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Friday, July 28, 2017

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Today in Hstory

Henry VIII of England marries Catherine Howard; Thomas Cromwell is beheaded on Tower Hill in England.
French explorer Samuel de Champlain discovers Lake Huron on his seventh voyage to the New World.
Robespierre is beheaded in France.
Sultan Mustafa of the Ottoman Empire is deposed and his cousin Mahmud II gains the throne.
King Louis-Philippe of France survives an assassination attempt.
Confederate John Mosby begins a series of attacks against General George Meade‘s Army of the Potomac.
The 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees citizenship to all those born or naturalized in the United States, is adopted.
Spain, through the offices of the French embassy in Washington, D.C., requests peace terms in its war with the United States.
Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, beginning World War I.
Pancho Villa surrenders to the Mexican government.
The Bonus Army of impoverished World War I veterans is violently pushed out of Washington, D.C.
A Japanese army lands on the coast of Cochin, China (modern day Vietnam).
A B-25 bomber crashes into the Empire State Building in New York City, killing 13 people.
President Lyndon Johnson sends an additional 50,000 troops to South Vietnam.
Israeli diplomats arrive in Moscow for the first time in 21 years.
A fire at an electrical substation causes a blackout in Chicago. Some 40,000 people were without power for up to three days.
Discovery of remains of a prehistoric man near Kennewick, Washington, casts doubts on accepted beliefs of when, how and where the Americas were populated.
The Irish Republican Army (IRA) announces an end to its 30-year armed campaign in Northern Ireland.
Britain experiences its most costly tornado to date, causing 40 million Sterling Pounds of damage to Birmingham in just four minutes. There were no fatalities.

Who The Hell Is Marilyn Monroe?

When Norma Jean decided to throw caution to the wind and make herself over to become the iconic movie star/sex symbol Marilyn Monroe she began the transformation by becoming a pin-up model.
The photographers who shot Marilyn had the eye and Marilyn had the everything else, and together they created the Marilyn Monroe image that made her the Hollywood It Girl every director wanted in their films.
But before the fame came those "who the hell is this girl?" moments, like the time in 1950 when LIFE photographer Ed Clark photographed Marilyn "at the suggestion of a friend of 20th Century Fox telling of the new hiring of the studios":
“I sent several rolls to LIFE in New York, but they wired back, ‘Who the hell is Marilyn Monroe?” – Ed Clark.

Harvard Magazine Personal Advertisements’ Many Synonyms For “Rich” or “Thin”

Harvard magazine has a personals section. You probably did not know that. Mallory Ortberg occasionally has access to a copy, and is quite amused at how every personal ad wants to emphasize how rich and how thin the person is …without saying it that blatantly.
One actual person wrote “ENJOYS BUSINESS-CLASS TRAVEL” as a descriptor, which I think is one of the purest things I have ever read. And the further you get into the weeds of the personals, the more frenzied the synonyms get, because everyone is concerned with making ABSOLUTELY SURE that you are picking up what they are putting down, but they are also (belatedly and barely) concerned about seeming judgmental or close-minded, so they try to speak in the world’s most breakable code.
What follows is a list of examples (that we suspect are enhanced composites) at The Toast. Yes, a year after the site ceased publication, The Toast is back, sadly, for one day only.

Geographic Markers That Are Totally Inaccurate

Have you ever been to a place that had a marker denoting a geographic wonder, such as the equator, the Continental Divide, or the geographic center of some land mass? The chances are good that it's not quite accurate. Sometimes markers were put in a convenient location somewhat near the actual spot. Sometimes they are monuments to the difficulty of geographic mapping, and turns out to be a mistake. And some were pretty accurate in their time, but the world has a way of changing. All these reasons are represented in this list. Europos Park in Lithuania is an example.
In the early 1990s the people of Lithuania got very excited when calculations identified a spot outside the capital city, Vilnius, as the dead center of Europe. A big sculpture park dubbed Europos Park was erected at the spot. But French scientists who had proposed the spot for the center in the first place sent news that they accidentally missed the exact target by 8 miles (14 kilometers). The correct center, which is still contested, is now marked with a square and a small museum.
And then there are those that are inaccurate and we really don't know why. Read about eleven such markers at Atlas Obscura.

One dead, five critically hurt after thrown from ride at Ohio State Fair

One person was killed and five others critically injured at the Ohio State Fair on Wednesday when they were flung into air after their seats snapped off a ride that hoists and spins people, fire officials told local media.
The accident at the fair, which opened on Wednesday in Columbus, occurred when a section of open-air seating snapped off a “Fireball” ride, TV station WCMH said.
The seats are in a circular configuration and at the end of an arm that lifts riders as they are being spun.
The person killed was an 18-year-old man, the station reported.
The man who died was thrown into the air and landed about 50 feet (15 m) from the ride, the Columbus Dispatch reported a fire official as saying. Names of the person killed and those injured have not been released.

Find Your City's 'Climate Twin'

Protecting Superfunds

GE, Invenergy build wind farm in Oklahoma, biggest in the U.S.

GE, Invenergy build wind farm in Oklahoma, biggest in the U.S.
Power development company Invenergy LLC and General Electric Co on Wednesday announced plans to build the largest wind farm in the United States in Oklahoma, part of a $4.5 billion project to provide electricity to 1.1 million utility customers in the region.…

It's Time to End Planned Obsolescence

The Shocking, Unmatched Pains That Wal-Mart Took to Avoid Unions

Transgender troops serving US military since Civil War

Sparking outrage from the LGBT community, Dumbass Trump announced Wednesday transgender people would be banned from serving in the military. He said the move would curtail the "tremendous medical costs" incurred on the gender-transition surgeries that the transgender people serving in the military go through.

As ISIL is defeated, Al-Qaeda grows more powerful

The Islamic State militant group (ISIL) once spanned nearly half of Iraq and Syria, claiming millions of civilians and tens of thousands of fighters from across the globe as part of its self-proclaimed caliphate. Now ISIL has been declared dead in Iraq and faces a similar fate in Syria, the other major half of its ultraconservative Sunni Muslim empire. As it loses ground, its fighters have been forced to either embrace death, be captured by a hostile power or attempt to flee. Experts say, rather than surrender, a number of jihadists will easily be drawn to the ranks of another international jihadist network: Al-Qaeda.

Jury Sentences Man to 137 Years in Jail for Stealing Tires

Cliven Bundy follower gets 68 years for role in armed Nevada standoff

One of two men convicted in the first of several trials stemming from a 2014 standoff led by renegade rancher Cliven Bundy against federal authorities in Nevada was sentenced on Wednesday to 68 years in prison for his role in the armed confrontation.

The most explosive, energetic events in the universe

Scientists have recorded a gamma ray burst, describing the event—one of the most explosive and energetic in the universe—in unprecedented detail.
Gamma ray bursts, or GRBs, come from newly formed black holes, regions of space that spew jets of ionized matter at nearly the speed of light. The power of these jets produces brief but extremely intense flashes—GRBs.

Half of Milky Way's matter comes from distant galaxies

Up to half of the Milky Way is made up of matter that came from distant galaxies, having been ejected from its home during supernova explosions. This means everything in our home galaxy, including humans, is, in part, of intergalactic origin.

LA man accused of smuggling king cobras in potato chip cans

A Los Angeles man was arrested on Tuesday after federal prosecutors said he arranged to smuggle into the United States three live, highly venomous king cobra snakes hidden in potato chip canisters.

United Airlines sued by owners of giant rabbit found dead after flight

Three Iowa businessmen filed a lawsuit against United Airlines Wednesday over the death of a giant rabbit that was found dead in a kennel after a flight from London to Chicago, according to the Associated Press.

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