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Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Today in History

1303 The War of the Vespers in Sicily ends with an agreement between Charles of Valois, who invaded the country, and Frederick, the ruler of Sicily.
1756 The British at Fort William Henry, New York, surrender to Louis Montcalm of France.
1802 Captain Meriwether Lewis leaves Pittsburgh to meet up with Captain William Clark and begin their trek to the Pacific Ocean.
1864 At the Democratic convention in Chicago, General George B. McClellan is nominated for president.
1919 The Communist Labor Party is founded in Chicago, with the motto, “Workers of the world unite!”
1940 Joseph Avenol steps down as Secretary-General of the League of Nations.
1942 The British army under General Bernard Law Montgomery defeats Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s Afrika Korps in the Battle of Alam el Halfa in Egypt.
1944 The British Eighth Army penetrates the German Gothic Line in Italy.
1949 Six of the 16 surviving Union veterans of the Civil War attend the last-ever encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, held in Indianapolis, Indiana.
1951 The 1st Marine Division begins its attack on Bloody Ridge in Korea. The four-day battle results in 2,700 Marine casualties.
1961 A concrete wall replaces the barbed wire fence that separates East and West Germany. It will be called the Berlin Wall.
1965 The US Congress creates the Department of Housing & Urban Development.
1980 The Polish government is forced to sign the Gdansk Agreement allowing the creation of the trade union Solidarity.
1990 East and West Germany sign the Treaty of Unification (Einigungsvertrag) to join their legal and political systems.
1994 The last Russian troops leave Estonia and Latvia.
1994 The Irish Republican Army (IRA) announces a “complete cessation of military operations,” opening the way to a political settlement in Ireland for the first time in a quarter of a century.

The Tater Tot Is American Ingenuity at Its Finest

F. Nephi Grigg grew up producing potatoes and corn on his family's farm in Idaho. In the 1940s, he understood the future of frozen food and opened a flash-freezing plant in Oregon with his brother. They named the company Ore-Ida, after the two states. The Grigg brothers made a fortune processing potatoes into frozen french fries. But cutting potatoes into fries presented a problem, in that the potato pieces that were too small to use were hard to separate from the fries.
When an equipment manufacturing company inexplicably showed up at their plant to demonstrate a prune sorter, Nephi and his plant superintendent Slim Burton chatted with them about a redesign. Could the barrel be redesigned so that it would eliminate the unwanted pieces of potatoes from the very wanted french fries? It could.
This being the northwest, and with the Grigg brothers’ company surrounded by farmland, Nephi decided that the scraps would go to feed the cattle and other livestock owned by the Grigg family. This was fine for a while, until Nephi realized that these cattle were getting enormous amounts of potato product. He was an entrepreneur, goddammit, and not one to waste anything, especially “product that has been purchased from the grower, stored for months, gone thru the peeling process, gone thru the specking lines and trimmed of all the defects, only to be eliminated into the cattle feed,” as Nephi wrote in a letter to an Ore-Ida representative in 1989.
You can see where this is going. It was those little scraps left over from making french fries that ended up in Tater Tots. Read the rest of the story of how Tater Tots were developed at Eater.

US charges ex-radio host who hoped 'hoodoo spell' would stop fraud probe

U.S. authorities on Monday charged a former radio host with fraudulently raising $20 million in a scam bearing the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme, while hoping to cast a “spell” to silence lawyers trying to investigate her.
Dawn Bennett, who hosted “Financial Myth Busting with Dawn Bennett,” diverted about half of what she raised in a 2-1/2 year scheme to repay earlier investors, buy luxuries including many dozen pairs of shoes and pay back rent to the Dallas Cowboys for a luxury suite at AT&T Stadium, authorities said.
Prosecutors also disclosed the discovery in an Aug. 2 search of Bennett’s penthouse in Chevy Chase, Maryland, of two freezers containing sealed Mason jars bearing the initials of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission lawyers, on whom Bennett may have hoped to cast a “hoodoo spell.”

Teens Don't Consume More Marijuana Where It Is Sold Legally

Cancer treatment may kill tumors without side effects

An experimental cancer treatment that works in part by triggering the body's immune system to help destroy cancer cells was effective in tests, and led to the total destruction of tumors with a low risk of side effects, unlike traditional cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy, Sky News reported. The treatment, known as Caspase Independent Cell Death (CICD), also carries a low risk that the disease will come back later, researchers say.

Mexico Offers Help With Hurricane Harvey

Even As Dumbass Trump Rips Their Country On Twitter, Mexico Offers Help With Hurricane Harvey
Despite Dumbass Trump’s bluster, Mexico still wants to help their neighbors.

Humanity Made Hurricane Harvey Much More Devastating

In A Time Of Disaster Social Media Is Power

Parenting Tips to Avoid Raising a Kid with Dumbass Trumpian Qualities

Dumbass Trump Shamefully Erases Data On Worker Deaths From OSHA Website

Dumbass Trump Shamefully Erases Data On Worker Deaths From OSHA Website
The data on worker deaths have been scrubbed from the OSHA website, as worker safety protections are under attack from the…

Facebook to ban advertising for pages sharing 'fake news' articles

In a statement released on their site on Monday, Facebook took a strong stance against the spread of “fake news” on the social platform.

Holocaust survivors on why Americans must confront hate

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum joined in the chorus of voices condemning the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month, decrying the neo-Nazi, racist and antisemitic symbols and language it observed at the white nationalist rallies. Following the unnerving events, the museum turned to the subject it knows best to warn participants and onlookers about where such demonstrations of hate can lead.

Amazon, PayPal, and Others Have Helped Fund Racist Hate Sites For Years

Anonymous Hacks KKK Wizard David Duke's Online Accounts

CrossFit trainer fired for marching with racists in Charlottesville

According to St. Louis’ Riverfront Times, trainer Bobby Ritter was recognized by his coworkers at The Lab Gym after a photo of him was used in a Vox article about the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

‘I just want a peaceful year’

Peter Cvjetanovic was the angry face illuminated by torches that the nation watched turn into violence in Charlottesville, Virginia a few weeks ago.

Worst CEOs Responsible for Animal Torture in Labs

A Texas reptile sanctuary with over 350 alligators is causing big problems due to Harvey flooding

Gator Country, a Beaumont, Texas park that describes itself as the “Largest Alligator Adventure Park/Sanctuary in Southeast Texas,” has a very large problem. Floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey threaten to overwhelm the fences at the park. Gator Country owner Gary Saurage says “we’re less than a foot from [water] going over the fences,” adding that they were “certified, high fences,” but not high enough.

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