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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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Today in History

1642 York, Maine becomes the first incorporated American city.
1692 Sarah Goode, Sarah Osborne and Tituba are arrested for the supposed practice of witchcraft in Salem, Mass.
1776 French minister Charles Gravier advises his Spanish counterpart to support the American rebels against the English.
1780 Pennsylvania becomes the first U.S. state to abolish slavery.
1803 Ohio becomes the 17th state to join the Union.
1808 In France, Napoleon creates an imperial nobility.
1815 Napoleon lands at Cannes, France, returning from exile on Elba, with a force of 1,500 men and marches on Paris.
1871 German troops enter Paris, France, during the Franco-Prussian War.
1875 Congress passes the Civil Rights Act, which is invalidated by the Supreme Court in 1883.
The Battle of Adwa. The Ethiopian Army defeats outnumbered Italian forces. This ends the First Italo-Ethiopian War, but becomes the precursor to the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, resulting in the breakdown of the League of Nations, and a precursor to World War II.
1912 Albert Berry completes the first in-flight parachute jump, from a Benoist plane over Kinlock Field in St. Louis, Missouri.
1915 The Allies announce their aim to cut off all German supplies and assure the safety of the neutrals.
1919 The Korean coalition proclaims their independence from Japan.
1921 The Allies reject a $7.5 billion reparations offer in London. German delegation decides to quit all talks.
1932 The Lindbergh baby is kidnapped from the Lindbergh home near Princeton, New Jersey.
1935 Germany officially establishes the Luftwaffe.
1941 Bulgaria joins the Axis as the Nazis occupy Sofia.
1942 Japanese troops land on Java in the Pacific.
1943 The British RAF conducts strategic bombing raids on all European railway lines.
1960 1,000 Black students pray and sing the national anthem on the steps of the old Confederate Capitol in Montgomery, Ala.
1968 Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara is replaced by Clark Clifford.
1969 Mickey Mantle announces his retirement from baseball.
1974 A grand jury indicts seven of Nixon‘s aides for the conspiracy on Watergate.
1985 The Pentagon accepts the theory that an atomic war would block the sun, causing a “nuclear winter.”
1992 Bosnian Serbs begin sniping in Sarajevo, after Croats and Muslims vote for Bosnian independence.

Immodest Proposal

Sex Breaks During the Workday
Why are these women smiling?
A city councilor in the town of Overtornea, Sweden, has proposed a regulation that would give workers an hour-long break during the day in order to have sex. Per-Erik Muskos made the motion Monday, and says that the exercise is good for the workers, sex is good for the relationship, and the break would benefit peoples' overall well-being.
Muskos admitted there was no way to check whether workers would actually use the hour for its intended purpose.
"You can't guarantee that a worker doesn't go out for a walk instead," he said, adding that employers needed to trust their employees.
But Muskos said he saw no reason why the motion wouldn't pass. On top of the health benefits, he said the sex breaks would also solve the area's low birth rate.
"This means that childbirth should be encouraged," his motion states, as reported by Swedish newspaper Kuriren. "When sex is also an excellent form of exercise with documented positive effects on well-being, the municipality should kill two birds with one stone and encourage employees to use their fitness hour to go home and have sex with their partner."
While it's doubtful that such a break would make much difference in the birth rate, employees will probably love the idea. In other countries, people would be shocked that a government body is concerned with the well-being of workers.

Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?

Who's smarter, boys or girls? That's a difficult question, considering the cultural biases that have shaped the way we think of both sexes over thousands of years. But with modern science, we can study  tiny differences in the brain, which somehow just muddies the question even more.  AsapSCIENCE gives us an overview of the latest research.
One of the most memorable things I learned in school is that there are more difference among people within groups then between groups, and that goes especially for male and female humans

Odd Yet Beautiful Houseplants You May Not Have Heard Of

Indoor plants add some life and color to your interior spaces, and contrary to popular belief they don't just sit around doing nothing all day because many plants help improve air quality in your home.
And if you're going to let a bunch of lazy plants sit around the house all day you might as well bring home an odd and interesting looking bunch!
The "Wine Cup" variet of Crassula umbrella looks really cool on the counter, or if you like a plant that's less of a reach then the "Donkey Tail" Sedum Morganianum at the top of the post may grab you.
But if you want to go for full blown bizarre then you need to add a Trachyandra tortilis to your home.
This rare plant is native to South Africa and look like something Dr. Seuss drew, but it takes them a few years to get to this point so you may want to pick up a full grown one if you can find it. Happy plant hunting!

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

How to Share the Wealth If the Robots Start Doing the Work

Yemen Raid Yielded No Intelligence Of Value

NBC News: Yemen Raid Yielded No Intelligence Of Value
Is it possible to get one truthful answer from the Dumbass Trump junta?

Dumbass Trump White House Now Planting Fake Stories To Discredit Reporters

Dumbass Trump White House Now Planting Fake Stories To Discredit Reporters Who Expose Dumbass Trump’s Bullshit
If you aren’t already alarmed, you should be.

‘I wish him nothing but failure’

The Dumbass Trump cabal wants to build a new 200-room hotel in the city of Dallas, Texas — but at least one local official says he doesn’t want it anywhere near his city.

Texas wingnut caught on video bizarrely berating student who wants to make sure poor kids can afford school

Huffines, r-Dallas, is expressing regret over his tone during a heated exchange he had Monday with a student about school choice.

County that shelled out tax rebates for lunatic creationist Ham’s Ark museum ‘teetering on bankruptcy’

When Grant County, Kentucky decided to shell out as much as $18 million in tax incentives to lunatic wingnut creationist Ham’s Ark Encounter museum, it made a bet that it was going to become a major tourist attraction.

The Return of American Race Laws

Self-Righteous Devils

What Ozark Vigilantes of the 1880s Reveal About Modern America
Vigilante groups have been part of the American landscape since the nation was first settled. When crime is rife, and government is ineffectual, corrupt, or nonexistent, citizens will take over to enforce their idea of justice. But when vigilant groups become powerful, they can end up as corrupt as any government. Such was the fate of the Baldknobbers. See, the population of the new state of Missouri was divided along political lines during and after the Civil War, and the locals in power did not tend to uphold the law for their political opponents or against their allies. However, the Baldknobbers' tactics (and name) were appropriated by other groups with other goals. Dr. Matthew J. Hernando, author of Faces Like Devils: The Bald Knobber Vigilantes in the Ozarks, tells the story of the Baldknobbers. 
“All U.S. vigilante groups are in some way a representation of the American value of self-government,” Hernando said. “We are a society that was founded, at least in part, on the firm belief that the people have the right to create their own institutions of government, what is referred to as the ‘right of revolution,’ expressed right there in the Declaration of Independence. If the government is not doing what it’s supposed to, if it’s not protecting the people’s liberties, if it’s not serving the people’s interest, we have the right to rise up and replace that government. The problem is, you cannot do that on a continuous basis and have a stable society.”
Some scholars have traditionally defined vigilantes as groups of middle- and upper-class men who want to reinforce “law and order.” However, Hernando points out that several vigilante groups were founded by members of poor, disenfranchised classes hoping to gain the economic or political power they didn’t have or to restore traditional morals. Inevitably, most groups fighting lawlessness by going outside the law become the corrupt criminal element they were trying to tamp down in the first place.
In addition to the Baldknobbers, Hernando tells us about the North and South Carolina Regulators, the White Caps, Las Gorras Blancas, the Deacons for Defense, the Ku Klux Klan, and other vigilant groups of varying notoriety, in an article at Collectors Weekly.

Racist White Couple Get Long Jail Sentence For Terrorizing A Black Family - In GEORGIA

Find Out How Endangered the Wilderness Is Near You

International team reports ocean acidification spreading rapidly in Arctic Ocean

Ocean acidification (OA) is spreading rapidly in the western Arctic Ocean in both area and depth, according to new interdisciplinary research reported in Nature Climate Change by a team of international collaborators, including University of … Read more

Banded mongooses go to war over sex and territory

Banded mongooses go to war over sex and territory
Gang warfare is not unique to humans – banded mongooses do it too. Now researchers from the University of Exeter have shed light on the causes of the fights – and found they are most … Read more

Angry Octopus

Check out all the things this octopus does. It controls the water underneath its membranes to appear inflated like a parachute at times. That's the biggest thing you'll notice in this video, but there's more.
It changes color, from purple to pink to blue and back to purple again, with orange highlights and white spots at times. The octopus also appears to have spikes on its head, but that's more of a disguise. As it swims away, its head is smooth! If you watched this video a few more times, you'll probably find some other amazing power. What's happening is that the octopus was not happy with the presence of the videographer, and was warning her off. You can read the story at Pink Tank Scuba.

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