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Thursday, October 8, 2015

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Welcome to the Thursday Edition of  Carolina Naturally.
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Simply a great blog.
~ Anita Purvis
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Illuminating Octopus ... !
Today is - World Octopus Day

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Today in History

876 Charles the Bald is defeated at the Battle of Andernach.
1690 Belgrade is retaken by the Turks.
1840 King William I of Holland abdicates.
1855 Arrow, a ship flying the British flag, is boarded by Chinese who arrest the crew, thus beginning the Second Chinese War.
1862 The Union is victorious at the Battle of Perryville, the largest Civil War combat to take place in Kentucky.
1871 The Great Chicago Fire begins in southwest Chicago, possibly in a barn owned by Patrick and Katherine O’Leary. Fanned by strong southwesterly winds, the flames raged for more than 24 hours, eventually leveling three and a half square miles and wiping out one-third of the city. Approximately 250 people were killed in the fire; 98,500 people were left homeless; 17,450 buildings were destroyed.
1897 Journalist Charles Henry Dow, founder of the Wall Street Journal, begins charting trends of stocks and bonds.
1900 Maximilian Harden is sentenced to six months in prison for publishing an article critical of the German Kaiser.
1906 Karl Ludwig Nessler first demonstrates a machine in London that puts permenant waves in hair. The client wears a dozen brass curlers, each wearing two pounds, for the six-hour process.
1912 First Balkan War begins as Montenegro declares war against the Ottoman Empire.
1918 US Army corporal Alvin C. York kills 28 German soldiers and captures 132 in the Argonne Forest; promoted to sergeant and awarded US Medal of Honor and French Croix de Guerre.
1919 The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives pass the Volstead Prohibition Enforcement Bill.
1921 First live radio broadcast of a football game; Harold W. Arlin was the announcer when KDKA of Pittsburgh broadcast live from Forbes Field as the University of Pittsburgh beat West Virginia University 21–13.
1922 Lilian Gatlin becomes the first woman pilot to fly across the United States.
1932 Indian Air Force established.
1939 Nazi Germany annexes Western Poland.
1956 Don Larsen of the New York Yankees pitches the first perfect game in World Series history against the Brooklyn Dodgers.
1967 Guerrilla Che Guevara captured in Bolivia.
1968 U.S. forces in Vietnam launch Operation SEALORDS (South East Asia Lake, Ocean, River and Delta Strategy), an attack on communist supply lines and base areas in and around the Mekong Delta.
1969 The "Days of Rage" begin in Chicago; the Weathermen faction of the Students for a Democratic Society initiate 3 days of violent antiwar protests.
1973 In the Yom Kippur War an Israeli armored brigade makes an unsuccessful attack on Egyptian positions on the Israeli side of the Suez Canal.
1978 Ken Warby of Australia sets the world water speed record, 317.60 mph, at Blowering Dam in Australia; no other human has yet (2013) exceeded 300 mph on water and survived.
1982 The musical Cats begins a run of nearly 18 years on Broadway.
1991 Croatia votes to sever its ties with Yugoslavia.
2001 The shrub fabricates the Office of Homeland Security.

Editorial Comment

You want to talk about a “perfect storm”.
After a week of more or less solid rain we were expecting up to 10 inches more over the past weekend with all the moisture Joaquin was funneling into the air and said moisture being sucked in over us by a high level low pressure and just as it was beginning to come down the winds really picked up and the trees began to fall …
Needless to say power outages began to occur and phone lines began to fail.

To top it off our modem decided that then was the time to give over the ghost and up and died right in the middle of one of the Mrs.' Rom-Com's.
Being of Scots heritage we still have the first penny we found on the ground (OK, so we have a few more, now), and we have the equipment maintenance plan with our ISP so we got a new modem 'free' but we had to wait three to five business days for it to be delivered so we were unable to post until it arrived and we plugged it in.
We could have went out and bought one but we still have our money because we do not run willy-nilly and buy something we have already paid for so we waited - with the constant rain we decided we would rather stay dry anyway.

Luckily we did not have any outages here but the neighbors lost power and phone service so we became emergency central for all the neighbors seeking assistance in getting their power and/or phone turned back on asap.

What was noticeable during all this was that friends and neighbors stayed positive – after a week of no sunshine that can be a feat in of itself – some even turned the situation into an impromptu 'soggy bottom' party because they argued that since their asses were getting wet anyway why not have fun with it. Even though we had resolved to remain dry we did go to the party at a local eatery and let our asses 'get wet' as it were with our friends.
It was good to be around positive people especially since it seems that all the negativity is glorified today along with the stupidity … don't you think the last 35 years of ever more negativity and increasing stupidity is enough?

The severity of the weather was not quite as bad as predicted locally which was a good thing – the damages were light when compared to the possible damages the weather could have inflicted so all in all life here was hardly interrupted.

Be Happy and Have Fun

These Women Posed As Construction Workers To Catcall Men ...

Watch What Happens 
These Women Posed As Construction Workers To Catcall Men–Watch What Happens (NSFW VIDEO)
This was definitely a clever social experiment, to say the least.
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Big Win in Fight Against Police Brutality

  NYPD Announces Massive Sweeping Reform on Use of Force
https://twitter.com/OccupyWallStNYC/status/458685125631696896/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5EtfwIn a massive win in the fight against police brutality, the NYPD is establishing a new set of guidelines for using and documenting force, along with a thorough tracking system to back it up.

ACLU Sues Catholic Hospitals Who Would Let Women Die Rather Than Perform Abortions

ACLU Sues Catholic Hospitals Who Would Let Women Die Rather Than Perform AbortionsEveryone knows that the catholic cult hates abortion. That is their right under the First Amendment, of course. However, that is where things get complicated....

Florida Judge Throws Crying Domestic Abuse Victim In Jail For ‘Making The State Look Bad’

Fla. Judge Throws Crying Domestic Abuse Victim In Jail For ‘Making The State Look Bad’ (VIDEO)How dare she allow something like an abuse victim’s emotional well-being or anxiety get in the way of the state’s conviction rate? This judge will make you absolutely furious.

Vile CEO Will Go To Trial For Cover-Up That Resulted In 29 Deaths

By Emmanuel Huybrechts from Laval, Canada [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
We may have finally found a cure for affluenza.
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