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Friday, April 22, 2016

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Today in History

St. Gaius ends his reign as catholic pope.
St. Agapitus I ends his reign as catholic pope.
Pedro Alvarez Cabral discovers Brazil.
Henry VIII ascends to the throne of England upon the death of his father, Henry VII.
Spain and Portugal divide the eastern hemisphere in the Treaty of Saragossa.
The Peace of Fussen is signed.
President George Washington proclaims American neutrality in the war in Europe.
Robert E. Lee is named commander of Virginia forces.
The Oklahoma land rush officially starts at noon as thousands of Americans race for new, unclaimed land.
In the first action of the Spanish-American War, the USS Nashville, takes on a Spanish ship.
At the Second Battle of Ypres, the Germans use poison gas for the first time.
British naval forces attempt to sink block-ships in the German U-boat bases at the Battle of Zeebrugge.
Egypt signs treaty of friendship with Iraq.
Allies launch major attack against the Japanese in Hollandia, New Guinea.
The Senate Army-McCarthy hearings begin. They are broadcast on television.
Barbara Walters becomes the first female nightly news anchor on network television.
In Africa, Rwandan troops kill thousands of Hutu refugees in Kibeho.

What You Can Learn About Fitness, Women, and Friendship From the Vikings

live like a viking
What You Can Learn About Fitness, Women, and Friendship From the Vikings
The legendary warriors and explorers were ahead of their time—and they can teach modern men.

Filmmaker Louis Theroux set a trap for Scientologists

British documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux is known for exploring the weirder and more extreme crevices of American culture. As a result, he has gotten himself into some bizarre situations.

Anti-LGBT Law Is Costing North Carolina Millions

Athena Image

Obama Administration Warns States That Defunding Planned Parenthood Is Illegal

The Wingnuts' Crusade to Punish Women Gains Steam ...

12 Disturbing Tweets That Prove How Common Sexual Abuse Is for Kids

Good Cop, Bad Cop Doesn't Work With Kids

Applying the same strategy on children that police use to interrogate suspected criminals isn't good parenting.

Wingnut Twitter trolls are boiling in a stew of hatred over this 150-year-old American hero

The icon of freedom and courage was chosen to become the first black American to appear on U.S. currency, and the former president was chosen for removal instead of Alexander Hamilton.

Georgia KKK Imperial Wizard Killed After Shooting at Police During Eight-Hour Standoff

Video shows drunk Georgia wingnut lying to cops during DUI arrest

Tom Taylor after being pulled over by police (Screenshot)
Video shows drunk Georgia wingnut lying to cops during DUI arrest

Man charged with felony robbery after pouring $1.49 worth of McDonald’s soda into water cup

Man getting arrested and handcuffed by a police officer (Shutterstock)
A McDonald’s manager begged the police for help when teenagers said they only wanted glasses for water but were getting soda with the water cups instead.
Charging him with a felony is a bit excessive for $1.49.

Man fearing possible burglar shot home's walls with an AK 47 then jumped from upstairs window

A man from Warren, Ohio, was arrested after police said he fired a weapon several times in his home because he was afraid his home was being burgled. William Chesser, 28, is charged with discharging a firearm in city limits. Chesser called 911 to his home in reference to a possible burglary in process. He was waiting for help in a car with his neighbors at a nearby intersection when officers arrived. According to the police report, Chesser said he heard knocking on his windows, cars driving up and down past his house and other noises coming from inside his home. He then got paranoid and ran upstairs into one of his bedrooms, where he jumped out of the second-story window and ran over to his neighbor’s house. As officers were checking the house, Chesser and his neighbors stayed in the car. A second-story window was open and another was broken.
The front door was kicked in. As officers walked into the home to check if anyone was injured inside, they could smell gun powder and see smoke. The drywall leading up the stairway had bullet holes throughout it. At the top of the stairs, an AK 47 was laying on the floor in the hallway along with rifle casings. A .38 special revolver was also located. When the house was cleared, officers spoke with Chesser about the guns.
Chesser said he used both guns to fire several shots throughout the home because he was scared someone was breaking into his house. Police said they found marijuana and drug contraband in the home and are investigating. Chesser was not charged in connection to the drugs reportedly found. After running Chesser’s information through dispatch, officers learned that he had a warrant for traffic fines of $1,103. He was then taken to the Trumbull County Jail.

Woman who threatened to hurt missing kitten if not given $20 faces extortion charge

A Florida woman was arrested on Friday on allegations she tried to get another woman to pay $20 to have her kitten returned and threatening to hurt the kitten if the money was not paid, police reported.
Madeleine Joan Kaye, 22, from Gainesville, was charged with extortion/threats, her arrest report states. She is listed as being a student. A woman who is in the same circle of friends with Kaye had posted notices that her grey kitten was missing.
On Thursday, Kaye sent the woman several text messages saying she had the kitten and wanted at least $20 or “something bad” would happen to the kitten. One text from Kaye said the kitten was not being returned out of revenge for how the owner had treated a friend of Kaye's. Officer Frederick Munn reported that he met with Kaye on Friday in an effort to get the kitten.
Kaye denied all knowledge of the kitten. After being read her Miranda rights, Kaye admitted to sending the text messages while out drinking with friends. “Defendant stated that the messages are representatives or examples of HUMOR,” Munn wrote in the report. “The defendant states that she has no knowledge of where the kitten is or what has happened to the kitten.”

Man claiming to be from the future accused of stealing bacon and chicken

A man who reportedly claims to be from the future where everyone is dead was arrested after allegedly assaulting an employee and stealing chicken and bacon from a fast-food restaurant in Oklahoma City. Witnesses reported that a man, identified as Dante Rashad Anderson, 36, walked into a Carl's Jr. on Friday and screamed at employees to give him food.

How Our Skin Turns Sunlight into Vitamin D

"Get more sun!" we're told, when we need to bulk up on our vitamin D. Fair enough, but how does merely walking outdoors turn us into vitamin factories?

5 Things to Know About Elizabethkingia

So far, the bacteria, which first appeared in Wisconsin, has been linked with 20 deaths.

Legal Opioid Drugs Are Far More Dangerous Than Illegal Ones

Human beings are crawling with microbes ...

Human beings are crawling with microbes -- and so are our offices

Researchers pinpoint part of the brain that recognizes facial expressions

Researchers pinpoint part of the brain that recognizes facial expressions
Researchers pinpoint part of the brain that recognizes facial expressions
Researchers at The Ohio State University have pinpointed the area of the brain responsible for recognizing human facial expressions. It’s on the right side of the brain behind the ear, in a region called the posterior superior temporal sulcus (pSTS). In a paper...

Patients at high risk for psychiatric symptoms after a stay in the intensive care unit

Patients at high risk for psychiatric symptoms after a stay in the intensive care unitPatients at high risk for psychiatric symptoms after a stay in the intensive care unit
Results of a multi-institutional national study of nearly 700 people who survived life-threatening illness with a stay in an intensive care unit (ICU) suggest that a substantial majority of them are at high risk for persistent depression, anxiety and post-traumatic...

It Might Not Be Dementia ...

Superfoods Can Boost Your Health, but Can They Also Help the Environment?

Ancient tectonic activity was trigger for ice ages

Study: Ancient tectonic activity was trigger for ice agesStudy: Ancient tectonic activity was trigger for ice ages
For hundreds of millions of years, Earth’s climate has remained on a fairly even keel, with some dramatic exceptions: Around 80 million years ago, the planet’s temperature plummeted, along with carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. The Earth eventually recovered,..


Known informally as Undulatus asperatus clouds, they can be stunning in appearance, unusual in occurrence, are relatively unstudied, and have even been suggested as a new type of cloud. Whereas most low cloud decks are flat bottomed, asperatus clouds appear to have significant vertical structure underneath. Speculation therefore holds that asperatus clouds might be related to lenticular clouds that form near mountains, or mammatus clouds associated with thunderstorms, or perhaps a foehn wind -- a type of dry downward wind that flows off mountains. Such a wind called the Canterbury arch streams toward the east coast of New Zealand's South Island. The featured image, taken above Hanmer Springs in Canterbury, New Zealand, in 2005, shows great detail partly because sunlight illuminates the undulating clouds from the side.
This was NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day.

NASA has detected a burst of light that might be linked to one of the most monumental space discoveries ever made

In September, physicists made a monumental discovery that opened up a new window to the universe...

Remains of North America's First Monkey Found

The remains have quite a story to tell, revealing that the primate endured an arduous sea journey before reaching land.

Elks Belt Evil 'Lord of the Rings' Sound

Bull elks and sinister characters from “Lord of the Rings” both feature a multi-tonal call.

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