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Friday, December 30, 2016

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Today in History

The Duke of York is defeated and killed by Lancastrians at the Battle of Wakefield.
The United States takes possession of the Louisiana area from France at New Orleans with a simple ceremony, the simultaneous lowering and raising of the national flags.
Banks in the United States suspend the practice of redeeming paper money for metal currency, a practice that would continue until 1879.
The draft of the Emancipation Proclamation is finished and circulated among Lincoln‘s cabinet for comment.
Governor Frank Steunenberg of Idaho is killed by an assassin’s bomb.
Soviet Russia is renamed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
The Soviet Union bars food handouts for housewives under 36 years of age. They must now work to eat.
Romania’s King Michael is forced to abdicate by Soviet-backed Communists. Communists now control all of Eastern Europe.
Ferdinand E. Marcos is sworn in as the Philippine Republic’s sixth president.
After two weeks of heavy bombing raids on North Vietnam, Nixon halts the air offensive and agrees to resume peace negotiations with Hanoi representative Le Duc Tho.
Governor Carey of New York pardons seven inmates, closing the book on the Attica uprising.
Saddam Hussein, former Iraq dictator, is executed by hanging for crimes committed against his own people during his rule.

How One Man Used a Deck of Cards to Make Parapsychology a Science

Okay, I know, I know, parapsychology is not a science. But science does study claims of psychic abilities. Dr. Joseph B. Rhine was influential in codifying a way to do that.
Since the 1930s, Zener cards, also known as ESP cards, have been used to quantify psychic ability, testing for telepathy and clairvoyance (you might remember them from that scene in 1984’s Ghostbusters, when Venkman tests the “effects of negative reinforcement on ESP”). The cards straddle the intersection of science and the paranormal, pseudoscience and legitimacy. In a lot of ways, that’s a space also occupied by the man who pioneered their use, Dr. Joseph B. Rhine, founder of the Duke Parapsychology Lab.
Rhine’s interest in the paranormal took hold in 1922, when he was a young plant physiologist earning a Ph.D. in botany at the University of Chicago. Rhine and his wife Louisa were both dedicated scientists, but they had questions that simple biological reductionism didn’t seem to answer; Rhine had once thought of joining the ministry, until his wife steered him towards science. And then, in May of that year, they sat in the audience to hear Sir Arthur Conan Doyle make his case for life after death.
While fascinated by the phenomena they observed at Spiritualist seances, they were also scientists who wanted proof. Since there is no way to observe life after death and report on it, Rhine focused on ESP, and developed Zener cards (along with psychologist Dr. Karl Zener) in order to test those powers in a scientific manner. Read the story of Dr. Rhine and his ESP research at Atlas Obscura.  

An Inuit map carved out of wood

"When Danish naval officer Gustav Holm was exploring the eastern coast of Greenland in 1885, an Inuit named Kunit gave him this three-dimensional wooden map.
The two parts form one whole: The bottom carving represents the coast from Sermiligak to Kangerdlugsuatsiak, and the top is an island offshore. The Inuit would carry these maps in their kayaks to navigate the waters between the two landmasses."
Found in the Futility Closet.   Not sure where the Inuit got wood; it must have been a precious resource in the subarctic.

Steganography on a Canadian coin

"Canada’s “victory nickel,” struck from 1943 to 1945, included a special message to stimulate the war effort: Engraved around the rim were the words WE WIN WHEN WE WORK WILLINGLY in Morse Code.  The coin was reissued in 2005 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of V-E Day."
Found in the Futility Closet.
Steganography is the practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video. The word steganography combines the Greek words steganos (στεγανός), meaning "covered, concealed, or protected", and graphein (γράφειν) meaning "writing".

Amniocele dramatically illustrated

As reported by the New England Journal of Medicine:
A 33-year-old asymptomatic woman (gravida 6, para 5) presented at 22 weeks of gestation with a large herniation of the amniotic sac through the left uterine wall that was detected by routine ultrasonography. She had had five previous cesarean sections through a transverse incision of the lower uterine segment and no previous vaginal deliveries... At 30 weeks of gestation, a healthy male newborn weighing 1385 g was delivered by cesarean section.
The five previous C-sections had resulted in a weakened uterine wall, through which the fetus' legs extended.  Impressive image.

We Become More Forgetful With Age

Stressed out by Finances?

One third of children in Silicon Valley are homeless while tech profits soar

One third of children in Silicon Valley are homeless while tech profits soar

Parents intentionally starved children because they ‘did not want them anymore’

Two Halifax, Pennsylvania parents are facing assault charges after locking up their three children in a room, beating and starving them.

Georgia teen suffers breakdown over fears her parents would discover youth pastor’s rape

"In situations like this where a youth pastor uses his access to children and position to satisfy a sexual appetite, it is always a concern that there are unknown victims."

‘I am not a piece of meat’

Singer Ariana Grande hit back at a young fan who made a derogatory comment about her, asserting she is “not a piece of meat” that men get to use at will.

O'Keefe Plans To Infiltrate 'Fake News' Networks Like ABC, NBC

O'Keefe arrogantly equates legitimate news networks to his ridiculous fraud.
This is rich ... Disgraced and CONVICTED felon wingnut agitator infamous for fake "documentaries" using false and faked 'evidence' thinks legitimate news sources are the fakers.
Granted the news sources are not the best and some try harder to be better than others do, but come on, really?!

Fox 'News' Lies About Food Stamp 'Fraud'

Unhinged Dumbass Trump sycophant interrupts cult mass to scream about fringe PizzaGate conspiracy

Unhinged Dumbass Trump sycophant interrupts cult mass to scream about fringe PizzaGate conspiracy

It looks like something from another planet ...

Because it is:
"... Groups of dark brown streaks have been photographed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on melting pinkish sand dunes covered with light frost..."

Astronomy STEM lesson

WTF is a pangolin?

Dog Protects Little Girl Lost In The Forest For 11 Days

When a 4-year-old goes missing it's crucial to find the child within the first 48 hours, because they know from experience that a young child would have a hard time surviving outdoors that long without help.

So when little Karina Chikitova wandered into a forest in Siberia and got lost her family panicked, and when the hundreds of people searching for her had yet to locate her a week later they began to give up hope.
But Karina was lucky because her dog Kyrachaan had gone with her, and Kyrachaan was able to help Karina stay warm at night and defend her from wolves and bears in the forest until help arrived.Eleven days after her disappearance Kyrachaan showed up in the village and pointed rescuers in the right direction, and four miles from the village in the tall grass they found Karina.
Karina had survived by eating berries, and had a few scrapes and bug bites but no major injuries, and the first thing she said when she saw Kyrachaan again- "Why did you leave me?"Read Dog Protects Girl Lost In Forest For 11 Days here

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