabe princesses can actually get married at a royal palace -it will only cost a whopping $15,000. Of course, as the official London residence of Price William and Princess Kate as well as a historical location, it there are very limited rental dates, which certainly adds in to the cost.
Read more about getting married at the Palace over at Travel and Leisure

8 Sex Habits Of Incredibly Happy Couples

couple in bed
8 Sex Habits Of Incredibly Happy Couples
Escalate your bond to a whole new level

This Might Be Why Your Sex Life Sucks Lately

medication mess with sex
This Might Be Why Your Sex Life Sucks Lately
Take a look in your medicine cabinet.

5 Mythical Orgasms That Sound Too To Be True—But Aren’t

types of orgasms
5 Mythical Orgasms That Sound Too To Be True—But Aren’t
Think of them like unicorns for your sex life (but that actually exist).

Wine 'Economists' Poke Fun at Wine Snobs

Ice Carousel

Janne K√§pylehto took a chainsaw to a frozen lake in southern Finland and carved out his own ice carousel! He cut a near-perfect 40-foot circle, and then used a solar-powered outboard boat motor to power the spinning circle of ice. 
The ice must be pretty thick and heavy to stay level with a shelter, fire, and several people all on one side, although you can see it dip slightly as they jump across the circle. Käpylehto plans on building a bigger one next.
I’ve been planning to build an ice carousel for some time, but managed to do it in Lohja just now. I shot a video with aerial views and its gone viral. Total views more than 5 million. Next one will be a 50-meter giant with sauna, PV plant, electric outboard motors, stage and band.

Activists Shout Down Minnesota House Committee After Vote to Sue Demonstrators

Angry white woman caught on camera punching black actor

Civil Rights Lawyer Sums up the Struggle for Suffrage in the 21st Century in 60 Seconds

150 Years Later, Black Farmers Are Still Fighting to Farm

The 25th amendment can be invoked to remove an incompetent President

The 25th Amendment was added to the Constitution after the assassination of John F. Kennedy and provides for the replacement of the vice president if the office becomes vacant. (So it led indirectly to the presidency of Ford, the only American president who was never elected to any national office.) But Section 4 is about something else entirely:
Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.
A temporary transfer of power has happened a handful of times since the Kennedy assassination, once when Reagan had cancer surgery and twice when the shrub underwent colonoscopies. Most people have thought of the 25th Amendment as a way to deal with a president who has had a heart attack or a stroke and has become incapacitated, as Woodrow Wilson did, with his wife effectively assuming the duties of the presidency for the remainder of his term.
But the language of the amendment clearly encompasses other scenarios besides physical incapacitation. This topic was a subject of discussion toward the end of the Reagan administration, when it became obvious that the president was suffering a loss of cognitive ability. It wasn’t evoked then but as we now know, Reagan was indeed suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Had it become more acute or more obvious while he was in office, Congress might well have had to take action as laid out in the amendment.
Note that with the current composition of Congress, this is an action that could only be implemented by wingnuts.  More at Salon.

Why Dumbass Trump's Mexican Border Wall Is So Popular

What We Lose When USDA And EPA Can't Talk To The Public

What We Lose When USDA And EPA Can't Talk To The Public

Scientists plan their own march on Washington

38 Facts about NASA

Americans have a weird relationship with NASA. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration runs educational programs all the time, but it's easy for the rest of us to forget about it until they do something totally spectacular, like landing the Mars Curiosity rover. We fret about the agency's expense, but meanwhile, we all secretly wish we were part of it. One can never overestimate the body of knowledge that NASA has contributed to mankind. So let's learn some things we didn't know about NASA in this week's episode of the mental_floss List Show.

Daphnis the Wavemaker

Daphnis is a tiny moon of Saturn, one of seven discovered by the Cassini probe as it explores the space around the ringed planet. In this incredible picture taken by the probe, you see Daphnis causing a ripple in the rings.
Cassini took the image on January 16, 2017, while 17,000 miles (28,000 kilometers) away from the moon. Measuring 5 miles (8 kilometers) along its longest axis, irregular Daphnis resides in the 26-mile (42-kilometer) wide Keeler Gap in Saturn's outer A ring. The Keeler Gap seems narrower than it really is in this image because of foreshortening due to the spacecraft's viewing angle. You can just see grooves along the long axis of Daphnis in the image, as well as a few impact craters.
Despite its small size, Daphnis' gravity is causing the ripples in the rings. Cassini's 20-year mission will end on September 15, 2017, when it crashes in the surface of Saturn.

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