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Monday, January 25, 2016

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All Scots gather for Burns Night ... !
Today is - Robert Burns Day

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Today in History

Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn.
Small farmers in Springfield, Massachusetts led by Daniel Shays, revolt against tax laws. Federal troops break up the protesters of what becomes known as Shay’s Rebellion.
The dreaded Corn Laws, which taxed imported oats, wheat and barley, are repealed by the British Parliament.
Two-hundred coal miners are trapped in their Pennsylvania mine after an explosion.
Alexander Graham Bell in New York and Thomas Watson in San Francisco make a record telephone transmission.
Austria and Germany reject U.S. peace proposals.
The League of Nations plan is adopted by the Allies.
Members of the New York Stock Exchange ask for an additional 275 seats.
New York police rout a Communist rally at the Town Hall.
The last German airfield in Stalingrad is captured by the Red Army.
Axis Sally, who broadcasted Nazi propaganda to U.S. troops in Europe, stands trial in the United States for war crimes.
The U.S. Eighth Army in Korea launches Operation Thunderbolt, a counter attack to push the Chinese Army north of the Han River.
Columbia University scientists develop an atomic clock that is accurate to within one second in 300 years.
Khrushchev says that he believes that Eisenhower is sincere in his efforts to abolish war.
American Airlines begins its first coast-to-coast flight service on a Boeing 707.
Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman elected to U.S. Congress, announces candidacy for president.
Nixon airs the eight-point peace plan for Vietnam, asking for POW release in return for withdrawal.
Reagan endorses the development of the first U.S. permanently-manned space station.

Single-payer Healthcare Comes To The Colorado Ballot

Study unravels link between surgery, diabetes remission

Study unravels link between surgery, diabetes remissionStudy unravels link between surgery, diabetes remission
Researchers and doctors have known for years that patients who receive bariatric surgeries – gut surgeries with the goal of weight loss – often experience remission of Type 2 diabetes. Clinicians find that diabetes remission begins within days after such surgeries,...

Tipping the Scales

About 92 percent of meals at local and chain restaurants tip the caloric scales, sometimes giving diners more food than they should eat all day.

Before there were plastic credit cards ...

"Charge plates, often called Charga-Plates, are the predecessors to credit cards. Used until the early '60s, charge plates are made of aluminum or white metal plates. They are about the size of a dog tag and are embossed with the customer's name and address. The back side has a paperboard insert with the issuer's name and the cardholder's signature. Charga-plates were issued mostly by department stores, but also by a few oil companies and store associations. They were sometimes kept in the stores and retrieved by the clerk when an authorized user made a purchase. A charge plate is more valuable with its case. Between 300 and 500 different ones are estimated to exist."
Text from the American Credit Card Collectors Society, via.  Image via imgur and Reddit.

I'm old enough to remember charga-plates, but not old enough to remember charge coins, first issued in 1865 (!!) and discussed here.
"The coins are the oldest, and there's also a group called celluloids. Celluloids and coins were around in the turn of the last century. I find the coins the most interesting: You have them from most of the major department stores from the last century up until around the 1950s... There are some credit coins worth hundreds of dollars now."..
Celebrity credit cards are also a hot item among collectors. In October 2005, Heritage Auctions acquired Henry Fonda's Texaco Credit Card from 1953 from his son, Peter Fonda. It was sold for only $95.60, most likely because it was unsigned. Auctioneers Butterfield & Butterfield sold Elvis Presley's American Express card from the early 1970s several years ago at a jaw-dropping $41,400.

The Davos Club

Dark Money: How The Kochs Built The Wingnut Delusion

Dark Money: How The Kochs Built The Conservative Movement

How the Kochs Tried (and Failed) to Discredit Reporter Jane Mayer After She Exposed Their Evil Empire

Fox Called Out For Abandoning Any Pretense As A News Organization

Feds sue towns founded by Warren Jeffs' polygamist sect for religious discrimination

Feds sue towns founded by Warren Jeffs' polygamist sect for religious discrimination

DEA Hired A TSA Informant To Help Take Cash From People's Luggage

Athena Image

Man’s Peaceful Facebook Post About Corrupt Cops Leads to Felony Charges, Endless Persecution

The Earliest Warriors

The earliest warriors: Human remains discovered from 10,000-year-old tribal battle

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Cascading Magnetic Arches

A dark solar filament above the sun's surface became unstable and erupted on December 16-17, 2015, generating a cascade of magnetic arches. The arches of solar material appear to glow as they emit light in extreme ultraviolet wavelengths, highlighting the charged particles spinning along the sun's magnetic field lines.

All Eyes

A tiny but scary-looking marine critter that died out with the dinosaurs, caught prey with the aid of two monstrous eyes.

New Carnivorous Dinosaur 'Draco' Found

An over 200-million-year-old dinosaur nicknamed Draco has just been found in Wales and is thought to be the U.K.'s oldest Jurassic dino.

Meet the meat-eating 'Dragon Thief'

Meet the meat-eating 'Dragon Thief': Researchers unearth Welsh dinosaur's remains

Animal News

The little-seen animal from Central and South America makes a surprise appearance in rare photos.
A baby orangutan, found abandoned and almost dead, has made a swift recovery at a rescue center.
Young humpback whale calves frequently engage in extended sequences of breaching, even at a very young age.
In some species of octopus, a chemical made in the eyes that helps them see can also be found in their skin. Yes, really. As if the multi-limbed wonders didn't already have plenty of freaky features!
If you have hopes of replicating Spiderman's ability to climb walls, a new study may crush your dreams.

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