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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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Today in History

Vespians’s supporters enter Rome and discover Vitellius in hiding. He is dragged through the streets before being brutally murdered.
Stefan Urosh IV of Serbia dies while marching to attack Constantinople.
The United States buys the Louisiana territory from France.
South Carolina secedes from the Union.
English transports loaded with 8,000 troops set sail for Canada so that troops are available if the “Trent Affair” is not settled without war.
Adolf Hitler is released from prison after serving less than one year of a five year sentence for treason.
Thousands of Spaniards sign a revolutionary manifesto.
The German government announces 400,000 citizens are to be sterilized because of hereditary defects.
First electronic television system is patented.
The Flying Tigers, American pilots in China, enter combat against the Japanese over Kunming.
Soviet forces halt a German army trying to relieve the besieged city of Stalingrad.
Viet Minh and French forces fight fiercely in the Annamite section of Hanoi.
The U.S. Supreme Court announces that it has no jurisdiction to hear the appeals of Japanese war criminals sentenced by the International Military Tribunal.
The National Liberation Front is formed by guerrillas fighting the Diem regime in South Vietnam.
In its first free election in 38 years, the Dominican Republic chooses leftist Juan Bosch Gavino as president.
Four thousand cross the Berlin Wall to visit relatives under a 17-day Christmas accord.
U.S. troops invade Panama to oust General Manuel Noriega and replace him with Guillermo Endara.
NATO begins peacekeeping operations in Bosnia.
NeXT merges with Apple Computer, leading to the development of the groundbreaking Mac OS X.
Queen Elizabeth II becomes the oldest monarch in the history of the UK; previously, that honor belonged to Queen Victoria.

Origin of life could lie within Mars's crust

Scientists may have been searching for Martian life in the wrong place, according to a new article published in Nature Geoscience. Instead of combing the Red Planet’s surface, research should dig deep within the crust itself.
Origin of life could lie within Mars's crust

Eight ancient Roman shipwrecks discovered off Greek island

Underwater archaeologists were surprised to find eight sunken ships from the Roman Empire off the coast of the Greek island of Naxos. The 2,000-year-old shipwrecks were found in depths of less than 100 feet—which is surprising, as Haaretz noted when reporting the find, since those waters are “crystal clear” and a popular tourist attraction.

How Safe Is It to Smoke Marijuana Every Day?

UN Expert Shames US Over Poverty And Trump Tax Cuts

If We Don't Address Poverty, We Are Going to Lose Our Country

Dumbass Trump cut funding to Amtrak before deadly derailment

Dumbass Trump claims his infrastructure bill could have prevented Monday’s deadly Amtrak incident, but his own junta sought to cut funding to the nation’s rail system earlier this year.
Dumbass Trump cut funding to Amtrak before deadly derailment

Industrial Polluters Have a Chilling New Weapon Against Environmental Activists

Louisiana superintendent refuses to stop illegally preaching to students

Despite blatantly breaking laws half a century old that prohibits schools from pushing religion on students, a superintendent in Louisiana’s Webster Parish refuses to stop doing exactly that.

Arkansas man admits raping girl from age 4 to 12

45-year-old Ronnie Lynn Gipson appeared before District Court Judge Don Bourne on Friday after being charged with rape.

SC preacher arrested on sexual misconduct charges after video busts him touching underage girls -- again

A rural South Carolina preacher was arrested this week on sexual misconduct charges after several videos suggested that he had sexually harassed members of his congregation and inappropriately groped underage girls.
SC preacher arrested on sexual misconduct charges after video busts him touching underage girls -- again

Student who harassed black roommate pleads not guilty

A former Connecticut university student accused of smearing bodily fluids on her black roommate's belongings pleaded not guilty and avoided facing additional hate crime charges.
Brianna Brochu of Harwinton, Connecticut, was charged with criminal mischief and breach of peace after she harassed her roommate at University of Hartford, Chennel Rowe, by smearing her backpack with a dirty tampon and admitting in an October Instagram post she put Rowe’s toothbrush “where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Dumbass Trump sycophants take over Taylor Swift’s new app — and quickly drown out music chat with hateful insults

Taylor Swift launched a new app for her loyal fans last week and within just two days, it was overrun by Dumbass Trump’s sycophants to spread homophobia and anti-Hillary Clinton insults.

The so-called #TwitterPurge is a real thing

The British politician whose Islamophobic videos were retweeted last month by Dumbass Trump, and a white nationalist are among the first people kicked off Twitter as part of the long-anticipated “purge” that has concerned Dumbass Trump sycophants for over a month.

Parents outraged after Holocaust left off South Carolina teaching curriculum

A revision to South Carolina’s state social studies guide left out any mention of the Holocaust, stunning parents.
School officials attempting to calm the public said the genocide—during which more than 6 million Jewish people were killed—will be referenced in the final version of the standards. They said it was omitted from the original draft because department officials wanted to “broaden education standards,” according to The State.

Did Coco Chanel work with the Nazis?

The legendary French fashion designer Coco Chanel attempted to use Nazi laws to get rid of her business partners, according to a new documentary aired on French television.
Chanel, who lived during the time of the Nazi occupation of France, was the mastermind behind the now famous perfume brand Chanel No 5, which made her one of the wealthiest women in the world. And according to the French documentary The No 5 War, she also worked closely with Nazi occupiers and used their anti-Jewish laws in an attempt to get rid of her Jewish associates and become the sole beneficiary of her fortune. 

Cop Nazi reenactor found guilty of supporting ISIL

A Washington, D.C. area police officer who has been labeled both a terrorist sympathizer and white supremacist was convicted Monday of helping the Islamic State militant group (ISIL) and obstructing justice. 
Ex-cop Nazi reenactor found guilty of supporting ISIL

Confessions of a Killer Cop

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