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Monday, November 27, 2017

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Today in History

43 BC
Octavian, Antony and Lepidus form the triumvirate of Rome.
Clovis, king of the Franks, dies and his kingdom is divided between his four sons.
In Clermont, France, Pope Urban II makes an appeal for warriors to relieve Jerusalem. He is responding to false rumors of atrocities in the Holy Land.
The French nobility, led by Olivier de Clisson, crush the Flemish rebels at Flanders.
One of the two bridges being used by Napoleon Bonaparte‘s army across the Berezina River in Russia collapses during a Russian artillery barrage.
Jedediah Smith’s expedition reaches San Diego, becoming the first Americans to cross the southwestern part of the continent.
George Armstrong Custer meets his future bride, Elizabeth Bacon, at a Thanksgiving party.
Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer‘s 7th Cavalry kills Chief Black Kettle and about 100 Cheyenne (mostly women and children) on the Washita River.
U.S. Deputy Marshall Frank Dalton, brother of the three famous outlaws, is killed in the line of duty near Fort Smith, Ark.
The German colonial army defeats the Hottentots at Warmbad in southwest Africa.
U.S. troops land in Blue fields, Nicaragua, to protect American interests there.
Bulgaria signs a peace treaty with the Allies at Neuilly, France, fixing war reparations and recognizing Yugoslavian independence.
Allied delegates bar the Soviets from the Near East peace conference.
Great Britain’s Anthony Eden warns Adolf Hitler that Britain will fight to protect Belgium.
The French fleet in Toulon is scuttled to keep it from Germany.
East of the Ch’ongch’on River, Chinese forces annihilate an American task force.
Alger Hiss, convicted of being a Soviet spy, is freed after 44 months in prison.
Demonstrators march in Tokyo to protest a defense treaty with the United States.
Lyndon Johnson appoints Robert McNamara to the presidency of the World Bank.
Charles DeGaulle vetoes Great Britain’s entry into the Common Market again.
Syria joins the pact linking Libya, Egypt and Sudan.
The US Senate votes to confirm Gerald Ford as Vice President of the United States; the House will confirm Ford on Dec. 6.
San Francisco mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk, the city’s first openly gay supervisor, are assassinated by former city supervisor Dan White.
The Kurdistan Workers’ Party and PKK (Parti Karkerani Kurdistan, or PKK) is founded; it is a militant group that fought an armed struggle for an independent Kurdistan.
Britain and Spain sign the Brussels Agreement to enter discussions over the status of Gibraltar.
Helen Clark becomes first elected female Prime Minister of New Zealand.
The Hubble Space Telescope discovers a hydrogen atmosphere on planet Osiris, the first atmosphere detected on an extrasolar planet.
Pope John Paul II returns relics of Saint John Chrysostom to the Eastern Orthodox Church.
The first partial human face transplant is completed in Amiens, France.
The Canadian House of Commons approves a motion, tabled by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, recognizing the Quebecois as a nation within Canada.

MIT team takes top prize in Martian city design contest

One day people may live on Mars, but what will their habitat look like? According to researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the future Martian city will rely on a lot of trees.

Want to be more creative?

Not socializing with others may not be so bad after all, according to a new study.
Occasionally distancing yourself from peers is linked to a spark in creativity, researchers from the University of Buffalo found. In a small study, a psychologist from the university analyzed the behaviors of about 300 participants who self-reported various measures including why they were motivated to withdraw from social situations, creativity characteristics, and depressive symptoms, among other measures.

Meat-Eaters Have Significantly Higher Blood Pressure Than Vegetarians, Vegans

That Ethical, Sustainable Chocolate You Love?

Man Living In A Shack Is Saved By 'Worthless' Blanket

According to Krytzer, the blanket had been passed down through his family from generation to generation since his great-grandfather got it in the 1800s.

Amelia Earhart spent days in prison before being killed in Saipan

A man’s newly-shared story provides new information backing the theory that Amelia Earhart was taken prisoner and executed on Saipan after disappearing from her flight around the world 80 years ago.

Who Are the Sufis and Why Does IS See Them as Threatening?

Over 200 people were killed and many more injured in an attack on a Sufi mosque in Egypt’s North Sinai region on Friday. The assault began with a bomb exploding as people were finishing their Friday prayers. As people fled and ambulances arrived, militants opened gunfire on them. It is the deadliest ever attack on civilians in Egypt’s modern history.

Worst Media Moments of Last Week

The Problem With Fake News

US Coast Guard Is Operating Floating Prisons Outside US Legal Protections

US Coast Guard Is Operating Floating Prisons Outside US Legal Protections

Traffic Stop Sex

The Massachusetts State Police and the Worcester District Attorney are facing three separate investigations into why troopers were ordered to scrub the arrest report concerning a judge’s daughter.

This Is What Patriarchy Looks Like

The ugly truth about predatory behavior by unseemly men

From Roger Ailes to Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K. to Roy Moore, what we are looking at is a type of stunted boy/man whose outward bluster and surface machismo belie their root insecurity and impotence.

How Cult Leaders Like Charles Manson Exploit a Basic Psychological Need

School busted for testing students on whether they would rather have a black or gay person as a neighbor

The mother of an African-Caribbean child was alarmed when her daughter revealed a school test that required students to rank the desirability of living next to marginalized groups.

The Teaching of Evolution Banned in Turkey

Billion-year-old fossils of earliest life form discovered in India

A scientist in India found microfossils that have been dated to be a staggering 2 billion years old. The prokaryotic fossils represent the planet’s oldest-known form of life.

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