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Monday, June 12, 2017

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Today in History

Alfonso V of Aragon is crowned King of Naples.
Napoleon Bonaparte and his army invade Russia.
The gas mask is patented by Lewis P. Haslett.
Confederate General J. E. B. Stuart begins his ride around the Union Army outside of Richmond, Virginia.
Cuba agrees to become an American protectorate by accepting the Platt Amendment.
The first airplane bombing raid by an American unit occurs in France.
Republicans nominate Warren G. Harding for president and Calvin Coolidge for vice president.
President Warren Harding urges every young man to attend military training camp.
Brazil quits the League of Nations in protest over plans to admit Germany.
Gangster Al Capone and 68 of his henchmen are indicted for violating Prohibition laws.
Eight of Stalin’s generals are sentenced to death during purges in the Soviet Union.
American bombers strike the oil refineries of Ploesti, Romania for the first time.
Black civil rights leader Medgar Evers is assassinated by a gunman outside his home in Jackson, Mississippi.
The Supreme Court rules that states cannot ban interracial marriages.
At a hearing in front the of a U.S. House of Representatives committee, Air Force General John Lavalle defends his orders on engagement in Vietnam.
David Berkowitz gets 25 years to life for the Son of Sam murders in New York.
The U.S. House of Representatives approves $27 million in aid to the Nicaraguan Contras.
Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines begins erupting for the first time in 600 years.

China Girls

"Few people ever saw the images of China girls, although for decades they were ubiquitous in movie theaters. At the beginning of a reel of film, there would be a few frames of a woman’s head. She might be dressed up; she might be scowling at the camera. She might blink or move her head.
But if audiences saw her, it was only because there had been a mistake. These frames weren’t for public consumption. The China girl was there to assist the lab technicians processing the film..."

​The Jersey Sponsorship Revolution Will Begin With Porn

redtube jerseys
​The Jersey Sponsorship Revolution Will Begin With Porn
​RedTube's sponsorship deal has us thinking about other opportunities for the adult entertainment company

Hard Truths Every Man Can Relate To

hard truths every man should know
7 Hard Truths Every Man Can Relate To
​They aren't easy to swallow, but they're the facts of life

Awake during surgery

On purpose.
From a report in the Wisconsin State Journal:
More doctors are letting patients remain alert during certain surgeries, for logistical, financial and medical reasons. It's a national trend playing out in Madison...
Many patients getting hand or arm surgeries, knee or hip procedures and even some breast and urological operations have started receiving regional or local numbing shots instead of general anesthesia. That can mean a quicker recovery, less cost and fewer side effects...
A small, but growing, fraction of patients is choosing to stay completely awake, with no sedation. They're joining two groups that have long remained conscious during surgery: many women delivering babies through Cesarean sections; and certain brain patients, such as those receiving deep brain stimulation, who must be able to communicate with doctors during their procedures...
Another obstacle the study identified: Surgeons said it's more difficult to teach residents — doctors in training after medical school — if patients are awake. Plus, some patients don't like knowing that residents are participating in their procedures.

Smiling lowers odds of future success in competition

Smiling lowers odds of future success in competition
Smile and the whole world smiles with you? Well, not necessarily. In a winning scenario, smiling can decrease your odds of success against the same opponent in subsequent matches, according to new research presented by … Read more

Olympic medals have problems

From the Washington Post:
Now nearly nine months after the Games ended, it looks like organizers in Rio de Janeiro are still experiencing some hiccups. The latest issue has to do with medals handed out to more than 130 winners —  they’re rusting, chipping or as Agence France-Presse put it, “falling to pieces.”...
Andrada didn’t go into exact details about what exactly he thought was happening, but he called it “completely normal.”.. Olympic gold medals, for example, are actually just 1.34 percent gold. The rest is made of sterling silver, ABC News reports. And about 30 percent of the silver in those thousands of medals awarded in Rio came from recycled silver...
“The most common issue is that they were dropped or mishandled and the varnish has come off and they’ve rusted or gone black in the spot where they were damaged,” Andrada told Reuters, adding that silver medalists have seen the most problems.
The medals for the 2020 Games will be even more unique, with the promise of being the most environmentally friendly of all time. Per The Post’s Cindy Boren, the medals are slated to be composed of recycled cellphones and small appliances donated by Japanese citizens.

Marijuana Pizza Is Now a Thing in Massachusetts

Marijuana Pizza Is Now a Thing in Massachusetts
It was only a matter of time until someone came up with this.

Some medical pot users are getting high off pizza

Medical marijuana users in Massachusetts don’t have to treat their pain with the same old smokeable flower and cannabis-infused sweets weed consumers in other legal pot states use to get stoned. Now, they can get high off of pot-infused pizza.
Ermont Inc., located in Quincy, introduced marijuana-infused pizza three weeks ago, and it has quickly earned rave reviews from customers, CBS News in Boston reported Tuesday. The dispensary, which sells a variety of pot products to medical marijuana cardholders, offers 6-inch cheese pizzas for $38 and infuses tomato sauce with 125 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabis’ psychoactive ingredient commonly referred to as THC.

Missouri parole board played ‘word games’ for their own amusement while deciding inmates’ fates

Led by wingnut Ruzicka, a member of the seven-member board, board members picked off-beat words they hoped to get inmates to repeat and then kept score during parole hearings,

‘No threat to persons or community’

‘No threat to persons or community’: Florida judge grants bail to neo-Nazi arrested with bomb-making materials
What has that judge been smoking?
Not a threat to persons or community?!
All Nazis are a threat to persons and the community!

Laying the Groundwork for Committing Atrocities

The wingnuts are already committing atrocities and will only get worse if we let them get away with it now.

China's Arrest of Activists Investigating Ivanka Trump-linked Factory Unprecedented

Saudi Arabia and UAE Work the U.S. Media to Push for War

A Tour of Saturn’s Moons

A Tour of Saturn's Moons
Saturn’s moon Phoebe can seem unremarkable from Earth — just another run-of-the-mill space rock slowly tumbling along in its orbit, so distant and small that it’s invisible to most ground-based telescopes. That changed in June 2004. … Read more

NASA Finds Evidence of Diverse Environments in Curiosity Samples

NASA Finds Evidence of Diverse Environments in Curiosity Samples 
NASA scientists have found a wide diversity of minerals in the initial samples of rocks collected by the Curiosity rover in the lowermost layers of Mount Sharp on Mars, suggesting that conditions changed in the … Read more


"Discovered in the mud of a shallow lagoon in the Philippines, a living creature of [shipworm] has never been described before – even though its existence has been known for more than 200 years thanks to fossils of the baseball bat-sized tubes that encase the creature." (video at the link)

A Couple of Deer

1. Reindeer can see ultraviolet light.  "In areas where reindeer live, the sun remains very low in the sky for long periods. This means the light is scattered such that the majority of light that reaches objects is blue or UV. Some parts of the environment absorb UV light and therefore to UV-sensitive reindeer, appear to be black, strongly contrasting with the snow."

2. "On January 5, 2015, the camera caught a glimpse of a young white-tailed deer standing near the skeleton with a human rib bone in its mouth..."  This was on a forensic science "body farm," but still... a deer?

Animal Pictures