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Thursday, January 14, 2016

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Today in History

Henry III marries Eleanor of Provence.
Francis of France, held captive by Charles V for a year, signs the Treaty of Madrid, giving up most of his claims in France and Italy.
Napoleon Bonaparte defeats the Austrians at Rivoli in northern Italy.
Emperor Napoleon and Empress Eugenie escape unhurt after an Italian assassin throws a bomb at their carriage as they travel to the Paris Opera.
Confederate President Jefferson Davis writes to General Joseph E. Johnson, observing that troops may need to be sent to Alabama or Mississippi.
The USS Arkansas, the largest U.S. battleship, is launched from the yards of the New York Shipbuilding Company.
The French abandon five miles of trenches to the Germans near Soissons.
British authorities seize German attaché Franz von Papen’s financial records confirming espionage activities in the U.S.
A Provisional Parliament is established in Poland.
Berlin is placed under martial law as 40,000 radicals rush the Reichstag; 42 are dead and 105 are wounded.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders all aliens in the U.S. to register with the government.
Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Charles DeGaulle meet at Casablanca to discuss the direction of the war.
Italian occupation authorities refuse to deport Jews living in their territories in France.
A blast on the U.S. carrier Enterprise in the Pacific results in 24 dead and 85 injured.
The United Nations votes 104-18 to deplore the Soviet aggression in Afghanistan.
UN tribunal sentences 5 Bosnian Croats to prison for up to 25 years; they were charged with killing some 100 Muslims in a Bosnian village in 1993.
The Republic of Georgia restores the “five cross flag” as its national flag after some 500 years of disuse.
Huygens probe lands on Saturn’s moon Titan.
Yemen declares war on al-Qaeda terrorist group.
Zine El Abinine Ben Ali, former president of Tunisia, flees to Saudi Arabia after a series of demonstrations against his regime.

Intelligent people have one thing in common

According to a few different studies, intelligent people are more likely to be nocturnal than people with lower IQ scores. In a study run on young Americans, results showed that intelligent individuals went to bed later on weeknights and weekends than their less intelligent counterparts.
In “Study Magazine,” Satoshi Kanazawa, a psychologist at the London School Of Economics And Political Science, reported that IQ average and sleeping patterns are most definitely related, proving that those who play under the moon are, indeed, more intelligent human beings.
The data supports the notion that all night owls feel: the only real time for living is after everyone’s gone to bed.


Very Dull (IQ < 75)
Weekday: 11:41 pm -7:20 am
Weekend: 12:35 am -10:09 pm

Normal (90 < IQ < 110)
Weekday: 12:10 am -7:32 am
Weekend: 1:13 am -10:14 am

Very Bright (IQ > 125)
Weekday: 12:29 am -7:52 am
Weekend: 1:44 am -11:07 am

Are you a night owl and you think there is a correlation?

People who swear actually smarter than everyone else

Fuck, yeah! People who swear may actually be smarter than everyone else

8 Signs Americans Are Moving Towards a Healthier, Saner Diet

Health News

Older and sicker: How America's homeless population has changed
Doctors must send ultrasound pics to North Carolina officials under 'creepy' new anti-abortion law

The First City To Guarantee Paid Sick Leave In 2016

ISIL Executes First Female Journalist In Syria

How Our Warped Legal System and Law Enforcement Culture Lets Cops Get Away With Murder

The Koch evil empire was built with Nazi money after their dad built an oil refinery for Hitler

Rally against the Koch brothers attempt to buy Los Angeles Times (peoplesworld/Flickr)
The father of billionaires Charles and David Koch helped the Nazis build a major oil refinery, according to a new book about the rise of wealthy and demented wingnut agitators.

Fox News To Viewers: Key To Winning Jackpot Is Buying As Many Lottery Tickets As You Can Afford

The same group of people who believed Fox when the network was telling them President Obama was a Kenyan are now rushing to drain their bank accounts for...

Bristol Being Sued For Custody And Child Support

Bristol brought this upon herself. After all, she could have just practiced what she preached. Now, it’s her turn to take responsibility. But...

Father Furious When TSA Agent Frisks 10-Year-Old Daughter In Two-Minute Pat Down

Perverts at the airport ...
A 10-year-old girl’s awful experience with a TSA agent is now making national headlines after she was forced to undergo an inappropriately long...

Women In Baltimore Public Housing Were Forced To Trade Sex For Basic Repairs

Nebraska routinely holds children in solitary confinement for ‘relatively minor infractions’

Solitary confinement is a commonplace experience for children held in Nebraska juvenile detention facilities, a report has shown, with minors routinely detained in isolation for days, weeks, even months at a time.

Woman beats disabled man with his own cane for saying he doesn’t believe in dog

The jesus freak, Laura Reid, 49, was visiting the victim in his home, and at one point she asked him if he believed in dog, police said.

‘Repent’ the gay away

And the insanity continues ... 
Wendy Nelson, the wife of a top Mormon official, asserted recently that LGBT people should “repent” to have their “sexual feelings be in harmony” with dog’s law.

The Stupidity - It Burns

Oklahoma City Council member David Greenwell (screen grab)
Oklahoma official opposes LGBT housing protections because gays might try living over his garage
Alabama chief justice Roy Moore says same-sex marriage licenses should not be issued

Oklahoma bible 'study' leader charged with more than 50 counts for molesting 14-year-old girl

An Oklahoma 'bible' study leader who has been charged with dozens of sex crimes against a 14 year old girl had a history as a sex offender before joining the cult.

'Christian' couple who spank kids for ‘biblical’ reasons denied right to adopt by Massachusetts Supreme Court

Melanie and Gregory Magazu (WCVB-TV)
Melanie and Gregory Magazu have argued that they only spanked their children in the bathroom so that they would not be humiliated. They said that the Department of Children and Families’ (DCF) decision to reject their application in 2012 was “arbitrary and capricious” and infringed upon their religious delusions.

Luxurious Doughnut Is Literally Covered with Gold

This isn't a simple cake donut from your local shop. The Manila Social Club, a restaurant in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, offers only the finest donuts for the most elite tastes. Chef Björn DelaCruz made this doughnut with a Cristal champagne frosting, filled with an ube mousse, and coated in 24 karat gold. Each one costs $100.
In an interview with First We Feast, DelaCruz explained why he devised this novel take on the humble doughnut:
We have this doughnut program where we make doughnuts every Friday, and you can only order them online on Thursday. The reason why we do this is because we’re not a doughnut shop. The Golden Cristal Ube Donut came along because there is a brewery in Bushwick called Braven Brewery, and we know the owners Marshall and Erik. We both started our businesses around the same time. We had a doughnut event where I unveiled a doughnut with icing made with Braven White IPA, dusted with gold. That was the beginning of the golden doughnut [idea].
The reason that gold leaf and Cristal were added was because I love all different champagnes. I wanted to add something [to the menu] for the new year to celebrate how long we have been going. I didn’t know people would go and order a dozen [of these] at a time! But then again, it is New York, and there are people willing to put down a grand for a dozen doughnuts.

A Lost Michaelangelo Painting Has Been Hanging In A Living Room In Queens

Lost paintings are rarely recovered because "lost" is just a nice way of saying they were either stolen or destroyed, but sometimes famous works of art really are somehow lost in the shuffle.
Michaelangelo is one of history's most famous artists, and yet at least a half dozen of his sculptures, paintings and drawings are still lost, but there may be hope for one of his paintings.
The Kober family from Buffalo, New York claim to have a genuine Michaelangelo painting depicting the Madonna and Jesus hanging in their living room, and according to Italian art historian Antonio Forcellino they may be telling the truth.
Martin Kober has been trying to get the painting accepted as an authentic Michaelangelo painting since 2009, and while Italian art historians spent three years scientifically proving it's the real deal the rest of the art world isn't convinced.
What is it about "The Mike" that has American art historians refusing to accept its authenticity? Maybe they're waiting for Michaelangelo to come back from the grave and sign a Certificate of Authenticity?

Archaeology News

Remains of the ship were found as work began to build a new hotel in Alexandria, Va.
The find was made as a construction company started building a residential high-rise with underground parking.

Underwater Greenhouses

To grow, plants need stable temperatures, exposure to sunlight, water, and protection from parasites. While scuba diving off the coast of Italy, Sergio Gamberini had an idea about how he could provide all four: he could build greenhouses underwater.

Thus was born Nemo's Garden. This project has erected lightweight offshore greenhouses. The plants are close enough to the surface of the water that they receive sunlight. The seawater evaporates inside the canopy to provide fresh water. And predatory insects can't reach the plants.
This sustainable form of agriculture can make previously unused coastal areas agriculturally productive. Nemo's Garden offers large greenhouses like the ones you see above, as well as smaller, hobbyist greenhouses that house single plants.

Greenland's Meltwater Is Raising Sea Level Faster Now

Mega-Star Eta Carinae Isn't a Cosmic Loner

Once thought to be in a class all by itself, astronomers have discovered the monster star's distant cousins.

Rare galaxy with 2 black holes has 1 starved of stars

Rare galaxy with 2 black holes has 1 starved of stars
This image provided by CU-Boulder shows the galaxy SDSS J1126+2944 taken with the Hubble Space Telescope and the Chandra X-ray Observatory, with an arrow placed by the source pointing to a black hole that lost most of its stars. The University of Colorado's Julie Comerford has discovered something even rarer than a double-black hole galaxy: a skinny black hole. Her findings were reported Tuesday, Jan 5, 2016 at the American Astronomical Society's annual meeting.
An astrophysicist has discovered something even rarer than a double-black hole galaxy: a skinny black hole.
The University of Colorado at Boulder's Julie Comerford reported her findings Tuesday at the American Astronomical Society's annual meeting in Kissimmee, Florida.
To date, only 12 galaxies are known to exist with two black holes in their midst, Comerford said. Normally galaxies have a single supermassive black hole at the center, equivalent to 1 million to 1 billion times the mass of our sun.
But in this newly identified galaxy about 1 billion light-years away, one of the two black holes is significantly smaller than the other and apparently starved of stars. Black holes typically are surrounded by stars; this one appears "naked."
Comerford speculates the slim black hole lost mass in the collision of two galaxies that merged into this one —" a crash diet." Or it's a rare example of an intermediate-sized black hole that likely will morph over time into a supermassive monster.
Astronomers have yet to confirm an intermediate-size black hole, which makes Comerford's streamlined target extra tantalizing. Intermediate black holes are 100 to 1 million times the mass of our sun.
Comerford used the Hubble Space Telescope and NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory in her study. She discovered this latest two-black hole galaxy — her fourth — last year. Finding a potential intermediate-size black hole inside was "an extra bonus," she told reporters.
The first double-black hole galaxy was found in 2003 by accident, according to Comerford. She is trying to systematically uncover more. The findings should shed light on the evolution of black holes.
This particular galaxy is cataloged as SDSS J1126+2944.

29 Facts about Dinosaurs

We all like to learn about dinosaurs, and there’s always something new to learn! Seriously, the body of knowledge about those extinct reptiles is growing and changing every day. You can’t count on movies to keep up with the latest dino findings, and those of us who went to school long before the latest research tend to carry misconceptions that have since been debunked. Learn some new things about dinosaurs in the latest episode of the mental_floss List Show.

Animal News

An African lion is safe and sound thanks to the diligence and kindness of a group of travelers.
Two new experiments are the first to prove that sharks smell tiny amounts of chemicals in the water as a homing device.

Animal Pictures