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Sunday, August 13, 2017

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Today in History

Hernan Cortes captures the city of Tenochtitlan, Mexico, and sets it on fire.
Emperor Ferdinand II dismisses Albert Eusebius von Wallenstein, his most capable general.
War starts when the Spanish are expelled from Santa Fe, New Mexico, by Indians under Chief Pope.
The Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Austria defeat the French Army at the Battle of Blenheim.
The Ottoman Empire declares war on Russia.
Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest defeats a Union army under Thomas Crittenden at Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
The first African-American nursing school opens at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia.
The first coin-operated telephone is patented by William Gray.
The first issue of the Afro American newspaper is published in Baltimore, Maryland.
Manila, the capital of the Philippines, falls to the U.S. Army.
British nurse Florence Nightingale, famous for her care of British soldiers during the Crimean War, dies.
Adolf Hitler refuses to serve as Franz Von Papen’s vice chancellor.
During the Berlin Airlift, the weather over Berlin becomes so stormy that American planes have their most difficult day landing supplies. They deem it ‘Black Friday.’
Construction begins on the Berlin Wall during the night.
A 17 year-old Buddhist monk burns himself to death in Saigon, South Vietnam.
A bomb attack in Beirut during the Second Lebanese Civil War kills more than 150 people.
The wreckage of a plane that carried U.S. congressman Mickey Leland and others on a humanitarian mission is found on a mountain side in Ethiopia; there are no survivors.
The US Court of Appeals rules Congress must save all emails.

‘This is the face of fascism’

‘This is the face of fascism’: Shrub ethics czar blames Dumbass Trump’s far-right drones for Charlottesville riot
While Mr. Painter does belong to the wingnut cabal - he at least has a brain (something sorely lacking among wingnuts) and he is correct on this ...

Lethal Facsist Attack

One person killed as car plows through crowd at Charlottesville protest - at least 19 injured
Remember they are the victims here not the dead and injured - at least in their diseased minds.

‘Gotta go, gotta go!’

During a live-feed interview with MSNBC host Joy Reid, a black minister who was one of the counter-protesters at a white nationalist march in Charlottesville, Virginia suddenly had to bolt from the screen as her fellow pastors and other counter-protesters were attacked.
They attack and then still claim to be the victims?!

Men Are Sealing Their Urethras Shut To Prevent Pregnancy

You know those really stupid news stories you read online then have to verify because it seems too dumb to be true? Men are sealing their penises shut to prevent pregnancy- tell me that's not one of the most verification-worthy headlines ever read online!According to this New York Post article guys are using a product called Jiftip (NSFW) to seal their urethra shut with an adhesive decal so no sperm escapes during intercourse, which is neither safe nor effective.
The Jiftip website claims their product is meant to help men "feel your partner, feel freedom, feel smart", and yet their site also warns:
"Jiftip is NOT a condom. Because it's not approved for anything anywhere, let's make this clear: Use for novelty, pleasure, convenience, fun, or entertainment. THOU SHALT NOT USE FOR PREGNANCY OR STI PREVENTION PURPOSES."
This crotch catastrophy in the making is still in the beta testing phase, but health experts warn against anyone using the product for good reason:
Natika Halil, chief executive of sexual health charity the Family Planning Association, told The Sun Online: “There’s no evidence to suggest that this product is safe or effective, and it could potentially be very painful.
“As the company themselves say, it isn’t approved to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections — so if you want to avoid either of those, we’d recommend avoiding this product as well.
“It’s quite concerning that the company implies that sex without condoms isn’t ‘real sex,’ as condoms are the only form of contraception that can help prevent sexually transmitted infections.”

Behind the Scenes Secrets of Disney Princesses

Little girls go gaga over seeing their favorite Disney princesses when they go to a Disney theme park, but few of us really think much about the actresses that play these iconic characters. As it turns out, there a log of interesting things that go into getting them to play the role just right. For example, did you know they have to go through voice training in order to do the role just right? Or that they have to re-audition every year?
Learn more about working as a Disney princess on Travel and Leisure

Quebec border camp swells with asylum seekers from the U.S.

Dozens of army tents dotted the Canadian border on Thursday to house hundreds of asylum seekers, many from Haiti, streaming into the country from upstate New York to file refugee claims.

Ohio man kills woman, drives to Niagara Falls with dead body

An Ohio man was arraigned in Niagara Falls City Court on Thursday, a day after police recovered the body of a woman in the trunk of his car, according to reports.
Police took 37-year-old JeShawn Elliot, a resident of Youngstown, Ohio, into custody on Wednesday evening, according to CBS affiliate WIVB. His vehicle was found in a parking lot on Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls.

Wall Street Is Pulling a Big-Time Car Loan Scam on Thousands of Americans

No One Wants to Become a Teacher in DeVos' Home State

Appalachians Are Harder Hit by Poverty Than All Other Americans

Schools Are Humiliating Kids Who Don't Have Lunch Money

This Country Is Rigged in 1,000 Directions to Protect the Wealthiest

Dumbass Trump Is Raising Your Healthcare Premiums, And That’s A Fact

The facts are simple: wingnuts want to sabotage the ACA, and they have a lot of power to do it. Here’s how Dumbass Trump is raising the prices for your healthcare.

It Took Just One Distorted Study for the Media to Freak Out

8 Amazing Things Uncovered by Melting Glaciers and Ice

Melting glaciers and ice caps are not good, overall, for the environment and sea levels, not to mention the polar bears that live there. As the ice recedes, we are finding some really strange things that were lost underneath them, some ancient, some as recently as the 20th century.
As the highest settlement of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the small village of Peio in modern-day northern Italy was dragged into the conflict of World War I in 1915. Here, at altitudes over 6500 feet, intrepid soldiers fought in what became known as the White War. Due to the inhospitable conditions and the freezing weather, specialist mountain soldiers were recruited—the Italians had the Alpini, who sported distinctive feathered caps, and the Austrians had the Kaisersch├╝tzen. The fierce conflict high in the mountains went largely unnoticed by the rest of the world at the time but today, as the region's ice melts, archaeologists and historians are learning more about the amazing feats of bravery of those involved.
A variety of artifacts have been uncovered from the melting glacier, including a poignant unmailed love letter to a girl named Maria, soldiers’ helmets and guns, and, of course, bodies. In 2012, the mummified bodies of two blond and blue-eyed Austrian soldiers, aged just 17 and 18 years old, were uncovered from the ice—both had been shot through the head and buried in a crevasse on the Presena glacier by their comrades. Locals held a funeral for the pair in 2013, and 200 people from around Peio attended.
Read about artifacts, frozen bodies, geologic formations, and even pathogens unearthed by melting glaciers at Mental Floss.

'Extremely active' hurricane season ahead

Forecasters are warning that an Atlantic hurricane season already off to a fast start could continue to be "extremely active."
The National Oceanic Administration's Climate Prediction Center sounded that ominous tone on Wednesday when it said there's a 60 percent chance of 14 to 19 named storms forming in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico this season.

Earth getting hotter and sea levels rising

The Earth faced record warming for the third year in a row, the State of the Climate in 2016 international report from the American Meteorological Society shows. Last year surpassed 2015 as the warmest on record, confirming the continued trends of warming globally.

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