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Saturday, May 6, 2017

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Today is the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby ...!
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Today is - Dandelion Day 

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Today in History

German troops begin sacking Rome. Libraries are destroyed, the Pope is captured and thousands are killed.
Babur defeats the Afghan Chiefs in the Battle of Ghaghra, India.
King Louis XIV moves his court to Versailles, France.
U.S. Army troops from Fort Tejon and Fort Miller prepare to ride out to protect Keyesville, California, from Yokut Indian attack.
Arkansas becomes the ninth state to secede from the Union.
Henry David Thoreau dies of tuberculosis at age 44.
In the second day of the Battle of the Wilderness between Union General Ulysses S. Grant and Confederate General Robert E. Lee, Confederate Gen. James Longstreet is wounded by his own men.
Chief Crazy Horse surrenders to U.S. troops in Nebraska. Crazy Horse brought General George Custer to his end.
The dirigible Hindenburg explodes in flames at Lakehurst, New Jersey.
Bob Hope gives his first USO show at California’s March Field.
General Jonathan Wainwright surrenders Corregidor to the Japanese.
The Red Army besieges and captures Sevastopol in the Crimea.
Axis Sally makes her final propaganda broadcast to Allied troops.
British runner Roger Bannister breaks the four minute mile.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs the Civil Rights Act of 1960.
The first nuclear warhead is fired from a Polaris submarine.
The Channel Tunnel linking England to France is officially opened.


Combine malapropisms and mixed metaphors, and you've got a malaphor. It's a "mixture of two idioms, creating a sort of malaprop in metaphor form." A famous example is the song "We'll Burn That Bridge When We Get There," although that was intentional. The unintentional ones are the funniest. The site Malaphors collects incidences of these idiosyncratic idioms. Here are some examples:
She called me every name under the book

I haven’t heard hide nor hair of that guy

He wasn’t the brightest bulb in the basket

Put your best face forward
Each example has the story of who said it and where. Check out more at Malaphors. This may keep me busy for a while.

The American Parent Trap

Surprising Stuff Happens to Men Who Earn Less Than Their Wives

Swearing during exercise may actually make you stronger

Swearing during exercise may actually make you stronger: study

Surprising Signs of Marijuana's Normalization in America

Given Its Vast Wealth and Consumption, the U.S. Should Welcome Millions More Immigrants

Why Do Americans Smile So Much?

People around the world have stereotypes of Americans. We're overweight, rich, armed, loud, and we smile all the time. An exaggeration, of course, but Americans do smile more than other cultures. Why is that? Surely we aren't that much happier than other developed nations.
For a study published in 2015, an international group of researchers looked at the number of “source countries” that have fed into various nations since the year 1500. Places like Canada and the United States are very diverse, with 63 and 83 source countries, respectively, while countries like China and Zimbabwe are fairly homogenous, with just a few nationalities represented in their populations.
After polling people from 32 countries to learn how much they felt various feelings should be expressed openly, the authors found that emotional expressiveness was correlated with diversity. In other words, when there are a lot of immigrants around, you might have to smile more to build trust and cooperation, since you don’t all speak the same language.
That makes plenty of sense, especially since so many non-immigrant Americans only speak one language. It may also be because we spend so much money on our teeth, we want to show them off. Other reasons for the American smile are explored in an article at the Atlantic.

Psychopaths Are Most Likely to Study This in College

Man Suing American Airlines Claims Obese Passengers Crushed Him

man sues american airlines obese passengers
Man Suing American Airlines Claims Obese Passengers Crushed Him
​He’s asking the airline for a tidy sum

Another Facebook Live murder

Two unidentified, Canadian teenage girls, 16 and 17, have been arrested on second-degree murder charges after allegedly filming a Facebook Live video featuring them beating a fellow student to death. The girls, both students at Sagkeeng Anicinabe High School, shared the disturbing video on their Facebook pages and in a private instant messaging app. The footage shows them horrifically assaulting 19-year-old Serena McKay, who was later found dead near her family home. While her passing was initially considered a suspicious death, police confirmed on Tuesday that it was a homicide.
Arrests have been made in another Facebook Live murder, and this time two teenage girls are the culprits

ISIL Gains Power and Innocents Die as Syria Retreats From Peace

What a Dumbass Trumpcare Nightmare

AMA Eviscerates Wingnuts For Snatching Healthcare Away From Millions

American Medical Association Eviscerates Wingnuts For Snatching Healthcare Away From Millions
They know just how bad things are going to be.

Rape Considered A Pre-Existing Condition Under Wingnut Healthcare Law

Rape Considered A Pre-Existing Condition Under Wingnut Healthcare Law
This is as disgusting as it gets.

Dumbass Alaska Wingnut Claims Women Have Abortions For A ‘Free Trip To The City’

Dumbass Alaska Wingnut Claims Women Have Abortions For A ‘Free Trip To The City’
What the fuck?

Parasite Living Inside Fish Eyeball Controls Its Behavior

In case you need a little more nightmare fuel, scientists have been studying a fish eyeball parasite. Diplostomum pseudospathaceum infects a fish's eye as a larva. While the larva grows, it causes the fish to swim slower than usual, which protects both the fish and the parasite from predators. But when the larva is mature, it makes the fish swim faster and closer to the water's surface. That's so the fish will be eaten by a bird!
The eye fluke Diplostomum pseudospathaceum has a life cycle that takes place in three different types of animal. First, parasites mate in a bird’s digestive tract, shedding their eggs in its faeces. The eggs hatch in the water into larvae that seek out freshwater snails to infect. They grow and multiply inside the snails before being released into the water, ready to track down their next host, fish. The parasites then penetrate the skin of fish, and travel to the lens of the eye to hide out and grow. The fish then get eaten by a bird – and the cycle starts again.
The current research is about fish eyes that contain both mature and immature parasites. How do those fish act? Read about Diplostomum pseudospathaceum at New Scientist.

The One-eyed Horse in the Kentucky Derby

His odds are 30-1, but many horse racing fans are pulling for Patch to win the Kentucky Derby, even if they aren't putting money on him. The three-year-old developed an infection in his left eye last year, and despite treatment, his eye was ultimately removed. Patch is not the first one-eyed horse to run for the roses, but in the internet age, he's the most popular going into the race. 
What's even stranger is that Patch drew post position 20. That means he'll start on the outside edge of the track, to the right of all the other horses. Since his left eye is missing, he won't see his competition. Whether that will help or hinder his performance remains to be seen, but his team is optimistic. You can keep up with Patch through his Twitter account.

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