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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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Today is - Flag Day

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Today in History

The Peasants’ Revolt, led by Wat Tyler, climaxes when rebels plunder and burn the Tower of London and kill the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Massachusetts passes the first compulsory education law in the colonies.
Oliver Cromwell‘s army routs the king’s army at Naseby.
The U.S. Army is founded when the Continental Congress authorizes the muster of troops.
The Continental Congress authorizes the “stars and stripes” flag for the new United States.
Captain William Bligh of the HMS Bounty arrives in Timor in a small boat. He had been forced to leave his ship when his crew mutinied.
A group of settlers declare California to be a republic.
At the Battle of Pine Mountain, Georgia, Confederate General Leonidas Polk is killed by a Union shell.
The city of Philadelphia observes the first Flag Day.
Women in Norway win the right to vote.
John William Alcott and Arthur Whitten Brown take off from St. John’s, Newfoundland, for Clifden, Ireland, on the first nonstop transatlantic flight.
Warren G. Harding becomes the first pretender to speak on the radio.
Nicaraguan President Porfirio Diaz signs a treaty with the U.S. allowing American intervention in his country.
Representative Edward Eslick dies on the floor of the House of Representatives while pleading for the passage of the bonus bill.
German forces occupy Paris.
The Supreme Court rules that requiring students to salute the American flag is unconstitutional.
Boeing B-29 bombers conduct their first raid against mainland Japan.
Burma is liberated by the British.
The State of Vietnam is formed.
UNIVAC, the first computer built for commercial purposes, is demonstrated in Philadelphia by Dr. John W. Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, Jr.
Americans take part in the first nation-wide civil defense test against atomic attack.
A military triumvirate takes control in Saigon, South Vietnam.
Argentina surrenders to the United Kingdom ending the Falkland Islands War.
Gunmen hijack a passenger jet over the Middle East.
Congressman William Gray, an African American, is elected Democratic Whip of the House of Representatives.
Chechen rebels take 2,000 people hostage in a hospital in Russia.

Axe throwing bar off to a good start

Business is off to a good start at the Timber Lounge in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where axe throwing is the main attraction. The bar opened for business last month. Just hitting the target at the end of one of the four throwing lanes is a major accomplishment for players who are new to the game.
"It's an adrenaline rush. I didn't quite know what to expect," said Carrie Todd, who was trying it for the first time. "It was a lot more fun than what I expected." Razor sharp axes are used and players are given a quick lesson from a coach on how to throw them. That coach is also responsible for keeping an eye on the players to make sure they are playing safely and not drinking too much alcohol.

"There are a ton of safety measures in place, and before you even step into the cage, you're given a complete run down of all the rules," said Lucianna Plaxton, head axe throwing coach at Timber Lounge. "No one throws axes when they're too intoxicated. We are very strict about that." It costs $25 to $35 for a 90-minute, two-lane session. "The group bookings have been coming in steady and usually on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, we're just packed," said Marc Chisholm, co-owner of Timber Lounge.

"Typically groups range from eight to 14 people and we've had a few bachelor parties come through." Wednesday nights also are busy. Twenty-five players have registered to take part in the axe throwing league. "That's becoming a great form of socialization," said Plaxton. "People who didn't know each other previously are now becoming friends and going out with each other outside of the axe lounge."

Amityville Home for Sale Again

The house at 108 Ocean Ave Amityville, New York, is once again for sale. Yes, that house. We reported on its listing in 2010. While the asking price is lower this time around, it is still above the average selling price for similar homes in that area. There are drawbacks to having a famous home, like the tourists who feel the need to invade your space.
The house was the site of a horrific multiple murder in 1974 when Ronald DeFeo killed both his parents and his four siblings. DeFeo was found guilty of six counts of murder and is currently incarcerated. George and Kathy Lutz moved into the house in 1975 and stayed a mere 28 days. They were the subject of the 1977 book The Amityville Horror, in which the family endured paranormal experiences in the home. The book spawned a series of horror films. Later residents of the house reported no unusual occurrences, and while marketed as a true story, the book is mainly regarded as fiction now. Since the house became famous, the iconic windows featured prominently in the movies have been altered, and the house number has been changed from 112 to 108.
The house has five bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a quarter-acre lot, a garage and boathouse, and backs up to the Amityville River. The list price is $850,000. See the real estate listing for the home, with exterior photos.

Gross Diseases You Can Catch in a Pool

There's nothing quite like cooling off in a nice pool on a hot summer day, but if that pool isn't clean, you can face all kinds of nasty diseases. And I'm not talking about a pool having enough chlorine, I'm talking about public pools where stranger's fecal matter contaminates every drop of water.
Don't believe me? You may never want to enter the water again after you read about all the diseases you can catch in a pool. On the upside, most just result in some diarrhea. On the down side -diarrhea.

Here are 6 things you need to know about mass shootings and gun violence in America

Friends and family members embrace outside the Orlando Police Headquarters during the investigation of a shooting at the Pulse nightclub, where people were killed by a gunman, in Orlando, Florida, U.S June 12, 2016.  REUTERS/Steve Nesius
America has experienced yet another mass shooting. This time at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. It is the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Remember Binghamton — the 2009 mass shooting mainstream media still ignores

Photo by Spencer Platt/AFP
The terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando has, at last report, resulted in 50 dead.

‘Our prayers are not enough to end these kinds of senseless mass shootings’

Vice President Joe Biden addresses the HRC annual banquet (Photo: Sarah Burris)
Vice President Joe Biden released a statement expressing compassion and empathy while also demanding action on gun violence in America.

Florida Imam offers prayers for Orlando shooting victims — and is showered with bigotry

Muhammad Musri (left) with Orlando Police Chief John Mina and Mayor Buddy Dyer at scene of shooting -- Facebook
A Florida Imam who went on CNN Sunday morning to express condolences to the victims and families of the horrific shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando is now on the receiving end of threats and attacks on social media.

Fox hack blames Obama for Orlando nightclub shooting before bodies can be recovered

Fox & Friends covers Orlando nightclub shooting (screen grab)Fox hack blames Obama for Orlando nightclub shooting before bodies can be recovered

Indiana gun nut who planned to attack Los Angeles LGBT pride had a history of criminal violence

James Wesley Howell (Photo: Santa Monica PD)
The Los Angeles LGBT Pride festival, James Wesley Howell, of Indiana, seemed to have a criminal past involving guns.

Mormons busted for luring Mexican kids with food to baptize them without parents’ permission

Members of the cult of jesus christ of latter day saints, or mormons, have been detained in Anáhuac, Chihuahua, Mexico after residents contacted police expressing outrage when four LDS missionaries tried to baptize children without the consent of their parents.

11-hour police standoff at empty house ended peacefully

An 11-hour police standoff following a reported domestic dispute ended when officers raided the house and realized it was empty.
Police surrounded a neighborhood in Redford Township, Michigan just after midnight on Saturday after getting reports about a domestic situation between a woman and a man who was possibly armed.

Police believed a man had barricaded himself in his home, shutting down a neighborhood and leading to the 11-hour standoff with an empty house. The Livonia Special Response Team assisted Redford police with the scene. Tear gas canisters were fired into the home and a robot was used to try and find the man inside. The home was found empty when authorities entered late on Saturday morning.

It appears to have stemmed from a domestic situation. A husband and wife's argument became violent, sending the couple through the glass front door. The wife told police her husband stabbed her. The wife said the argument started after she told her husband she wanted a divorce after about six weeks of marriage. The husband had apparently left the home before police arrived.

Court rules that man's hand in pants and arching of pelvis amounted to protected free speech

A homeless man who confronted a woman and her young son at a public park by shoving his hand inside his unzipped pants and arching his pelvis toward her while shouting didn’t commit a crime. Oregon Court of Appeals recently ruled that 44-year-old Thomas Bryan Wade’s behaviour was constitutionally protected free speech. Back in May 2013, Wade stood in a Gresham park, unzipped his pants, shoved his hand inside and arched his pelvis in the direction of the woman who was with her 7-year-old son. The woman later told police that she turned her head away because she didn't want to see what she thought was about to happen: Wade exposing himself.
The mother also reported that Wade stood no more than 30 feet away as he repeatedly called her a "bitch" and ordered her to "Come over here!" The little boy started crying. Mother and son hastily left the park and called police. Wade was convicted of second-degree disorderly conduct. But last week, the Oregon Court of Appeals reversed the misdemeanor conviction, finding that Wade had committed no crime. "Although distasteful," Wade's behaviour amounted to constitutionally protected free speech , the Appeals Court wrote. Lawyers say that in light of the ruling, no other Oregon law could apply to what Wade did:
A public indecency charge against him was dismissed at trial because the woman hadn't seen Wade expose himself and the state has no crime of "disturbing the peace." Second-degree disorderly conduct is the closest thing in Oregon to "disturbing the peace." State law defines second-degree disorderly conduct, in part, as engaging in "fighting or violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior" with the intention of causing "public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm." Although state lawmakers haven't spelled out exactly what "tumultuous or threatening behavior" is, the Appeals Court said it must be behavior that creates a threat of using "physical force." Given the details of Wade's encounter with the woman, that he hadn't taken any steps toward her or her son, the court found that he hadn't done enough to demonstrate he was on the verge of a physical attack.
During Wade's trial in November 2013, Multnomah County Circuit Judge Gregory Silver found the opposite: that Wade had committed disorderly conduct because a "a reasonable person" would think a "violent sexual attack is likely to occur" and Wade's behavior was "threatening" and "recklessly created a risk that (the woman) would be alarmed by his behavior." Wade's defense attorney, Shannon Mortimer, applauded the reversal. He said his client needed help stabilizing his life, not a criminal conviction. "There are a lot of Thomas Bryan Wades out there," Mortimer said. "There's not a lot of resources available to handle them somewhere else than the criminal justice system. The courts are where these people get dropped off and judges and lawyers have to figure out what to do with them." Even with the ruling, prosecutors recommend calling police if someone feels threatened by another person's yelling or gestures, like in the Wade case.

Driver attempted to evade police using James Bond-esque smokescreen and spikes

A motorist in Lithuania channeled his inner James Bond by deploying spikes and a smokescreen in an effort to throw off police officers in hot pursuit.
Dashcam footage of the action-packed chase, which occurred on Thursday in the outskirts of the city of Marijampolė, shows the police hot on the heels of a Volvo.
As the police car got close, the Volvo driver let off a smokescreen, quickly followed by spikes, which for a few seconds causes the police car to stop at the side of the road.

But the officers quickly resumed the chase, and were soon able to bring the Volvo driver to a stop by blocking its path and forcing it into a guard rail. It is not known how the Volvo driver was able to equip the car with such gadgets, or what crime he was alleged to have committed before the chase.

Woman arrested for stealing toilets and wash basins from train

A 45-year-old woman was arrested on Saturday as she allegedly tried to steal toilets and wash basins from a stationary train at suburban Ghatkopar station in Mumbai, India, Railway police said.
The accused, identified as Sarita Gupta, was found carrying three wash basins and two steel commodes in a large plastic bag. The basins and commodes, collectively weighing 16 kgs and were worth Rs 800 (£8.40, $12.00).
Gupta told the police that she sold vegetables for a living but was finding it difficult to make ends meet. Gupta added that she had taken to selling scrap for the past two to three months, and planned to sell off the items. "She stole as much as she could carry. We have seized the stolen items from her.
"We are releasing her on bail as we cannot detain a woman over the weekend. She will be produced before a railway court on Monday," said investigating officer Brajesh Kumar, of Ghatkopar RPF. "Gupta did not have an accomplice. She just pulled the installations out as the ply was weak," Kumar added.

'Incognito Bandits' arrested in connection with spate of bank robberies

The Phoenix Police Department and the FBI Bank Robbery Task Force arrested two bank robbery suspects who are believed to be the "Incognito Bandits."
Michael Schultz Sr., 47 and Michelle Keller, 48, were arrested by police officers in Phoenix, Arizona, on Thursday. The two were suspects in a bank robbery that occurred earlier that day.
A few days before the latest robbery, law enforcement placed a GPS tracker on a vehicle matching the description of one used in previous incidents. Phoenix tactical teams were at a home in north Phoenix on Thursday night.

The bomb squad was on scene as a precaution. The two suspects have been charged in a criminal complaint, filed in federal court. The "Incognito Bandits" are linked to at least six bank robberies in the area that started on March 4.

Smiling ladies arrested for allegedly assaulting fast food worker who was ‘working too slowly’

Three women were arrested after they assaulted a McDonald's employee because she was working too slowly in serving them. In their booking photos, two of the women appear to be smiling after their arrests.
The assault happened last Wednesday at the McDonald's in Bellevue, Ohio. According to police, the female employee was assaulted in the restaurant parking lot after the women, who are from Sandusky, thought she wasn't serving them and their children quickly enough.
The women are identified by police as Ashley England, Mary Jordan and Sammie Whaley. They were arrested the next day after security video was used to identify them. England was charged with assault, theft of the employee's glasses and child endangerment.
Jordan was charged with assault and child endangerment. The child endangerment charges are due to the fact England and Jordan had their children present with them and the children also participated in the incident. Whaley was also charged with assault.

Man arrested after hitting woman in the face with a chicken

A man faces charges after a woman says he hit her in the face with a chicken.
James Clark McCullen, 52, of Wayne County, North Carolina, is charged with assault on a female on Monday, June 6.
According to the sheriff’s office, the woman said he “grabbed the victim by her hair and smashed a chicken in her face.”
The report said she had a plastic mug in her hand and fought back before running away. The report did not say if the chicken was alive or frozen.

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