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Friday, January 19, 2018

Is Sitting Too Close to the TV Really Bad for You?

Your parents probably warned you against sitting too close to the TV set. I know mine did, and we only watched a couple of hours a day. The adult in you probably knows this is a myth, and research backs that up. But that's modern research, with modern TVs. There was a reason for this warning, a good reason, at one time.

The incident in question never affected me, because I didn't have a color TV until after college. My Dad telling me not to sit too close to the television was most likely his way of telling me to get out of his way. Still, it's always good to step away from any screen every once in a while. Eyestrain might not blind you, or even affect your sight until you're old, but the old you will thank the young you for taking care of all your body parts while you can.

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