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Friday, May 6, 2016

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Today in History

German troops begin sacking Rome. Libraries are destroyed, the Pope is captured and thousands are killed.
Babur defeats the Afghan Chiefs in the Battle of Ghaghra, India.
King Louis XIV moves his court to Versailles, France.
U.S. Army troops from Fort Tejon and Fort Miller prepare to ride out to protect Keyesville, California, from Yokut Indian attack.
Arkansas becomes the ninth state to secede from the Union.
Henry David Thoreau dies of tuberculosis at age 44.
In the second day of the Battle of the Wilderness between Union General Ulysses S. Grant and Confederate General Robert E. Lee, Confederate Gen. James Longstreet is wounded by his own men.
Chief Crazy Horse surrenders to U.S. troops in Nebraska. Crazy Horse brought General George Custer to his end.
The dirigible Hindenburg explodes in flames at Lakehurst, New Jersey.
Bob Hope gives his first USO show at California’s March Field.
General Jonathan Wainwright surrenders Corregidor to the Japanese.
The Red Army besieges and captures Sevastopol in the Crimea.
Axis Sally makes her final propaganda broadcast to Allied troops.
British runner Roger Bannister breaks the four minute mile.
Eisenhower signs the Civil Rights Act of 1960.
The first nuclear warhead is fired from a Polaris submarine.
The Channel Tunnel linking England to France is officially opened.

The Worst Restaurant Customers

C.A. Pinkham shares stories from restaurant servers about their worst customers ever. Ray wrote him about a couple who came into the burger joint where he once worked and ordered two double burgers and fries. They didn’t even try to hide what happened next.
"The wife ate her burger normally, but the husband took the patties off of the bun and ate them by themselves. We all thought this was strange, because if he didn't want to eat the bun, he could have just ordered the burger without the bun. But hey, he paid for it, so he could do what he wanted with it. After they finished their burgers, the husband picked up his tray with an empty bun on it and walked up to the counter. He flagged down our manager and said we forgot to put the patties on his burger. He literally took the patties off his bun, ate the patties, then presented us with a meatless bun, saying he never got any meat.
"The manager comped him his meal and made me make him a new burger." -- Ray Davidson [Editor’s Note: I don’t want to believe that there exists a manager that stupid, but lived experience -- and editing these stories all the time -- has taught me otherwise.]
There are plenty of other, longer stories of horrid restaurant patrons in the first edition of a regular column about terrible customers at Thrillist. If you have such a story, you’re invited to send it in. Otherwise, you can learn what drives servers crazy.

Whole vs. Skim

When it comes to milk and health, it's a no-brainer, right? Skim all the way! Take that, fat. But, new research questions that common assumption.

California’s approach to healthcare marketplace held down premiums

California’s approach to healthcare marketplace held down premiums
California’s approach to healthcare marketplace held down premiums
A new study suggests Covered California’s authority to select health insurers successfully held down premium costs. The research was published in the May issue of Health Affairs, and was conducted at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health in collaboration with New...

Medical error now third-largest cause of death in US

Medical error now third-largest cause of death in US

What's the Big Deal About Big Banks?

Six of Wall Street's biggest banks hold up to 60 percent of the U.S. GDP. Why is that a problem, and what does it mean to be 'too big to fail'?

Hedge Funds Serve Very Little Useful Purpose Except to Make a Few People Very Rich

This Is the Kind of CEO America Needs More Of

Silicon Valley CEO Says He'd Make Low-Income Vendors Lives 'Miserable,' Brags About Driving Out Family of Recyclers

What an ASSHOLE!

Procter & Gamble fetishizes moms in ads but fires pregnant women in real life

Pregnant woman working in store
Shutterstock (maxriesgo)
Prior to her pregnancy, one of her supervisors had told her at the Dolce and Gabbana shop at Saks Fifth Avenue where she worked that “pregnancy is not part of the uniform.”

Mannequin in orange underpants has taken over speed patrol from man

The wife of a man who donned orange underpants to protest about speeding on the A46 in Gloucestershire has now delegated the job to her mannequin. Joanna Auburn's husband Paul Ryder stopped traffic when he appeared beside the busy road in his bright orange Calvin Kleins back in February. Worried for the safety of villagers, Cotswold Way walkers and motorists alike, Joanna is determined to get the speed limit in the village reduced from 40mph to 30mph.
But while she battles with officialdom, she has decided to co-opt the services of a mannequin she keeps for the modelling of clothing to sell on e-Bay. Joanna has dressed the dummy in a pair of women's Calvin Kleins and popped a speed limit sign round its neck before erecting it beside the A46 in Pennsylvania, South Gloucestershire. "She's causing quite a stir with lorries driving by tooting their horns," she said. "There's people slowing down and giving the thumbs-up. It's a bit of fun." While Joanna admits that most people are probably slowing down out of curiosity, she is happy that it is having the desired effect.
Joanna has been begging for help from Avon and Somerset Police, Highways England and the South Gloucestershire Council ever since she and Paul moved into the village in January. Her efforts were rewarded with the promise of help from police to set up a Community Speed Watch group, but the five villagers who have volunteered for the scheme need final training before they can start monitoring speeds in the area with a hand-held speed gun. Joanna hopes that the data they collect will convince Highways England of the need to reduce the speed limit in Pennsylvania to 30mph.
The agency has told her it needs to see evidence of collisions "including frequency, severity, types and causes et al" before it would consider reducing the speed limit. "The evidence to date in terms of recorded accidents in simple terms is that there are not many and they do not appear overtly associated with excessive speed," a representative from the agency told her in an email. But Joanna said there have been six collisions on the A46 in Pennsylvania in the past three months. Joanna has told Highways England about the incidents and is determined to inform the agency as each collision occurs from now on. "It's a hard battle, but I'm not going to give up," she said.

Woman arrested for DUI after stopping to argue with officer arresting her sibling for same offense

A 41-woman and her 31-year-old brother were both arrested by Florida Highway Patrol troopers and charged with DUI on Friday morning.
Officials said they received a bulletin to be on the lookout for a reckless driver traveling southbound on Interstate 75 near Ocala. A trooper spotted the vehicle and was able to stop it.
While talking with the driver, later identified as Josue Moncada, the trooper detected alcohol and arrested him on a DUI charge at 2:55am. Minutes later, Moncada's sister, Ercilia Moncada, arrived at the incident location and argued with the trooper about why he was arresting her brother.
Another trooper was called to the location and while talking with her, found her to be impaired. She was also arrested on a DUI charge at 3:18am and placed in a second trooper's cruiser. The first trooper left the scene to take Moncada's brother to the Marion County Jail, leaving the second trooper and the woman behind. The woman, who was handcuffed, managed to escape, but was later captured.

Jesus arrested for refusing to leave Apple Store

The man known as Philly Jesus was arrested in Philadelphia on Monday night. The incident took place at around 6:15pm at an Apple Store where he had been checking his emails.
Police say they received a call from the store manager about a man who would not leave the store when asked. Officers arrived to find Philly Jesus, a delusional "former" drug addict whose real name is Michael Grant, and who is known to local residents for dressing like Jesus and quoting bible verses.
Police asked him to leave the store. They say Grant refused to leave and created a disturbance. He was taken into custody and charged with Defiant Trespassing and Disorderly Conduct. This is not the first time he has been arrested.
Back in 2014, he was arrested at Dilworth Plaza. He was arrested then for Disorderly Conduct and Failure to Disperse. At the time, Grant said he was misunderstood. He said he doesn't ask for money, but he does accept tips.

Florida Keys Coral Reefs Dissolving Faster Than Thought

Ocean acidification due to climate change is dissolving limestone along the Florida Reef Tract.

Researchers find that Earth may be home to 1 trillion species

Researchers find that Earth may be home to 1 trillion species
Researchers find that Earth may be home to 1 trillion species
Earth could contain nearly 1 trillion species, with only one-thousandth of 1 percent now identified, according to the results of a new study. The estimate, based on universal scaling laws applied to large datasets, appears today in the journal Proceedings of the...

Could Pig Parts One Day Save Human Lives?

It's early days, but cross-species implantation -- plugging parts from one species into another -- is on the far horizon, and the humble pig may be our best bet to prolong life.

Machete-wielding man arrested after Dogtown dog poo dispute

An Alabama man was arrested in West Marin, California, after allegedly threatening a resident with a machete in an argument over dog feces on Thursday. The incident occurred shortly after 9am when a group of tourists in two cars stopped along Highway 1, and one of the drivers let his dog out.
When the dog defecated along the road, a resident came out to complain, and an argument ensued. Then the driver went to his car and pulled out a machete about 24 inches long, sheriff’s Lt. Doug Pittman said. The man allegedly held the machete over his head and made a swiping motion. The resident retreated and called authorities. The tourists drove away.
The resident was able to provide deputies with a description of the car and its correct license plate number. The license plate was from Alabama. Authorities found the suspect about 90 minutes later at the Muir Beach parking lot. The suspect acknowledged being involved in the incident but said he retrieved the machete because he feared for his safety.
He told deputies he had to let out his dog, which was about 70 to 80 pounds, because it seemed to be getting sick in the car. His traveling companions declined to provide statements to deputies. Jordon Ryan Turner, 31, of Bay Minette, Alabama, was booked into Marin County Jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly a weapon. His bail was set at $50,000. “The irony of the whole thing is that it took place in Dogtown,”added Pittman.

Alligator spotted climbing up front door of family's home

A family from Moncks Corner, South Carolina, had a visitor at the front door of their home recently. Alligator sightings are pretty common in the Lowcountry, but one crawling up the front door is slightly more unusual. Gary Rogers says he was walking his dog down a street in Foxbank Plantation on Monday morning when construction workers stopped what they were doing to watch an alligator meander into the yards of two homes.

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