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Monday, July 6, 2015

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Today in History

1415 Jan Hus, a Czech who spoke out against cult corruption, is burned at the stake as a heretic.
1519 Charles of Spain is elected Holy Roman emperor in Barcelona.
1535 Sir Thomas More is beheaded in England for refusing to swear allegiance to King Henry VIII as head of the cult.
1536 Jaques Cartier returns to France after discovering the St. Lawrence River in Canada.
1685 James II defeats James, the Duke of Monmouth, at the Battle of Sedgemoor, the last major battle to be fought on English soil.
1770 The entire Ottoman fleet is destroyed by the Russians at the battle of Cesme.
1788 10,000 troops are called out in Paris as unrest mounts in the poorer districts over poverty and lack of food.
1836 French General Thomas Bugeaud defeats Abd al-Kader’s forces beside the Sikkak River in Algeria.
1835 John Marshall, the third chief justice of the Supreme Court, dies at the age of 79. Two days later, while tolling in his honor in Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell cracks.
1854 The Republican cabal is officially organized in Jackson, Michigan.
1885 Louis Pasteur gives the first successful anti-rabies innoculation.
1944 Lieutenant Jackie Robinson of the U.S. Army, while riding a civilian bus from Camp Hoo, Texas, refuses to give up his seat to a white man.
1945 B-29 Superfortress bombers attack Honshu, Japan, using new fire-bombing techniques.
1945 Operation Overcast begins in Europe–moving Austrian and German scientists and their equipment to the United States.
1982 Pretender ronny raygun agrees to contribute U.S. troops to the peacekeeping unit in Beruit.

A 8.52 Carat Diamond

A state park allows anyone to search for diamonds, and sometimes diggers make a pricey find.

No Sex Ever

You may very well know someone who is asexual. As a new and emerging sexual orientation, asexuals are still looking for acceptance in a society that can be seen as a little sex-crazed.

Hide Painted Nipples

Painting by Tipton artist Hugh Stumbo (Screenshot/KCRG)

Parents who teach creationism are child abusers

Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss during an interview on 'The Weekly' (Screenshot/YouTube)

Town raffles chance to Taser city official

For the price of a $5 raffle ticket, Van Meter in Iowa is offering its residents a chance to use a police Taser on a city official. City Hall is selling the tickets as part of a public safety fundraiser. The raffle winner will get the chance to use a Taser on City Administrator Jake Anderson or Councilman Bob Lacy at the Van Meter Fire Association Street Dance on July 18.
"I volunteered to be tased," Anderson said. A police officer will assist with the tasing, with the proceeds going to help the department purchase a second squad car, add speed radar and possibly expand its six-member part-time and reserve force. Anderson said the idea came up during a meeting with police about funding. "The joke was sort of, 'Yeah, let's tase the administrators. They make all the friends,' " Anderson said.
"I was like, 'Yeah, that's funny. Do you think you could raise some money?' " Lacy volunteered to add a little competition, and Anderson was glad. "I didn't want there to be a 100 percent chance I'd be tased," he said. Anderson said he's never been stunned with a Taser before, adding: "I imagine it will hurt." Police Chief Bill Daggart, a former Waukee officer, acknowledged he's never been subjected to a Taser either.
He said they're not that dangerous. Issues arise when someone has a prior medical issue or already is in a state of shock and the Taser prongs go across the heart, Daggart said. "Most officers will tell you they'd much rather be tased than pepper sprayed. The effects are so short, and it doesn't burn," he said. He hopes to buy Tasers for Van Meter's department once they've raised the $5,000 to $10,000 desired to expand the force.

Sneezing assaults man denies string of attacks

A man has appeared in court accused of committing a string of assaults on people after they sneezed.
Stephen Jackson, 49, from Carlisle, entered not guilty pleas at Carlisle magistrates court to allegations he assaulted 11 women, one man and a child between October 2014 and March this year.
He denies assault by beating against Jean Thompson, Moureen Taylor, Janet English, Elizabeth Whyte-Caine, Christopher Dale, Thelma Stewart, Muriel Lumley, Cynthia Nicholson, Janice Bell, Carolyn Millican, Mira Evans and Ann Hewetson.
Jackson also pleaded not guilty to an offense of common assault against a young girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons. The offenses were said to have been committed in Carlisle, with several understood to involve mostly elderly people being slapped on the head. The defendant faces a two-day trial at the same court on a date to be fixed. He was granted unconditional bail.

Man accused of attempting to steal money of a value unknown from lady's private parts

A man has appeared in court charged with attempting to rob a woman of money that was in her private parts. Paul Clint Wells, 38, of Torquay in Devon, appeared at Torquay Magistrates' Court.
He was charged under section 1(1) of the Criminal Attempts Act 1981 for the offense of attempting to rob a woman of money of a value unknown from her private parts on June 17 in Torquay.
He was not required to enter a plea during his appearance. Wells was remanded in custody and will next appear at Exeter Crown Court on Thursday, July 9.

Man found hiding in kennel claimed dog had eaten his electronic tag

A 39-year-old man found by police hiding in a kennel told officers a dog ate his electronic tag, a court in Northern Ireland has heard.
Darren Curry, of Derry, appeared before Derry Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to criminal damage. The offense took place on March 8.
The court was told that police called to deal with an unrelated matter and noticed that Curry's electronic tag to monitor him while on bail was missing. When questioned about it, Curry said that the dog had eaten it.
The court heard that the defendant had been found in a dog kennel at the time he answered the police officer's question. Seams Quigley, defense solicitor, said: 'Maybe the dog did eat his homework, I don't know.' Curry was given a two year conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £223.81 compensation for the damage to the electronic ankle tag.

Police responding to shots fired found armed pirate on bridge

Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to “shots fired” reports on the old Seven Mile Bridge in Marathon, Florida, on Monday night
They found a man in full pirate costume packing operational black-powder pistols in holsters on each hip. Jamie Spiering, 58, was also allegedly armed with a sword and two knives.
Spiering told deputies he was on the bridge with friends for sunset. He said there were no projectiles in the pistols, and that he had fired them toward the water. But witnesses told a different story, said Deputy Becky Herrin, the Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman.
They said Spiering fired one shot in the direction of cars traveling on the functioning Seven Mile Bridge, which runs parallel to the old bridge, now only used by pedestrians. Spiering was arrested and booked into county jail on a misdemeanor county of disturbing the peace. He was released on $328 bail later that night.

Distracted driver jumped opening drawbridge

Cameras on the Flagler Bridge in Palm Beach, Florida, captured a driver, identified as 29-year-old James Montano, jumping the bridge as it was going up. Police say the jump was not the act of a daredevil, but more likely distracted driving.
“Basically it was a distracted driver incident,” explained Officer Philip Salm with the Palm Beach Police Department, “the individual was coming back towards West Palm and didn't see the bridge arms coming down, it was suspected the guy was messing with his GPS." According to Salm, Montano is lucky the distraction didn’t cost him his life.
“The implications of what could have happened, had he hit at a different time or he hit the ramp and went over the side, you're talking about a potentially fatal accident," Salm said. And fortunately for Montano, his timing was impeccable. “You see the arms go down and then you see the vehicle just come in and he's hitting it just at the moment that it's starting to go up,” Salm said.

The Flagler Bridge was closed for about five hours on Saturday morning as crews worked to repair the traffic arm Montano plowed through. According to a police report, Montano and his passenger were treated for minor injuries at the scene of the crash and Montano was cited for reckless driving.

Heatwaves and Health Risks

Countries will need to create systems to counter the health risks of heatwaves climate change makes them more frequent, the UN says.

Three Set Major Climate Goals

The U.S., Brazil and China all released major commitments to reduce or at least slow their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Walking On Water In Wyoming

About 48 million years ago, a natural miracle occurred: The first known “Jesus lizard” walked on water. 

Switching Sex

Higher temperatures can turn some male bearded dragons into females. 

Worms and Centipedes

No mate? No problem for a free-living flatworm that shoots sperm into its head to fertilize itself.
A new centipede named after Hades, the mythical god of the underworld, is a top predator in this mysterious underground world.

Teenager who woke up with pain in ear pulled out four-inch centipede

A teenager from Bryant, Arkansas, is recovering after pulling a centipede from his ear. Grant Botti, 14, was asleep when pain in his ear woke him up.
After feeling around to see what was causing the pain, the boy pulled out a 4-inch centipede. His mother Angela Botti says she retrieved the bug and put it in a bag.
She then took her son to the hospital, and the bug in the bag went along too. Doctors at Saline Memorial examined Grant and said the centipede had caused abrasions to his eardrum and ear canal, which they covered with a bandage.

Grant's mother says she's not sure where the bug came from but noted that the family had just came back from the beach. Hospital staff told the family they've pulled many things from ears before but never a centipede.

Cow rescue hindered by 'randy' bulls

Four "randy" bulls had to be kept at bay with water jets while a trapped cow was rescued in Derbyshire. The bulls were found circling the heifer, after its head became lodged between two trees on a steep bank in Alfreton, police said.
The RSPCA said the stricken cow was very weak, dehydrated and surrounded by four large uncastrated male Limousin bulls. It took three hours to release the cow, which has since been "recovering" from the ordeal, earlier this month. RSPCA animal welfare officer Andy Snowdon said he was grateful firefighters from Matlock and Alfreton used their hoses to keep the bulls away.
"Their jets of water helped keep me safe while we winched the trees apart and managed to free the cow," he said. "I love all animals, but I have to admit having four large randy bulls circling around me was quite an interesting experience and one I don't want to repeat any time soon." The cow appeared tired but in good health after an RSPCA vet checked it over, following the rescue on 20 June.

In other cow related news, on Monday morning Adam Kelly spotted this herd of runaway cows making a bid for freedom through a residential street in Mid Calder, West Lothian, Scotland, as the animals were closely pursued by a police van and the unlucky farmer.

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