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Thursday, March 10, 2016

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Today is - International Bagpipe Day

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Today in History

515 BC
The building of the great Jewish temple in Jerusalem is completed.
241 BC
The Roman fleet sinks 50 Carthaginian ships in the Battle of Aegusa.
49 BC
Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon and invades Italy.
In the colony of Virginia, suffrage is extended to all free men regardless of their religion.
“Common Sense” by Thomas Paine is published.
Thomas Jefferson is appointed minister to France.
The Dutch in Cape Town, South Africa surrender to the British.
Napoleon Bonaparte is defeated by an allied army at the Battle of Laon, France.
The treaty of Guadeloupe-Hidalgo is signed which ends the United States’ war with Mexico.
Alexander Graham Bell makes the first telephone call to Thomas Watson saying “Watson, come here. I need you.”
New Mexico State University cancels its first graduation ceremony, because the only graduate was robbed and killed the night before.
The Boers of South Africa score their last victory over the British, capturing British General Methuen and 200 men.
Slavery is abolished in China.
The U.S. Supreme Court upholds a New York state law forbidding late-night work for women.
Prussia lifts its Nazi ban, Adolf Hitler is allowed to speak in public.
Nevada becomes the first U.S. state to regulate drugs.
Vichy France threatens to use its navy unless Britain allows food to reach France.
Adolf Hitler calls Field Marshall Erwin Rommel back from Tunisia in North Africa.
The Irish refuse to oust all Axis envoys and deny the accusation of spying on Allied troops.
American B-29 bombers attack Tokyo, killing 100,000.
The Big Four meet in Moscow to discuss the future of Germany.
Author Zelda Fitzgerald (wife of F. Scott) dies in a fire at Highland Hospital.
North Korean gunners at Wonsan fire on the USS Missouri, the ship responds by firing 998 rounds at the enemy position.
President Dwight Eisenhower calls Senator Joseph McCarthy a peril to the Republican cabal.
The North Vietnamese capture a Green Beret camp at Ashau Valley.
James Earl Ray pleads guilty to the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King and is sentenced to 99 years in jail.
The Senate approves a Constitutional amendment to lower the voting age to 18.
The North Vietnamese Army attacks the South Vietnamese town of Ban Me Thout, the offensive will end with total victory in Vietnam.
Iran’s leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, lends his support to the militants holding the American hostages in Tehran.
The United States bans Libyan oil imports, because of the continued support of terrorism.
The Vatican condemns surrogate parenting as well as test-tube and artificial insemination.

Costco Raises Minimum Wage For Workers As Republicans Continue To Do Nothing

Image via WikimediaCostco Raises Minimum Wage For Workers As Republicans Continue To Do Nothing
Costco cares more about the American workforce than Republicans do.

Brothers both winners in same lottery

Two brothers played the Powerball in Florida and won last week.
James Stocklas and his brother, Bob, were photographed holding their giant checks after Wednesday's draw.
James, who's a judge in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was ending his vacation in the Florida Keys when he stopped at a convenience store and bought his lucky ticket. He won $291.4 million, which he intends to share with two friends.
Opting for the lump sum payment, the three will each get about $40 million after taxes. The judge's brother Bob, also claimed Powerball winnings the same day, taking home a slightly less $7.

The First Movie with Sound

We generally think of the rise of “talkies” in the 1920s. The first movie with sound actually dates from 1895, when a short film called "Dickson Experimental Sound Film" was made. The image is that of Edison engineer W. K. L. Dickson playing a violin. The sound was recorded on a wax cylinder at the same time the film was shot. The Edison company was working on ways to present both images and sound, but there is no evidence that this film was ever shown to the public with sound, due to problems developing the technology to synchronize separately-recorded media. Eventually, the two were physically separated, and the film went to the Library of Congress, while the Edison National Historic Site had the wax cylinder, which broke at some point. The wax cylinder was rediscovered in the 1960s, and the audio was recovered and synched with the film in 2000.

Video Has Leaked of a 'Porn Party' in El Salvador's Izalco Prison

Officials are investigating the incident. ​
A party at an El Salvador prison that was supposed to celebrate the Day of the Virgin of Mercedes turned rowdy when strippers were reportedly allowed into the prison and carried on with the prisoners. A video taken in 2013 has recently been leaked to the press, along with documents pertaining to prison officials who allowed the incident to take place.
The video, which has outraged the public, shows presumed gang members cheering on a handful of nude women. One government official said no one knows if the women were forced to perform or if they did the strip tease on their own, reports the Daily Mail. The incident, which happened sometime in August 2013 at the Izalco prison, is being referred to as a porn party. The video was reportedly recorded on a cell phone and released in February 2016, and even shows a prison guard participating in the action. El Salvador's bureau of prisons is currently conducting an internal investigation of the incident.
El Salvador holds some of Latin America's most dangerous criminals. There are 13,952 gang members behind bars in the country, mostly members of MS-13, according to a report on Fox News Latino. Four members of the Barrio 18 gang were murdered recently at the Izalco prison, where the porn party took place.

America has more prisoners than any police state

America, supposedly the beacon of freedom and democracy, has become incarceration nation

88-year-old hoon's Porsche seized by police

An 88-year-old man in Australia has been charged with reckless driving and had his yellow Porsche Carrera 911 seized under hoon law legislation. Forrestfield Police said in a tweet on Sunday afternoon that the man was caught speeding in the Hamilton Hill suburb of Perth.
Police say the man was caught allegedly traveling at 122kmh in a 70kmh speed zone by a speed camera on February 28.
He was issued a surrender notice and summons for reckless driving on Sunday. Cars can be impounded for 28 days under hoon offenses in Western Australia if a driver is caught exceeding the speed limit by more than 45kmh.

Woman found dead in building's lift 30 days after power was switched off by maintenance workers

A woman's body was found inside a lift in China a month after it was improperly switched off, a regional government statement said. Her body was found in a residential building in the city of Xi'an in Shaanxi province. The elevator had been turned off by two maintenance workers on 30 January. The body was found when other workers arrived on 1 March. Police are treating the death as involuntary manslaughter. Several people have been arrested.
One local report said scratches were found inside the lift, one of two inside the building. It is believed the woman was 43 years old and lived by herself in the building, the statement by Gaoling's government said. Her family did not visit her often, it added.
The workers had been called to fix a fault with the elevator and had shouted to see if anyone was inside. Their failure to check properly amounted to "gross negligence", government officials said. The work on the broken lift was delayed partly because of the new year holidays.

Family seeks murder charges after gay man injured in hammer attack takes own life

Mitcheal Pope suffered severe head injuries in the Oct. 13, 2014, attack in the lobby of his Crown Heights apartment by a man who called him a “fucking faggot” during the brutal beating.

West Virginia Wingnuts Override Governor’s Veto To Pass Radical NRA-Backed Gun Law

‘Conspiracy Nut’ who thinks his apartment building is full of hostile CIA agents wants his guns back

A Minnesota man who believes he’s been stalked for decades by the CIA is seeking the return of his guns — which were taken away by police over concerns that he might use them against others.

Ancient Roman Puzzle Gets New Piece

A fragment has been pieced together with thousands of other marble fragments to make up a 2,200-year-old map of Rome.

The Origin of Left and Right

We often think of ourselves -and other animals- as symmetrical because we have two two eyes, two hands, two legs, etc that are pretty much alike. But we are not symmetrical. Our hearts are on the left, and our liver is on the right, except for a tiny minority of people who have those reversed. And almost all of us have one dominant hand that we use for skilled tasks. Scientists have been looking back into the evolutionary line to see when and how animals developed asymmetry, and why one direction is so dominant in a species. Pond snails were a good species to study, since their shells spiral either right or left from the time they begin to grow them.
In 2010, Reiko Kuroda showed that these asymmetries begin in the snail’s earliest moments. Like all of us, they begin life as a single cell, which divides into two, and then into four. At this stage, all the cells are the same size and shape. But the next division is unequal, pinching off a small cell on top of a big one—picture four ping pong balls sitting on top of four tennis balls. The ping pong-sized cells then rotate to nestle between the furrows of the tennis-sized ones. If they rotate clockwise, the snails end up with a right-handed shell. When Kuroda nudged them anticlockwise, using glass rods and exceptional dexterity, she produced left-handed shells.
Scientists Angus Davison Mark Blaxter looked further at snail development and found differences in the very first cell division -and traced the difference in the two cells to one protein. Manipulating this protein also caused frogs to grow their hearts on the “wrong” side of their bodies. Read more about the research into animal asymmetry at the Atlantic.

Truck-driving dog left a trail of destruction

A dog left a trail of destruction after jumping behind the wheel of his owner's truck.
The golden Labrador retriever appeared to drive the truck across a road in Minnesota on Friday afternoon. The human driver had left the unoccupied vehicle running in a nearby car park.
Mankato police say the lorry plowed through the car park, across the street and over a kerb after it was apparently knocked into gear. It reportedly hit a tree and then crashed into a parked car.
Customers at a Kwik Trip petrol station watched in alarm as the truck drove towards them only to stop before more chaos could be unleashed. A passer-by discovered the dog sitting in the driver's seat when he jumped into the truck to stop it.

Is It OK to Let Dogs Lick Your Face?

Part of the whole human-dog bonding experience involves letting our canine friends slobber all over us. Is that as unhygienic as it sounds? Can you catch anything icky from letting your pup dishwash your face?

Man's lamb saved from the chop after his teenage son had swapped it for cocaine

A drug dealer in San Benedetto dei Marzi, Lazio, Italy, has been arrested after swapping cocaine for a live lamb. A local teenager reportedly approached the dealer, offering him the five kilogram animal, which he had stolen from his father's farm, in exchange for one gram of cocaine. According to the drug dealer's lawyer his client was forced to accept the offer due to his perilous living conditions, which had left him desperately in need of food. “My client was so in need of something to eat that he was ready to swap drugs for a lamb,” the lawyer said.
“In all my time as a lawyer I've never seen anything like it.” Unfortunately for the drug dealer, the teenager's father had notified the authorities that one of his lambs had been rustled. Local police then searched the house of the man and found the confused ovine in his dwelling.
They also allegedly found significant quantities of illegal substances and a laptop that had been reported stolen. According to the lawyer, police arrived just in the nick of time to save the lamb from the chop. “He was just preparing to slaughter it when police arrived,” he said.

Oldest Chameleon

A 100 million-year-old chameleon found in amber reveals that these lizards were scurrying around during the Dinosaur Age.

Animal News

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says the bears have rebounded enough in the past three decades that they no longer need special legal protection.
An annual census off the Pacific coast turns up a distinctive marine mammal not seen since 2009.
Biologists at Postojna Cave are waiting for the arrival of up to 55 blind baby olms, enigmatic salamanders that some call 'human fish.'

Animal Pictures