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Friday, April 1, 2016

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Today in History

The Sea Beggars under Guillaume de la Marck land in Holland and capture the small town of Briel.
Oliver Pollock, creates the dollar sign.
The first wartime conscription law goes into effect in the United States.
At the Battle of Five Forks, Gen. Robert E. Lee begins his final offensive.
The Hampton Institute is founded in Hampton, Va.
Berlin and Paris are linked by telephone.
England’s Royal Air Force is formed.
Germany’s Workers Party changes its name to the Nationalist Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazis).
Adolf Hitler sentenced to five years in prison for the “Beer Hall Putsch.”
China’s Chiang Kai-shek begins attacks on communists.
The yo-yo is introduced in the United States by Louie Marx.
The Spanish Civil War effectively ends with the official recognition of Franco’s government.
The U.S. Navy begins a partial convoy system in the Atlantic.
U.S. forces launch invasion of Okinawa.
A miner’s strike in the U.S. idles 400,000 workers.
The Berlin Airlift begins, relieving the surrounded city from the Soviet siege.
United Nations forces again move northward across the 38th Parallel in Korea.
The U.S. Air Force Academy is founded in Colorado.
The U.S. Army launches Operation Pegasus, the reopening of a land route to the besieged Khe Sanh Marine base.
The U.S. Army charges Captain Ernest Medina for his role in the My Lai massacre.
The United States transfers control of the Panama Canal Zone to Panama.

Butchered Bear Bone Rewrites Human History in Ireland

Analysis of the find has provided evidence of human existence in Ireland 2,500 years earlier than previously thought.

Popeyes job applicant aces the interview — after helping stop a robbery

Popeyes job applicant aces the interview — after helping stop a robbery

If You Catch And Use Rainwater In Colorado, You Are A Criminal

Made ya look

Made ya look: Moviegoers may have little control over eye movements
Made ya look: Moviegoers may have little control over eye movements
Hollywood-style films may control viewers’ attention more than originally thought, according to a Kansas State University researcher. Lester Loschky, associate professor of psychological sciences, recently published “What Would Jaws Do? The Tyranny of...

Be Less Stupid Is A Show For People Who Like To Know Stuff

The world could use a few more people who have their minds set on being less stupid, because those folks seem to be in short supply these days and the internet only makes it easier to skate by without a brain.
So maybe what we need is a new web series aimed at turning the tides of dumbness, a series with a catchy title like Be Less Stupid, yeah, that's the ticket! (NSFW due to language)
Be Less Stupid is a new series by former Penn & Teller: Bulls#%t! and Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher writer Jon Hotchkiss, who exposes the truth about hot button issues like Coke bleaching, cabin depressurization and whether having sex with a pregnant woman poses a threat to the infant. You know, smart people stuff!

Are Creativity and Mental Illness Linked?

"Mad geniuses" are a staple of fact and fiction, and studies have shown a higher incidence of mental disorders in those who are highly creative. But which prompts which? Does creativity lead to madness or does madness lead to creativity?

How Big Pharma Is Cashing in on Addiction to Alcohol and Illicit Drugs

Ibuprofen vs. Acetaminophen

You know the story: You have a headache, and the only thing to make the "Eeeowww!" subside is to turn to your medicine cabinet's offerings. But which one will do the trick? We examine how ibuprofen and acetaminophen differ.

Antibiotics before age 2 increases risk for childhood obesity

Antibiotics before age 2 increases risk for childhood obesityAntibiotics before age 2 increases risk for childhood obesity
While early antibiotic use has been associated with a number of rare long-term health consequences, new research links antibiotics to one of the most important and growing public health problems worldwide — obesity. A study1 published online in Gastroenterology,...

Hospital threw away thousands of dollars worth of medication after urination incident

A patient at Florida Hospital Waterman has been accused of possibly contaminating thousands of dollars worth of medication after he reportedly urinated on a refrigerator.
According to Tavares police, hospital officials said 53-year-old Clyde Brooks, went to the emergency room on Tuesday night and sometime before 6:30am on Wednesday, he started to urinate on the walls and floor.
Some of the urine struck a small refrigerator that contained the medicine, which hospital officials said they had to dispose of due to possible contamination. Brooks was charged with criminal mischief.
He was released from the Lake County jail after he posted a $2,000 bail. Brooks has been arrested 19 other times in the past 10 years on charges that included trespassing, disorderly conduct and indecent exposure, according to Lake County Sheriff’s Office records.

Secular values triumph in culture war

Recent studies have found Americans are less likely to publicly engage in religious delusions — but a new study found they are less likely to privately practice religion or even describe themselves as spiritual.

The biblical myths about the last days and hours of jesus are not true

Even though we devote more social (and media) space to jesus’ birth, historically the christian cult has paid far more attention to his death. That is certainly the case with the new testament itself.

Idaho wingnut: bibles in public schools ruled constitutional by ‘little Supreme Court in my head’

The Idaho House of Representatives has passed legislation allowing references to the bible in public schools in direct contradiction to the state constitution.
Hey, asshole, there are medications for those voices in your head. Take your meds!

Wingnuts wrecked Kansas economy so bad they had to auction off dildos for cash

Seth Meyers lays waste to Sam Brownback's trickle-down economics (Screen capture)Seth Meyers: Wingnuts wrecked Kansas economy so bad they had to auction off dildos for cash

Arizona Wingnuts Pass Bill To Punish Cities With Budget Cuts If They Pass Paid Sick Leave Laws

If cities want to try and help their workers get paid sick leave, the Arizona state government will punish them with harmful budget cuts. Most sane people...

Kansas Wingnuts Want Schools To Be Sued For Accommodating Trans Students

Hate Group Masquerading As Pediatricians Attacks Transgender Youth

The Supreme Court Case That Could Put Out The Hobby Lobby Fire

Do you smell that? 
Those are the charred remains of the egregiously erroneous Hobby Lobby 'decision'. 

Man arrested after being filmed by security cameras he is accused of stealing

Police say a man accused of stealing security cameras was caught on video, which led to his arrest. Security cameras were recording as they were being ripped from the ceiling of the EZ laundromat in Louisville, Kentucky.
On March 9, a man began to check every corner of the empty laundromat. "He kind of walked back in this area here. Looked back at the door. There were a couple of cameras right over his head," Micah Reed, of EZ Wash, said.
Reed said the man was literally hanging on the cameras until they gave way. He wasn't using any tools. Reed said he left with four cameras. The last one he took near the front door was a decoy. Police said Thomas Stillwell, 35, was arrested.

Reed said it's not the first time they've broken into, but they've worked to improve security. "Failure in the sense our cameras are gone. But, a success in the sense that hopefully there is some justice that comes from it," Reed added.

Woman who blamed wrong-way driving on being Canadian had meth, marijuana and a cat

When Montreal native Valerie Helene Godbout, 33, was pulled over for driving the wrong way in Orange County, Florida, she explained to an officer that she lived in Canada. She then explained to the officer how traffic worked in Canada and used it as an excuse for why she was driving in the wrong direction. The only problem was that in both Canada and the United States, citizens drive on the right-hand side of the road.
"She tried to explain how traffic worked in Canada," Oakland police officer Charles Streetzel wrote in an arrest report. "After listening to her I explained that the roadway she had been traveling on operated under the same principles. At this time I noticed her eyes were bloodshot and she seemed to be confused," Streetzel wrote. The cooperative Ms Godbout was later charged with possession of marijuana, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia and booked into the Orange County Jail. A cat found in the car was turned over to Orange County Animal Services for "safe keeping."
The encounter happened just before 12:10am last Thursday. Streetzel was driving a police vehicle when a corporal in the passenger seat spotted the wrong-way driver run a red light. "In an attempt to prevent a head on collision with other vehicles, I made a U-turn and placed my vehicle in the path of all traffic," Streetzel wrote. "The vehicle heading east stopped, as well as the traffic heading westbound." Godbout followed Streetzel's orders and pulled off into a nearby parking lot, where she tried to explain why she was driving on the left side against the flow of traffic.
She told the officer she drove from Canada, stopped in New York and Miami and was now heading to California. Streetzel asked if she was on drugs. She glanced over at a small glass container with a red rubber lid covered in jewels and said, "No," repeatedly. "I could plainly see some sort of leafy substance in the container," the officer wrote. He asked what was in it and she said, "Nothing! It's a friend's. It's not mine." She later said "it's weed" but it belonged to a friend. After she got out of the vehicle, officers searched and found a bag with substances later determined to be marijuana and meth. The pet, Mia, was reclaimed by Godbout on Saturday when she was released from jail after posting bond.

Man arrested following theft of vest from stuffed bear

A man suspected of stealing a custom-made vest from a stuffed bear was arrested on Saturday morning in Portland, Oregon.
The bear in question is a nearly life-sized stuffed animal that stands guard over the Mont Bell store in downtown Portland. It wears a bright-red vest, specially made to fit the bear's wide girth and thick neck.
But the bear was naked on Friday night, after 35-year-old Migual Farnca allegedly took the vest and walked off with it, according to Portland police. Farnca is 6 feet tall with a slim build.
He was spotted walking across the Ross Island Bridge just before 10am on Saturday, wearing the vest. Officers arrested Farnca shortly after. He was booked into Multnomah County Jail and charged with theft. The bear, meanwhile, is once again wearing the vest.

Northwest Passage Now Open to Cruise Ships

A 68,000 ton cruise ship will soon embark on a voyage through the fabled and perilous route.

Southern California's New Cloud-Seeding Project Has Conspiracy Nuts in a Frenzy

Fish bond when they eat the same food

Fish bond when they eat the same food
Fish bond when they eat the same food
For some fish, it makes more sense to swim around with those that share their taste in food – and smell similar in the process – than to shoal with members of their own species. That is among the findings of a study led by Tanja Kleinhappel of the...

What The Pages Doth Reveal

The finding proves that metal-bearing ink was used several centuries earlier than previously believed.
Fragments of an ancient Greek text telling of an invasion of Greece by the Goths during the third century A.D. have been discovered.

Urban Birds Smarter, Healthier than Rural Birds

City-slicker birds may have an intellectual wing up on their country counterparts, according to a new study of avian intelligence.

Rare Sri Lankan flying snake spotted in India

A rare flying snake was spotted in Kalampalayam village, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, by residents.
The villagers then frantically called snake rescuers to trap the reptile which was spotted flying and crawling from one tree to another.
The snake rescuer, Ranjith, identified the three-feet-long reptile as a rare Sri Lankan flying snake.

The species is known to be found in dry zone lowlands and parts of the intermediate climatic zones in Sri Lanka. The reptile was later handed over to the forest department.

Animal Pictures