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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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Today in History

Emperor Charles V reaches a truce with German Protestants at Frankfurt, Germany.
Residents of Boston oust their governor, Edmond Andros.
The English Parliament bans the American colonies from printing paper money.
The American Revolution begins as fighting breaks out at Lexington, Massachusetts.
The Netherlands recognizes the United States.
Tadeusz Kosciuszko forces the Russians out of Warsaw.
The Spanish reopen New Orleans port to American merchants.
English poet Lord George Gordon Byron dies of malaria at age 36 while aiding Greek independence.
The Baltimore riots result in four Union soldiers and nine civilians killed.
Lincoln orders a blockade of Confederate ports.
The Times war correspondent telephones a report of the Battle of Ahmed Khel, the first time news is sent from a field of battle in this manner.
In China, Hankow communists declare war on Chiang Kai-shek.
Shirley Temple appears in her first movie.
General Francisco Franco declares victory in the Spanish Civil War.
Connecticut finally approves the Bill of Rights.
The Warsaw Ghetto uprising against Nazi rule begins.
Baseball uniforms begin displaying player’s names on their backs.
Russia launches its first Salyut space station.
Alex Haley receives a special Pulitzer Prize for his book Roots.
NASA names Sally Ride to be the first woman astronaut.
The battleship USS Iowa‘s number 2 turret explodes, killing sailors.
The FBI ends a 51-day siege by storming the Branch Davidian religious cult headquarters in Waco, Texas.
A truck bomb explodes in front of the federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people.

Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

Medieval medical books could hold the recipe for new antibiotics

The Soviets Made A Real Doomsday Device In The '80s And The Russians Still Have It Today

During the Cold War, the world went MAD, which means "mutually assured destruction." The concept meant that if your nukes were deployed at my country, ours would automatically be deployed at yours. The technology developed for this fatalistic deterrence system is still around today, as far as we know. In the 1980s, the Soviet Union developed a "doomsday device" they called Система «Периметр», or Perimeter System. It came to be known as Dead Hand. But it was a state secret- the rest of the world didn't even know about Dead Hand until 1993, after the fall of the Soviet Union. What kind of deterrence is that?
If you want a doomsday device to function as a way to frighten would-be attackers into not attacking you, they have to know the device exists. Secrecy renders the whole point moot. That is, unless the purpose of the device is not as clear as it would seem.

Dead Hand, it turns out, may not have been primarily a deterrent against the Americans launching a nuclear attack against the Soviets, but rather was a Soviet-built safeguard to prevent themselves from launching a nuclear attack unnecessarily.
Read how Dead Hand worked (or works) at Foxtrot Alpha.

Banksy Helps Us See the Authoritarianism All Around Us

‘Lunch Shaming’

‘Lunch Shaming’: Schools Punish Poor Kids Who Can’t Pay For Lunch With Appalling Humiliation
This is nothing short of disgraceful, and it should be illegal.

Outrage as Teen Denied Lung Transplant

Why We March

Internet Trolls

The internet has proven that globally one type of user can be found more than any other- the "profane and prolific online contrarians" better known as internet trolls.
These sad little souls get a thrill out of making others feel bad or uncomfortable online, and even though most of them wouldn't have the cojones to say that vile crap IRL online they're fearless Internet Warriors. (NSFW language)
The Internet Warriors is a short documentary created for The Guardian by director Kyrre Lien, who traveled all over the world to speak to trolls in their own caves and find out what makes them troll so hard:
Why do so many people use the internet to harass and threaten people, and stretch the freedom of speech to its limits? …Online platforms are their favorite tools to express the opinions that others might find objectionable in language that often offends. Do they behave in the same way when they come offline?
We here know well these trolls - Sad, pathetic little wastes of carbon that they are.
The overwhelming majority of whom are illiterate wingnuts (Hey, the world does not laugh at their 'proper' spelling you know.) projecting their delusions and peccadilloes onto everyone else while self deluding themselves that they are normal and the rest are not.

Google, Facebook and Amazon, Destroying Privacy, Producing Inequality and Undermining Democracy

Berkeley Protesters Didn't 'Riot'

Berkeley Protesters Didn't 'Riot': They Were Sabotaged By Alt-White Terrorists
They Were Sabotaged By Alt-White Terrorists

Silicon Valley CEO gets 30-day plea deal for second attack of wife despite recording of incident

A Silicon Valley CEO entered into a plea deal stemming from his second felony domestic violence charge, even though the victim submitted audio evidence of her husband verbally berating and beating her.

People who read The Handmaid’s Tale think it could never happen here

People who read The Handmaid’s Tale think it could never happen here — but it already did

Maryland legislative fails to end law forcing rape victims to share custody with their attackers

Texas bathroom bill targeting trans people would also strip rights for veterans, elderly and pregnant women

Foods We May Lose If Bee Populations Continue to Decline

Horse Launches Surprise Attack On Alligator

Alligators have a gruesome complexion and a mouth full of pointy teeth so most animals find them intimidating, especially animals that fit inside a gator's mouth.But horses don't give a crap about the alligator's fearsome reputation, and if one of those smiley faced savages tries to get too close to a horse they're asking for a good stompin'!
The alligator looked like it was minding its own business, but I think the horse had the right idea because you never know what a gator might do when they start feeling a bit peckish.

Red Panda Triplets

Symbio Wildlife Park in New South Wales, Australia, has a set of red panda triplets: Mohan, Raj, and Phinju. They were born on Christmas Eve, and are just old enough now to go exploring outside their den. Lucky for us, the moment was captured on video. You can tell they are excited by the way they are tripping over each other!
Their mother Kesari is right behind them, though, to make sure everything goes alright

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