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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Daily Drift

Editor's Note:
Today we have added 10 posts to our regular posts for the day to cover the Terrorist Imbeciles in Oregon. The morons thought their "plan" out so well in every detail ... well, almost every detail - They forgot snacks - I mean who forgets snacks  ... so now, the are begging for other fools to send them some snacks through the US Postal Service (Now, there's a 'Gubbnit' agency they want to overthrow). If the authorities are smart they'd mail them a couple cases of Ding-Dongs laced with some kick ass sedatives and put these loons to sleep and cart them off to the nearest padded cells for a long, long rest. If recollection holds true (and it does) the "rest" period as proscribed for such actions these terrorist are engaging in is NO LESS THEN TWENTY YEARS.
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Today in History

Swiss troops defeat the forces under Charles the Bold of Burgundy at the Battle of Nancy.
Federalists from all over New England, angered over the War of 1812, draw up the Hartford Convention, demanding several important changes in the U.S. Constitution.
The merchant vessel Star of the West sets sail from New York to Fort Sumter, in response to rebel attack, carrying supplies and 250 troops.
American Marines arrive in Seoul, Korea, to guard the U.S. legation there.
Henry Ford astounds the world as he announces that he will pay a minimum wage of $5 a day and will share with employees $10 million in the previous year’s profits.
Bulgarian and German troops occupy the Port of Braila.
British ships shell the Bolshevik headquarters in Riga.
Republican women demand equal representation at the Republican National Coven in June.
Wagner’s “Die Walkyrie” opens in Paris. This is the first German opera performed in Paris since the beginning of World War I.
The U.S. Senate debates the benefits of Peyote for the American Indian.
Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming is sworn in as the first woman governor in the United States.
Daggha Bur, Ethiopia, is bombed by the Italians.
U.S. and Filipino troops complete their withdrawal to a new defensive line along the base of the Bataan peninsula.
Great Britain nationalizes its coal mines.
Inchon, South Korea, the sight of General Douglas MacArthur’s amphibious flanking maneuver, is abandoned by United Nations force to the advancing Chinese Army.
Prime Minister Winston Churchill arrives in Washington to confer with President Harry S. Truman.
U.S. forces in Vietnam launch Operation Niagara I to locate enemy units around the Marine base at Khe Sanh.
Richard M. Nixon appoints Henry Cabot Lodge as negotiator at the Paris Peace Talks.
Richard M. Nixon names Robert Dole as chairman of the Republican National Cabal.
A Federal judge voids a state law requiring balanced classroom treatment of evolution and creationism.
The South Ossetia War (1991-92) begins as Georgian forces enter Tskhinvali, capital of South Ossetia, Georgia.
Eris, largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System is discovered in images taken Oct. 21, 2003, at Palomar Observatory.

Bundy Militia Bravely Stands Up To Grandmas Of Small Oregon Town

Bundy Militia Bravely Stands Up To Grandmas Of Small Oregon Town

‘Y’all Qaeda’: Twitter users mock Oregon wingnut militia action — and it’s awesome

Screen shot of Ammon Bundy with hashtags
While the siege of wildlife refuges in Oregon by right-wingnut 'militiamen' and various gun-happy Bundy family hangers-on is a grave development that will undoubtedly end badly, Twitter users have responded to the terrorist action with their usual blistering — but hilarious — gallows humor.

The Bundy Family’s Mormon Connection

An Idiot Spews

Ammon Bundy speaks at a press conference in Oregon (screen grab)
Ammon Bundy: Armed militia is ‘a defense mechanism’ so we can ‘unwind’ federal ownership of land

Oregon sheriff: Gunmen occupying wildlife refuge are out to overthrow government

A group of armed agitators who have seized control of part of a federal wildlife refuge in southern Oregon appear to be aiming “to overthrow the county and federal government,” a local law enforcement official said Sunday.

FBI now monitoring Oregon standoff that wingnut gunmen have plotted for weeks

The wingnut agitators began trickling into town in December, hanging on at the fringes, brandishing rifles and handguns, proselytizing from the beds of pickups against federal land ownership until, without warning, they struck.

Wingnut pretender candidates silent on armed militia takeover of federal building in Oregon

The Trump campaign’s failure to comment is heightened by the fact that a co-chair of the Trump for President Veteran’s Coalition, Jerry Delemus, took part in the Nevada Bundy ranch standoff.

Meet The Child-Abusing Arsonists That Inspired The Oregon Militia Standoff

'Patriot' Can’t Wait To Go Fight Gubmint With Oregon Militia, Just Needs Welfare Check First

Patriot Can’t Wait To Go Fight Gubmint With Oregon Militia, Just Needs Welfare Check First
I promise this is not the Onion.
Read more 

Tennessee Wingnut Offers To Fund Bundy Terrorists’ Armed Insurgency

Tennessee GOP Lawmaker Offers To Fund Bundy Terrorists’ Armed Insurgency (SCREENSHOTS)There’s a word for when someone offers to aid an armed insurgency against the government, isn’t there?
Why yes there is .... it is "TRAITOR"

The Truth About Domestic Terrorism And The Modern Day Militia

The Truth About Domestic Terrorism And The Modern Day Militia

6 Strange Ways Chinese Audiences Are Ruining American Movies

There was a time when Hollywood movies didn't make it out of the country, but when filmmakers found they could sell their films to an overseas audience and make boatloads of cash they started catering to these new clients.
They began shooting more on location footage in Europe and Asia, casting European and Asian actors more often and generally pandering to that new frontier of profit.
Now, thanks to their efforts, China is about to surpass the U.S. as the largest film market in the world, which may not seem like a bad thing until you consider how it will change the face of the industry.
Product placement will become even more disruptive to the movie, comedy movies will become even lamer, scripts will be written for easy translation and censorship will take a strange turn as Hollywood chases those Yuan.

This Crawl Space In San Francisco Can Be Yours For Only $500 A Month

I'm sure you've heard stories about how San Francisco is quickly catching up to New York in terms of cost of living and over-inflated rent prices (the prices in the illustration above are for one bedroom).
However I think even the most desperate renter wouldn't be willing to pay $500 a month to live in this crawl space.
A post appeared on Craigslist advertising this crawl space as a rental property, which was quickly removed because it was probably just a joke posted by a San Franciscan with a knack for crafting social commentary.
Here's how the original post read:
With rent skyrocketing in San Francisco, desperate times call for desperate measures and we recently came up with the idea to rent our crawl space out to cash strapped young San Franciscans.
We aren't going to sugar coat this, as you can see by the photos, this is a basement crawl space and the ground is un-even. My roommate Neil has agreed to help out and level off the dirt crawl floor and we have some scraps of rug to throw down. There is a decent amount of room for a mattress and night stand and you can keep a dresser in the garage. You will be able to run an extension cord into the crawl space for light and the garage provides decent heat for those chilly SF nights or feel free to bring in a space heater. 
About You:
Since you'll have access to our bathroom and kitchen, we don't want any slobs! It would be great if you were also in tech so that we can talk shop but that is not a deal breaker, perhaps you are a founder still looking to get that seed round and this is all you can afford!
We'll be hosting an open house this weekend to pick our next crawlspace housemate!
Sadly this sort of thing has happened for real in New York, so it's only a matter of time before somebody tries to rent out every square inch of their home in SF.

For-Profit Colleges Are Scandal Machines

San Bernardino shooters' former neighbor indicted on terrorism charges

San Bernardino shooters' former neighbor indicted on terrorism charges

Florida mom shoots daughter dead after mistaking her for an intruder

St. Cloud Police Department declined to release the identities of the shooter or the victim because someone in the home works for a law enforcement agency.

Armed man found in Walmart store manager's office said he wanted a job as mystery shopper

A Georgia man caught allegedly burgling a Walmart in Florida told police he was merely seeking a job application so he could go to work as a “mystery shopper,” according to a police report. Delray Beach police didn’t buy Alexander Weigard’s story and after he was arrested, found Weigard was allegedly in possession of a loaded hand gun and street and prescription drugs.
Weigard, 20, is being held without bond at the Palm Beach County Jail. Weigard is facing charges of armed burglary, carrying a concealed weapon, grand theft between $300 and $5,000, possession of heroin and other drug charges. Weigard allegedly walked into the Walmart on Sunday morning and took a hoodie sweatshirt and sweat pants that he put on over his clothes.
The arrest report states that Weigard walked into the store manager’s office and removed a garbage bag from a trash can and filled it with electronic equipment and other items. When police arrived, Weigard was still in the store. The total value of the stolen property is $462.86, the report said. While Weigard was being searched, a loaded 9mm handgun was found.
In a backpack that Weigard insisted was his and not stolen, police uncovered heroin, Xanax and other drugs. Weigard told police he was at the Walmart “applying for a job as a mystery shopper because it seems like a cool job” and was inside the manager’s office looking for an application, the report said. Weigard could not explain to police why he was carrying a loaded gun, a ski mask was also found in his possession, and said he got the firearm from “a tall, skinny black guy over by the Dunkin’ Donuts.”

Man's court hearing about alleged lewdness charges postponed as he had no pants

Dermont E. Weaver Jr.'s arraignment did not go as scheduled in Springfield District Court, Massachusetts, on Monday. In fact Weaver wasn't arraigned at all after his court-appointed lawyer disclosed something to Judge John Payne.
"The defendant has no pants," attorney Anna Levine said, explaining why her client was sitting in the courthouse lock-up instead of standing before the judge. Weaver, 31, of Springfield, was charged with five counts of open and gross lewdness after allegedly exposing himself on Saturday to a family walking past the Stonewall Tavern.
The trouble began when a couple and their two daughters encountered Weaver on the sidewalk at around 5:30pm, according to the arrest report. "The daughters became frightened while Mr. Weaver began jumping around in front of them" and exposing himself, officer Kenneth Arzon wrote in his report. The father "tried to block his daughters' view while screaming at Mr. Weaver to pull his pants up."
Weaver fled when police arrived, but was captured and arrested a few minutes later, the report said. According to the arrest report, Weaver is a Springfield native, married and unemployed; he is six feet, two inches tall and 210 pounds, with four tattoos and five aliases, the report states. At the time of his arrest, Weaver was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, running shoes and no pants.

Woman accused of barging into man's home before removing food from fridge and cooking it

44-year-old Florida woman Tammy Roseman, is accused of barging into a man’s home, before cooking his food, according to an arrest affidavit. Indian River County Sheriff’s deputies went to an address in Vero Beach on December 12th and spoke to the homeowner. He said a woman identified as Roseman came to his door and asked for food.
He said she forced her way past him and walked to the kitchen. “Roseman began rummaging through (the man’s) fridge, gathering food and started cooking it on his stove,” the affidavit states. Roseman had a beer in her hand and looked intoxicated. “(The man) said she took all of his steak and vegetables, along with his Grey Poupon amounting approximately (to) $25,” the affidavit adds.
Investigators talked to Roseman. She was holding a grocery bag of steak and vegetables and an open jar of Grey Poupon, a Dijon mustard. Roseman said her friend, “Stone Cold Steve,” permitted her in the home and gave her meat to cook. Roseman, who was sweating “profusely,” said the man at the door let her in. She said he yelled at her in Spanish and she felt threatened.
“I asked Roseman if she may have thought the man was yelling at her because she came into his home, began cooking all of his food and eating it,” the affidavit added. Roseman said “Stone Cold Steve” lived there and gave her the food. The homeowner told investigators he lived there alone. Roseman, from Vero Beach, was arrested on a burglary occupied dwelling charge.

Elderly lady left feeling depressed after being banned from bingo hall for swearing at staff

An elderly woman has been banned from her beloved bingo hall for three months for swearing at staff in a row over a Xmas meal. Teresa Plummer went to Crown Bingo in Portsmouth, Hampshire, regularly and says it was her only social outlet. The ban came after a meal where the 77-year-old was disappointed with the food. Teresa, who has been a member of the bingo hall for 28 years, directed her anger at the staff, using bad language to express her emotions, and now she has been banned. Now, her daughter Jackie Ball is concerned that her mum, who suffers from arthritis, will become isolated and will no longer have a reason to leave the house. Jackie contacted the club and asked if it would consider reducing the ban, but bosses refused to back down. Teresa said: “I swore, which I shouldn’t have done. I went in on the Saturday morning and the bloke at the front desk said ‘I’m sorry Teresa, you’re barred’. I depend on it a lot. I go every single day. I feel very depressed. Bingo is my life.
“It’s been my life for the last 28 years. I’m sitting here all day on my own. I don’t see a soul from one day to the next.” Jackie, 54, from Copnor, said: “My mom lives on her own. It’s going to have a detrimental effect on her well-being and her mobility. This is her lifeline and her only social outlet. She shouldn’t have used bad language and she should apologize for that but I think they are being overzealous. She won’t get out of bed now because she’s got nothing to get up for. She’s got arthritis. When she goes to bingo she is keeping herself mobile.
“I can’t believe that, in this current climate when there is a campaign going on about how we have got to look after the elderly, Crown Bingo has turned its back on her.” Gary Bell is the general manager of Crown Bingo. He said: “For something like this, our normal ban is six months for someone being abusive towards our staff. We have a duty of care towards our staff. I understand that she is an elderly lady and that coming to bingo is her only social outlet but we do have other customers we don’t want them to hear people shouting and swearing. We have to make a stand. We don’t allow our staff to be treated like that.”

Carrie Fisher Shuts Down the Ageist Haters as Only Carrie Fisher Can

Research Reveals How Ozzy Osbourne Survived 40+ Years Of Drugs And Drinking

With the passing of metal legend Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead we must once again take inventory of the rock icons who are still with us after all those years of drinking, drugging and living that R'n'R lifestyle.
Some, like Keith Richards, were turned into vampires long ago, so it makes sense they're still alive, but how did a madman like Ozzy Osbourne survive four decades of rock star fun?

Genetic researchers decided to see what makes that survivor tick by analyzing some of Ozzy's blood, making Ozzy one of the few people in the world to have their genetic code broken down and analyzed.
The results show that while Ozzy was genetically predisposed to becoming an addict of some sort his body was also able to adapt to the steady stream of alcohol and narcotics in some startling ways:
It turns out that Ozzy’s ADH4 gene (which is responsible for breaking down alcohol) is able to break down booze much quicker than the average person. You know, like his little pal Lemmy Kilmister.
In addition to that was the finding that Ozzy also has two versions of the COMT gene (Catechol-O-methyltransferase) known also as the “warrior” and “worrier” - an enzyme that deteriorates dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine.
What all this means is that in addition to his weakness for booze and drugs, other functions such as awareness, planning, organization, self-awareness, and of all things self-regulation are super heightened in Ozzy.
I always knew there was something extra special about Ozzy!

Eve Was Created From Adam's Penis

Eve was not made from one of Adam's ribs, but was instead created using a bone in his penis, a biblical scholar has claimed causing much controversy
You got to love the deluded, they really can fantasize. 

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How Are the Biggest Waves in the World Formed?

Pro surfer and wave expert Kyle Thiermann joins Trace to surf the science of waves, their origins, and why they’re about to get even bigger.

Suddenly Corporate America Has Gotten a Lot More Humane Toward Egg-Laying Chickens

Snow Monkeys In Japan

The Japanese macaque is a terrestrial Old World monkey species native to Japan. They are also sometimes known as the snow monkey because they live in areas where snow covers the ground for months each year.

Animal Pictures