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Sunday, August 21, 2016

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Today in History

The warrior Yoritomo is made Shogun without equal in Japan.
Estevao Gomes returns to Portugal after failing to find a clear waterway to Asia.
France surrenders the island of Corsica to the British.
Napoleon Bonaparte‘s General Junot is defeated by Wellington at the first Battle of the Peninsular War at Vimeiro, Portugal.
Nat Turner leads a slave revolt in Southampton County, Virginia that kills close to 60 whites.
The first of a series of debates begins between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas. Douglas goes on to win the Senate seat in November, but Lincoln gains national visibility for the first time.
Confederate raiders under William Quantrill strike Lawrence, Kansas, leaving 150 civilians dead.
Confederate General A.P. Hill attacks Union troops south of Petersburg, Va., at the Weldon railroad. His attack is repulsed, resulting in heavy Confederate casualties.
Italy declares war on Turkey.
U.S. Marines turn back the first major Japanese ground attack on Guadalcanal in the Battle of Tenaru.
The Dumbarton Oaks conference, which lays the foundation for the establishment of the United Nations, is held in Washington, D.C.
President Harry S. Truman cancels all contracts under the Lend-Lease Act.
Hawaii is admitted into the Union.
The South Vietnamese Army arrests over 100 Buddhist monks in Saigon.
Soviet forces invade Czechoslovakia because of the country’s experiments with a more liberal government.
US orbiting astronomy observatory Copernicus launched.
Mary Langdon in Battle, East Sussex, becomes Britain’s first firewoman.
Operation Paul Bunyan: after North Korean guards killed two American officers sent to trim a poplar tree along the DMZ on Aug. 18, US and ROK soldiers with heavy support chopped down the tree.
In Cameroon 2,000 die from poison gas from a volcanic eruption.
Ceasefire in the 8-year war between Iran and Iraq.
Voyager 2 begins a flyby of planet Neptune.
Communist hardliners’ coup is crushed in USSR after just 2 days; Latvia declares independence from USSR.
Ernesto Zedillo wins Mexico’s presidential election.
The new Globe theater opens in England.
Tiger Woods wins golf’s PGA Championship, the first golfer to win 3 majors in a calendar year since Ben Hogan in 1953.
NATO decides to send a peacekeeping force to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Was 'Iceman Otzi' a Copper Age fashionista?

Only Half of Your Friends Like You As Much As You Think They Do, Says Science

The Kaiser CEO LOVES Obamacare

You’ve probably seen the headlines that Aetna, one of the largest providers in the Affordable Care Act exchanges, has pulled out. Critics of Obamacare...

This Is Your Brain on Bad Media Coverage

Workplace Suicides Are Sharply on the Rise in the Globalized Economy

Teen-raping Texas pastor gets life in prison after using the bible to justify abusing women

Dell Ivan Godkin, 48, was found guilty of sexually abusing one victim beginning when she was 13-years-old, and continuing until she was 17, by telling her Dog approved of what they were doing.

Court declares bisexual Jamaican asylum-seeker isn’t bisexual because he married a woman

Jamaica is far from a safe place for LGBT people. And now one bisexual man risks jail or a hate crime because immigration judges refused to protect him.

Religio-wingnut 'christian' agitator fears she’ll never be able to use a public restroom again if Target boycott fails

Religio-wingnut 'christian' agitator fears she’ll never be able to use a public restroom again if Target boycott fails
Let us clue you in - it has already failed.

Police officer commandeered child's bicycle to catch intoxicated fugitive

An intoxicated moped-rider found himself the target of an unusual police chase in Bavaria, Germany, on Tuesday afternoon. Dodging a vehicle spot-check in the town of Bamberg on, a 27-year-old could surely never have anticipated how the quick-thinking police officer would chase after him.
The fugitive dumped his moped and made a break for it on foot, with the policeman hot on his heels. But the officer was stopped in his tracks and forced to abandon his vehicle when the pathway became "too narrow for a car to drive through", police spokesperson Gahn Silke said.
Instead, he spotted a child’s bicycle which was fortunately unlocked. So without further ado the opportunistic policeman hopped on and set off in hot pursuit of the elusive man. The tiny bicycle proved to be a wise choice, as the officer was finally able to catch and arrest the fugitive.
It transpired that the errant runaway's crime was three-fold. He didn’t have a driving license for his moped, he had been driving whilst "heavily under the influence of alcohol and drugs," and he was harboring more narcotics in his rucksack, Silke said. The policeman then returned the bicycle after successfully arresting the intoxicated escapee, to its small owner's "absolute delight".

Residents hope to track down serial pillow thief

A spate of thefts in the Long Beach area of California has residents perplexed.

57-year-old man ordered to leave parents' home after altercation over slow ironing

A 57-year-old man who lives with his parents has been ordered to leave after hitting his elderly mother for not ironing his shirts fast enough. “A sentence worse than prison,” was his reaction.
The man, named only as Pascal D from Beauvais, near Paris, found himself in court after a neighbor heard his mother screaming. Pascal had hit her on the arms for her slow ironing, and hit his father on the legs when he tried to intervene.
The court in Beavais found Pascal D guilty of habitual violence against his parents, aged 83 and 90, finding that the assaults had started long before the incident that led to his arrest. He admitted hitting both his parents, but expressed no regret.
Sentencing Pascal D, the court ruled that he should not go to prison, giving him a two year suspended sentence and banning him from entering his parents’ home. But far from being relieved, the man, who has never lived alone, said this was the worst possible outcome: “I am lost. Not returning is a harsher sentence than prison for me,” he told the court.

Man accused of shoplifting alcohol and a pink walrus

The Madison Police Department in Wisconsin arrested a man for stealing items from a grocery store on Wednesday.
Ronald Duell, 59, was arrested and tentatively charged with retail theft, disorderly conduct-trespass and a parole violation.
The incident happened at about 12:15pm at a Copps store. Duell, who was allegedly intoxicated, told security guards he had a gun before fleeing from the store with a bottle of alcohol and a stuffed pink walrus.
"The suspect reached for his waistband and announced 'I'm gonna shoot you both," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain. Duell had no gun. He was arrested across the street from the store.

Teenagers stole woman's groceries before assaulting her with potatoes

A woman walking home with her bag of groceries in Dayton, Ohio, was robbed by two teenage boys and assaulted with potatoes she’d just bought on Thursday afternoon.
The woman told 911 dispatchers two boys dressed in all black stole her wallet, money, cigarettes, and her bag of groceries with onions, celery and potatoes inside. “They took my potatoes and threw them at me. They were my bag of potatoes from Save-A-Lot,” the woman told the 911 dispatcher.
“Other than the potatoes did they have any weapons like a gun or knife?” asked the dispatcher. “No but those potatoes hurt,” the woman replied. Approximately two hours after the robbery, Dayton officers on patrol spotted the two boys matching the suspect descriptions, walking in the same area.
One teenager was captured quickly, the second took off running, but after a K9 track and thorough search over several blocks, they arrested the second suspect. Police said the boys were 14 and 15 years old. They’ll be questioned by police and taken to the county juvenile detention facility.

The Corporate Food Industry Is Taking Desperate Steps to Fight Animal Reforms

Baby squirrel monkey rejected by its mother adopted by cat

A cat has adopted a baby squirrel monkey in Russia.
The little monkey was rejected by its parents at Tyumen zoo.
The zoo director decided to try and find another mother for the primate. So she took the tiny monkey to her home and placed it near her cat.

The two seem to get along with each other said Tatiana Antropova, director of Tyumen zoo. The baby monkey will now spend four months with Tatiana and the cat before returning to the zoo.

Dog's first sniff of fermented herring went about as well as could be expected

Malin Jonsson from Umeå in northern Sweden spotted her French bulldog, six-year-old Ella, begging for food during a recent surströmming party.
But after only sniffing a piece of the fermented herring offered to her, the pet seemed to speak for many people with the way she reacted.
"Eating surströmming is an important tradition in my northern family this time of the year. I have an older bulldog, Ernst, who is an avid surströmming lover and shares the delicacies with us every year.
"When Ella had been begging loudly for a while she got the chance to taste it. We know how strong the craving can be," she said. "I was very surprised by her reaction. I had expected that she would enjoy it, obviously," Ella added.
You can watch the possibly not safe for lunch video of Ella's reaction here.

Masked intruders let off with a verbal warning after evening adventure in government building

Two masked intruders were caught on security cameras creeping through the Oklahoma State Capitol building on Wednesday night.
The trespassing raccoons checked themselves out in a senate hall mirror, before raiding cabinets for snacks in Senator Patrick Anderson's office.
"The cabinet door was left open, and everything was kind of strewn about," said Kathie Darr, Executive Assistant in Anderson's office. "All of my things were outside the cabinet on the floor." The spree would be short lived though, they were caught in a bathroom hours later.

The pair of bandits were issued a verbal warning, and handed over to OKC Animal Welfare. "We received a call," explained Lyne Huffman, field supervisor with Animal Welfare. "Brought them back here, so they could be kept in our wildlife room." The raccoons were taken to the Wildcare Foundation on Thursday, to be treated then released.

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