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Saturday, September 5, 2015

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Today in History

1666 The Fire of London is extinguished after two days.
1664 After days of negotiation, the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam surrenders to the British, who will rename it New York.
1792 Maximilien Robespierre is elected to the National Convention in France.
1804 US Navy lieutenant Richard Somers and members of his crew are buried at Tripoli; they died when USS Intrepid exploded while entering Tripoli harbor on a mission to destroy the enemy fleet there during the First Barbary War.
1816 Louis XVIII of France dissolves the chamber of deputies, which has been challenging his authority.
1859 Harriot E. Wilson’s Our Nig, is published, the first U.S. novel by an African American woman.
1867 The first shipment of cattle leaves Abilene, Kansas, on a Union Pacific train headed to Chicago.
1870 Author Victor Hugo returns to Paris from the Isle of Guernsey where he had lived in exile for almost 20 years.
1877 The great Sioux warrior Crazy Horse is fatally bayoneted at age 36 by a soldier at Fort Robinson, Nebraska.
1878 Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, Bill Tilghman and Clay Allison, four of the West’s most famous gunmen, meet in Dodge City, Kansas.
1905 The Russian-Japanese War ends as representatives of the combating empires, meeting in New Hampshire, sign the Treaty of Portsmouth. Japan achieves virtually all of its original war aims.
1910 Marie Curie demonstrates the transformation of radium ore to metal at the Academy of Sciences in France.
1944 Germany launches its first V-2 missile at Paris, France.
1958 Martin Luther King is arrested in an Alabama protest for loitering and fined $14 for refusing to obey police.
1960 Leopold Sedar Sengingor, poet and politician, is elected president of Senegal, Africa.
1969 Charges brought against US lieutenant William Calley in the March 1968 My Lai Massacre during Vietnam War.
1972 "Black September," a Palestinian terrorist group take 11 Israeli athletes hostage at the Olympic Games in Munich; by midnight all hostages and all but 3 terrorists are dead.
1975 President Gerald Ford evades an assassination attempt in Sacramento, California.
1977 Hanns-Martin Schleyer, a German business executive who headed to powerful organization and had been an SS officer during WW2, is abducted by the left-wing extremist group Red Army Faction, who execute him on Oct. 18.
1977 Voyager 1 space probe launched.
1978 Israel’s Menachem Begin and Egypt’s Anwar Sadat begin discussions on a peace process, at Camp David, Md.
1980 World’s longest tunnel opens; Switzerland’s St. Gotthard Tunnel stretches 10.14 miles (16.224 km) from Goschenen to Airolo.
1984 Space Shuttle Discovery lands afters its maiden voyage.
1996 Hurricane Fran comes ashore near Cape Fear, No. Car. It will kill 27 people and cause more than $3 billion in damage.

Turns Out Sarcastic People Really Are Better at Everything

Maybe it's okay to be that guy in the office.
by Megan Friedman

You know that annoying coworker who always rolls his eyes or cracks wise on the job? Don't be surprised if he gets promoted over you. The Wall Street Journal reports that a new study, published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, finds that sarcasm in the workplace can actually make you a more creative thinker.
Researchers at Harvard, Columbia, and the European business school INSEAD manipulated sarcasm in a lab by having participants simulate conversations. In one study, the subjects had to say something sarcastic or sincere, hear a comment that was sarcastic or sincere, or have a neutral conversation. In a second, participants had to remember a time when they said or heard something sarcastic, sincere, or neutral, and in a third study, they had to imagine a sarcastic, sincere, or neutral punchline to a joke. Then they all completed creativity tasks, and the people in the sarcastic conditions all performed better.
According to the researchers, firing off a sarcastic remark can spark creativity because you have to think abstractly, figuring out the distance between the literal and figurative meaning of what you're saying. And the same goes for receiving sarcasm, but only if you're in a trusting relationship with the person you're talking to. Otherwise, that sarcasm can create conflict, since it's always so hard to figure out tone when you don't know a person well.

Female Executives Aren’t Just Paid Less, They Also Suffer More For Bad Performance

Job Insecurity


The Number Of People With Dementia Is Exploding

Customer surprised by rude receipt after buying gazebo

The owners of a store in Christchurch, New Zealand, that gave a woman a profane receipt have apologized to the customer, and say they are following up the incident. Laura Campbell, originally from Dublin, Ireland, had a bit of a surprise when glancing at the receipt after purchasing a gazebo at a Torpedo 7 store on Sunday.
In the comments section it stated: "Freight free to match price her friend got this morning when another staff member fucked up, as per ..." A spokeswoman for the Warehouse group, who own the Torpedo 7 store, said they had apologized to the customer directly. "The commentary and the language used is not in line with our brand values and we are following this up with our team."
Ms Campbell said of the incident: "Basically a staff member in their store waived a delivery fee for my friend [Sunday] morning as it was being delivered to the store." Ms Campbell sought to buy the exact same item, but was told there would be an extra $25 delivery fee on top of the $199 price. "I told him that maybe some consistency might be needed when deciding who to waive delivery fee for," she said.
After a chat with his manager the staff member decided to waive the fee for Ms Campbell too, as well as adding a little flavor to her receipt. "He obviously had to type in a reason and instead of writing store error or something along them lines, he typed in exactly what came out on my receipt. "It's shocking but at the same time hilarious." Ms Campbell spoke to the store manager about it and said they both had a bit of a giggle. "He just didn't believe it either. Just a little training in customer service etiquette is all that's needed!"

Boy tripped in museum and punched hole through million-dollar painting

A 12-year-old Taiwanese boy tripped at a museum over the weekend and broke his fall with a 350-year-old painting, smashing a hole in the work of art valued at $1.5m.
Footage released by the organizers of the Face of Leonardo: Images of a Genius exhibition in Taipei shows the boy – in shorts, trainers, a blue Puma T-shirt and holding a drink – walk past the still life, catching his foot and stumbling over.
He then looked up at the Paolo Porpora oil on canvas painting of flowers, shown later to have a fist-sized gash at the bottom, and froze, looking around at other people in the room.

The organizers will not ask the boy’s family to pay for the restoration costs. It said the exhibition organizer, Sun Chi-hsuan, said the boy was very nervous but should not be blamed and the painting, part of a private collection, was insured.

Little Girl Bullied For Liking ‘Boy Things’ Gets The Best Gift EVER From Supporters

Little Girl Bullied For Liking ‘Boy Things’ Gets The Best Gift EVER From SupportersNot only did she get to meet Weird Al, she was given a surprise that millions of boys and girls would go nuts over.

In Latest Attempt To Start A War, Israel Claims Iran Is Sponsoring Rocket Attacks

Picture CC by the Israeli Defense Force
Israel began shelling Syrian targets on the Golan Heights after claiming it was attacked by a rocket last week – blaming Iran for the attack.

Police hunt for Superman after theft of watch worth £21,000

A man named Superman is being sought by police for stealing a diamond-encrusted gold watch worth £21,130 from a jewelers.
Police said Superman Rostas posed as a genuine customer and used distraction techniques to steal the watch from Andrew Michaels Jewelers in Newark.
It happened on 19 June but Nottinghamshire Police has now obtained CCTV footage of Mr Rostas. The force has released a CCTV still in the hope it will help them trace him.
The 25-year-old is a Romanian national and has connections to Birmingham and the West Midlands. The stolen watch was made by Chopard, a Swiss luxury brand. PC Marc Taylor said: "We are appealing for anyone who has seen him or has any information on his whereabouts to get in touch."

Get Intimate with the Kiss Coffee Cup Lid

Sweet, sweet coffee. You love other people. But, truly, only coffee loves you back. Coffee alone fully responds to your morning inquiries. Coffee alone provides the stimulation that you crave. That's why South Korean designer Jang Wooseok developed a coffee cup lid that looks like a pair of human lips. It's disposable--not something interested in a serious relationship.

Non-Grade ‘A’ Milk Product, Natural Milk Vitamins Removed

Mary Lou Wesselhoeft runs a Florida creamery that makes skim milk. All-natural skim milk, with nothing added. She has a free speech lawsuit against the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) because they forbade her from calling the product “skim milk.”
Mary Lou wants to label it as “pasteurized skim milk.” But DACS wants her to use a confusing and misleading label that labels the milk something it is not: “Non-Grade ‘A’ Milk Product, Natural Milk Vitamins Removed.”
Why? Because DACS has decided that what you and I call skim milk—that is, whole milk with the cream skimmed off—is not actually skim milk at all unless it’s artificially injected with vitamin A. The fact is, when milk is skimmed, much of its vitamin A is removed. DACS has demanded that it not be called “skim milk” unless and until vitamin A is injected back into it. Mary Lou suggested other labels that would inform her customers the skim milk is merely pasteurized skim milk, not an artificially processed “milk product,” but DACS rejected each one.
The agency’s reasoning behind the rule is to give consumers what they expect from product labels, but let’s be honest -do you ever think about the vitamin A content of your milk? I don’t. I might think of the vitamin D content, only because milk with vitamin D added is labeled as such. Actually, I just buy whole milk. However, the result of the regulation is that they are ordering Ocheesee Creamery to effectively lie about what their milk jugs have in them. Maybe they could come up with a compromise. How about ALL skim milk be labeled as “Non-Grade ‘A’ Milk Product, Natural Milk Vitamins Removed.” The standard skim milk we are supposedly used to can be labeled “Non-Grade ‘A’ Milk Product, Natural Milk Vitamins Removed and Re-Added.” The result of that will be a whole lot of Floridians switching to regular whole milk. 

‘Just like feeding a stray dog'

Waffle House Refused to Serve a Homeless Veteran

by Brenna Houck
A Nashville-area Waffle House is serving today's helping of fresh and greasy controversy. Musician Jesse Brand said he was out for a bite to eat at the chain on Saturday night when he encountered homeless veteran Roger Hornsby and invited him to dinner. "I saw this guy hobbling across the parking lot with a cane," he says. However, inside the Waffle House the evening turned ugly when an employee at the restaurant insisted Hornsby leave. "Within 30-40 seconds, the gal behind the counter said, ‘You two can stay, he's got to leave,'" recounts Brand. "She said, ‘His shirt's dirty. He can't be in here.'" Brand then turned to the manager and said he would never be back again and drove himself and Hornsby to a different Waffle House.
"She said, ‘His shirt's dirty. He can't be in here.'"
The veteran later revealed to Brand that he sleeps on an embankment beside the restaurant. Hornsby said the Waffle House took and refused to return his wheelchair and sleeping bag. When Hornsby inquired about the items later, a worker said, "We threw it away."
The offending Waffle House has returned Hornsby's belongings. Brand — who "spent several years off and on homeless" — says the way Waffle House treated Hornby was "deplorable." He plans to hold a benefit concert in support of the homeless veteran.

Twenty percent of deputies walk off job after Oregon sheriff beats handcuffed suspect

Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah (YouTube)
Over twenty percent of deputies Klamath County, Oregon recently asked to be put on leave after Sheriff Frank Skrah was accused of punching a handcuffed suspect.

Anti-Birth Control Employers Keep Losing In Federal Court, But They’re Still Free To Violate The Law

US is No. 1 in mass shootings — by a very wide margin

A rogue's gallery of US domestic terrorists
The United States is, by a long shot, the global leader in mass shootings, claiming just 5 percent of the global population but an outsized share — 31 percent — of the world’s mass shooters since 1966, a new study finds. The Philippines, Russia, Yemen and France—all countries that can claim a substantial share of the…

White House Wall Jumper Shot & Killed In Courthouse Knife Attack On Sheriff’s Deputy

(Image courtesy of pixabay.com)
Just another day in the U.S. of A.
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Porn Star Claims Josh Duggar Paid Her For Sex When His Wife Was Pregnant ... Calls Him ‘Creepy’

Registered sex offender leading rituals at North Carolina cult

Image: Convicted sex offender and would-be pastor Kenneth Cagle (Screen capture)
Investigation reveals registered sex offender leading rituals at North Carolina cult

Utah man justifies child molestation

Tim Butler (Screenshot/Good4Utah)
Utah man justifies child molestation: ‘The bible did not set limits on the ages between two partners’

Trooper’s attorney claims sex with motorists was consensual, not rape, because women weren’t in custody

Trooper’s attorney claims sex with motorists was consensual, not rape, because women weren’t in custody

The 'Wobbly Axis' Escape

How a wobbly axis helped our planet escape 'snowball Earth'



Residents' horrified as thousands of maggots invade their homes in mystery infestation

The source of thousands of maggots in Spennymoor, County Durham, which have plagued horrified residents for more than a week has baffled experts. Some householders are too frightened to open their windows and have been forced to block their doors with tea towels to stop the creepy-crawlies getting in.
The maggots have mainly been crawling out of drains and manhole covers in the Edward Street and Flora Street area of the town, but reports are emerging of the creatures appearing in gardens in Craddock Street, Mayfields and Tyne Crescent. However, a survey carried out by Northumbrian Water revealed no trace of maggots, flies or blockages in the main sewer serving the worst affected area. Residents have been referred to Durham County Council’s pest control team but resent having to pay the £40 fee, when the source of the problem remains unknown.
And their own attempts to stop infestation by bleaching and hosing down their yards have had little effect. Elle Moore, of Edward Street, said: “It is like something from a horror film, the case of the mystery maggots. They are coming out of the drains but no-one knows why. The two men who came out from Northumbrian Water worked so hard yesterday but they couldn’t find anything. They are completely baffled.” Checks at Melanie Hubbard’s home in nearby Flora Street proved equally fruitless and pregnant mother-of-one Kayla Leigh Seymour, of Craddock Street, is still waiting for answers.
“It wasn’t as bad last night but I still barricaded my back door with tea towels,” she said. “There were some there in the morning.” A Northumbrian Water spokesperson said: “We have carried out a camera survey of our sewer that serves properties on Rosa Street, Edward Street and Flora Street. No larvae, flies, maggots or obstructions were found in the pipe and the sewer is flowing freely as it should.” Joanne Waller, head of environment, health and consumer protection at the council, said officers planned to meet a Northumbrian Water representative on the site to assess the situation.

Cyclist perturbed when confronted by kangaroo apocalypse

A cyclist in Victoria, Australia, had an eerie experience with a huge mob of kangaroos during a leisurely pedal through parkland in Hawstowe Park, South Moran.
Ben Vezina was suddenly confronted by dozens upon dozens of roos, standing upright and perfectly quiet, all staring at him unflinchingly.
"Oh my," Mr Vezina says. "Instead of a zombie apocalypse, it's a fucking kangaroo … I'm gonna be honest, I'm a little terrified."

Despite this, Mr Vezina encourages other cyclists to visit the park, which is north of Melbourne, citing his video as proof that kangaroos can "coexist with people and never attack them."

Couple and their dog attacked by gaze of raccoon

A couple in San Francisco's Richmond District say they were attacked by a pack of raccoon and if it weren't for a neighbor who came to their rescue, they believe they might have been seriously injured. Many neighbors in the area say they don't like going out after 11pm, not because they worry about getting mugged, but because they worry about a confrontation with raccoon. Patty Upsavs says she and her husband went out Monday night to let their dog get one last walk and that's when a raccoon pounced.

Venomous snake rescued after getting head stuck in can of bourbon and cola

A red-bellied black snake interested in a can of bourbon and cola got stuck and had to be rescued by staff at the Australian Reptile Park.
A former volunteer took the venomous snake in to the park after finding it in suburban Wyong, New South Wales, at the weekend with its head stuck in the can. Australian Reptile Park general manager Tim Faulkner said the incident illustrated how litter in the bush can have serious effects on native animals.
"The red-bellied black snake would have curiously slithered through the opening of the littered can looking for food and, given its scales only run in one direction, when trying to back out, the scales would have prevented it from release, " Mr Faulkner said. "Skilled snake handlers at Australian Reptile Park carefully extracting the snake to ensure its scales were not damaged."
The snake is being kept for observation at the Australian Reptile Park to ensure it has no further injuries. It will later be released back into its native habitat. "Animals don't deserve to get caught in our litter, whether it's sea turtles or birds eating plastic or snakes and small animals getting caught in tin cans, litter should be in the bin not the bush or the beach," Mr Faulkner added.
You can watch the video here.

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