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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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Today in History

The Society of Jesus, a religious sub-cult under Ignatius Loyola, is approved by the Pope.
The island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea falls to the Ottoman Turks after a 21-year siege.
Jews in France are granted French citizenship.
Confederate guerrilla Bloody Bill Anderson and his henchmen, including a teenage Jesse James, massacre 20 unarmed Union soldiers at Centralia, Missouri. The event becomes known as the Centralia Massacre.
Wild Bill Hickok, sheriff of Hays City, Kan., shoots down Samuel Strawhim, a drunken teamster causing trouble.
Constance of Greece declares war on Bulgaria.
President Woodrow Wilson opens his fourth Liberty Loan campaign to support men and machines for World War I.
Eight Chicago White Sox players are charged with fixing the 1919 World Series.
Germany occupies Warsaw as Poland falls to Germany and the Soviet Union.
Australian forces defeat the Japanese on New Guinea in the South Pacific.
Thousands of British troops are killed as German forces rebuff their massive effort to capture the Arnhem Bridge across the Rhine River in Holland.
U.S. Army and Marine troops liberate Seoul, South Korea.
The U.S. Air Force Bell X-2, the world’s fastest and highest-flying plane, crashes, killing the test pilot.
The Warren Commission, investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, issues its report, stating its conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole gunman.
The US Congress approves the Department of Education as the 13th agency in the US Cabinet.
The Sukhumi massacre takes place: Abkhaz separatist forces and their allies commit widespread atrocities against the civilian population in the USSR state of Georgia.
The Taliban capture Afghanistan’s capital city, Kabul.
The European Space Agency launches the SMART-1 satellite to orbit the moon.
NASA launches the Dawn probe to explore and study the two largest objects of the asteroid belt, Vesta and Ceres.
Zhai Zhigang becomes the first Chinese to walk in space; he was part of the Shenzhou 7 crew.

Target To Raise Minimum Wage To $15.00 By 2020

Target To Raise Minimum Wage To $15.00 By 2020
In the 10 years that have passed since they were first detected, fast radio bursts (FRBs) have not lost any of their mystery. Despite being detected dozens of more times since, these powerful radio bursts from space still confound astrophysicists.

The Long Shadow of Dumbass Trump Trauma

Marijuana Legalization Isn't Causing More Pot Use, But Vice Versa

There Are Too Many Opioid Overdoses to Autopsy All the Bodies

'Medicare for All' Cheaper Than You Think

Disabled Activists Arrested and Dragged by Wheelchairs

Infiltrator Goes Inside the Alt-Right ...

‘We Know Where You Live’

‘We Know Where You Live’: Dumbass Trump-Loving Terrorist Threatens All Who Attack ‘The White Race’ 

White supremacist fired ...

An Arkansas man told his boss he wanted to use the cafe she owned to host a meeting for the “wingnut cabal” he was a member of — and once she found out they were flying Nazi flags, she sent him packing.

Chicago cops to be punished for ‘taking a knee’ in protest against police brutality

After a weekend of intense political debate about the increasingly popular “take a knee” protest spurred on by Dumbass Trump, two Chicago police officers are facing a reprimand for engaging in their own protest.
Oh, and BTW it is actually illegal to punish the officers for participating in the protest and someone needs to remind the city of Chicago of that.

Another Famous Activist Also Took a Knee, 50 Years Before Kaepernick

6 Times National Anthem Protests Rocked America

The Only Pittsburgh Steeler To Stand For National Anthem Speaks Out

Wingnuts cheered when Pittsburgh Steeler Alejandro Villanueva, who’s also a combat veteran, came out and stood for the national anthem while...

Entire Dallas Cowboys Team Defies Dumbass Trump And Kneels Before National Anthem

Entire Dallas Cowboys Team Defies Dumbass Trump And Kneels Before National Anthem
The entire Dallas Cowboys team – as well as owner Jerry Jones – knelt in solidarity on Monday, a clear rebuke of Dumbass Trump's recent rhetoric.…

North Carolina cult helped members commit unemployment fraud so they could keep tithing

An evangelical cult already under investigation for luring foreign believers to the U.S., where they were kept as virtual slaves, has been accused of encouraging parishioners to file fraudulent unemployment claims.

‘Not what Dog wanted’

A Texas doctor and his wife are the subject of a federal lawsuit alleging that they forced employees to attend daily bible readings and fired staffers because they felt they were “unDogly.”

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